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I Thought My Job Was To Report On Technology In India. Instead, I Got A Front-Row Seat To The Collapse Of My Democracy.

I love writing about tech. But covering how a Hindu nationalist government is using it to destroy a secular democracy isn’t what I signed up for.View Entire Post ›

Amazon Seems To Have Defeated The Union Drive In Alabama

Around 3,200 Amazon workers cast ballots in the pivotal election, which marked the closest one of the company’s US warehouses has come to unionizing.View Entire Post ›

Why Do A Bunch Of Nigerian Twitter Influencers Want This Alleged Money Launderer To Go Free? They’re Being Paid.

Alex Saab may be extradited to the United States — but he has some unlikely allies.View Entire Post ›

Despite Ban, Facebook Continued To Label People As Interested In Militias For Advertisers

Months after banning militias from its platform, Facebook continued to categorize people as being interested in them.View Entire Post ›

The NYPD Has Misled The Public About Its Use Of Facial Recognition Tool Clearview AI

The NYPD has said that it never had a relationship with the facial recognition company, “formally or informally.” These documents say otherwise.View Entire Post ›

Your Local Police Department Might Have Used This Facial Recognition Tool To Surveil You. Find Out Here.

Search through BuzzFeed News’ database to find out if the police department in your community is among the hundreds of taxpayer-funded entities that used Clearview AI’s facial recognition.View Entire Post ›

How A Facial Recognition Tool Found Its Way Into Hundreds Of US Police Departments, Schools, And Taxpayer-Funded Organizations

A BuzzFeed News investigation has found that employees at law enforcement agencies across the US ran thousands of Clearview AI facial recognition searches — often without the knowledge of the public or even their own departments.View Entire Post ›

RIP Yahoo Answers, It Died As It Lived: Needlessly and Stupidly

We will never find out how babby was formed.View Entire Post ›

The Pandemic Is Ending, And The Optimized, Ever-Distant Future Is Probably Coming Back

Because there was no end in sight, the pandemic paused the idea of a future where the tech disruption would end, the economy would level out, and we'd ascend to our final post–social media forms. And some things looked ridiculous inside.View Entire Post ›

Amazon Repeatedly Violated Labor Laws During The Pandemic — And So Far Faced Almost No Consequences

In the lead-up to the biggest union vote in Amazon’s history, the company has already shown it can break the rules and get away with it.View Entire Post ›

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