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Ransomware attack on ION Group impacts derivatives trading market

The LockBit ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the cyberattack on ION Group, a UK-based software company whose products are used by financial institutions, banks, and corporations for trading, investment management, and market analytics. [...]

New HeadCrab malware infects 1,200 Redis servers to mine Monero

New stealthy malware designed to hunt down vulnerable Redis servers online has infected over a thousand of them since September 2021 to build a botnet that mines for Monero cryptocurrency. [...]

LockBit ransomware goes 'Green,' uses new Conti-based encryptor

The LockBit ransomware gang has again started using encryptors based on other operations, this time switching to one based on the leaked source code for the Conti ransomware. [...]

Over 1,800 Android phishing forms for sale on cybercrime market

A threat actor named InTheBox is promoting on Russian cybercrime forums an inventory of 1,894 web injects (overlays of phishing windows) for stealing credentials and sensitive data from banking, cryptocurrency exchange, and e-commerce apps [...]

Google Fi data breach let hackers carry out SIM swap attacks

Google Fi, Google's U.S.-only telecommunications and mobile internet service, has informed customers that personal data was exposed by a data breach at one of its primary network providers, with some customers warned that it allowed SIM swapping attacks. [...]

New Nevada Ransomware targets Windows and VMware ESXi systems

A relatively new ransomware operation known as Nevada seems to grow its capabilities quickly as security researchers noticed improved functionality for the locker targeting Windows and VMware ESXi systems. [...]

Arnold Clark customer data stolen in attack claimed by Play ransomware

Arnold Clark, self-described as Europe's largest independent car retailer, is notifying some customers that their personal information has been stolen in a December 23 cyberattack claimed by the Play ransomware group. [...]

New DDoS-as-a-Service platform used in recent attacks on hospitals

A new DDoS-as-a-Service (DDoSaaS) platform named 'Passion' was seen used in recent attacks by pro-Russian hacktivists against medical institutions in the United States and Europe. [...]

Over 29,000 QNAP devices vulnerable to code injection attacks

Tens of thousands of QNAP network-attached storage (NAS) devices exposed online are waiting to be patched against a critical security flaw addressed by the Taiwanese company on Monday. [...]

Hackers use new IceBreaker malware to breach gaming companies

Hackers have been targeting online gaming and gambling companies with what appears to be a previously unseen backdoor that researchers have named IceBreaker. [...]

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