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Controversial Facial Recognition Firm Clearview AI Raises $8.6 Million

The company’s new funding announcement identifies two previously unknown board members.View Entire Post ›

20 Aesthetic iOS14 App Icons That'll Make Your Phone Feel Brand New

So many pretty themes.View Entire Post ›

Amazon Just Released A Ring Camera That Flies Around Your House

It also released a new Ring car alarm, a car cam to monitor break-ins, a new version of the Echo, and more.View Entire Post ›

The Victims Of Violence During The Kenosha Protests Are Suing Facebook And Kyle Rittenhouse

Citing a law that dates from Reconstruction, four people, including the partner of a man killed during the protests, are taking the company to court.View Entire Post ›

Twitter Let Dozens Of Tweets Doxing Interfaith Couples In India Stay Up For Months

“If this happened in America with interracial couples being doxed, there would be rapid action, I am sure of it.”View Entire Post ›

Facebook Removed A Chinese Propaganda Network Targeting The Philippines, Southeast Asia, And The US

Content targeting Biden and Trump received almost no engagement.View Entire Post ›

Friends And Family Members Of QAnon Believers Are Going Through A “Surreal Goddamn Nightmare”

Almost 200 people told us what it’s been like to lose a loved one to the mass delusion. Here’s what they said.View Entire Post ›

The Trump Administration Is Banning Americans From Downloading TikTok And WeChat

The ban goes into effect September 20 but TikTok may be allowed to reverse the decision if it resolves the president’s national security concerns.View Entire Post ›

Celebs Are Quitting Facebook And Instagram For A Day To Protest Hate Speech

Multiple celebrities announced they will "freeze" their Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday to call for a change to Facebook's policies.View Entire Post ›

Tell Us How You Are Dealing With The QAnon Believers In Your Life

The mass delusion has swept across the world. We want to know about you.View Entire Post ›

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