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O?ma is a product design studio that focuses its products on cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly principle that aims to better people's lives through technology and AI. Therefore Oma's branding revolves around expressing its front and back end format used to develop these groundbreaking designs. To express this, tbpmx created a functional editorial...

Known Unknown- Leomojis

Kunsthalle Prague ? visual identity

We created the logo of Kunsthalle Praha, this new art institution at Klárov, five years before its opening, and the Kunst font became the basis and an integral part of the future visual style of the orientation system and exhibitions. This font, designed by Mark Pistora, is based on a sketch by German typographer Jan Tschichold from 1930, the same time...

IKEA - Every home should be a haven

Art Souterrain Chronométrie (2021)

Lovely work on the Riopelle Book! Can I ask what the fabric of the book cover is? Is is paper with pantone print, or how did you achieve such a great blue color?

Black gobi II

Adjoining the borders of Dunhuang City and Qinghai Province is the Black Gobi Desert mountain range. Over the stretch of two years, I have taken multiple trips across the area on my cross-country vehicle, documenting the hilly parts of Gobi that very much resemble the Moon's surface, Due to the pervasive sandstorms whipping over the area, as well as...

Commercial Projects 2020-2021

Langara Construction

Langara Construction is a building practice specializing in design-driven and architecture-led residential construction projects. Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Langara Construction works alongside teams of award-winning architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and property developers to realize innovative structures that aim to propel...

Random Artworks 2021-2

The Non-Places Flags. Zinebi Film Festival campaign

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