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Explore Thousands Of Suspicious Payments Sent Around The World

This interactive map, created by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists for the FinCEN Files investigation, shows $35 billion in transactions — reported as suspicious by banks and other financial institutions — making their way through the global financial system.View Entire Post ›

23 Teachers Share The "Fun Fact" A Student Shared That Made Them Laugh, Cringe, And Go "Uhh, Should I Be Worried?"

"One of my college freshmen's fun fact was that she's a public pooper."View Entire Post ›

Top Deutsche Bank Executives Were Warned About Serious Money Laundering Risks. Then A $10 Billion Scandal Broke.

When the $10 billion mirror trading scandal was exposed, little emerged about who its victims were or how much Deutsche’s executives knew. The FinCEN Files investigation shows how deep the rot went.View Entire Post ›

Here Is How Banks Have Responded To The FinCEN Files Investigation

Read each statement, bank by bank.View Entire Post ›

25 Cleaning Products From Walmart That So Good, They Could Almost Be Magic

Products that'll clean your shower in a spritz, wring your mop out with a twist, and dissolve the grease from your grill with a mist.View Entire Post ›

Revealed: The Secrets Of The Dead Man Linked To Two Of The World’s Largest Money Laundering Scandals

Alexander Perepilichnyy transformed himself from a money launderer to a whistleblower, and then he died. The company he founded began a new life in the criminal underworld. A FinCEN Files investigation.View Entire Post ›

Secret Documents Show How Criminals Use Big-Name Banks To Finance Terror And Death, And The Government Doesn’t Stop It

View Entire Post ›

Are You Good Or Evil Based On Your Favorite "Parks And Rec" Characters?

Do you like Orin?View Entire Post ›

We Got Our Hands On Thousands Of Secret Documents. Let’s Break Them Down.

Twenty-two thousand pages of never-before-released government documents. Hundreds of thousands of transactions. More than $2 trillion. A close accounting of BuzzFeed News’ unprecedented trove.View Entire Post ›

A Second Republican Senator Said She Won’t Support Replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg Before The Election

Lisa Murkowski joins Susan Collins in saying confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice shouldn’t happen before the election.View Entire Post ›

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