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The Face Of QAnon Isn’t Just White Dudes With Guns, It’s Instagram #BoyMoms

Little Miss Patriot is amassing followers despite Instagram suspending her accounts for spreading disinformation. Why is her messaging so potent?View Entire Post ›

Google Has Threatened To Pull Search From Australia If It Is Forced To Pay News Publishers For Content

The move could have ripple effects around the world, including in the United States.View Entire Post ›

WhatsApp Fueled A Global Misinformation Crisis. Now, It’s Stuck In One.

A new privacy policy will be delayed three months after people were confused about what it would mean.View Entire Post ›

QAnon Faithful Believed Biden Would Never Be President. Now They’re Shocked, Heartbroken, And Angry.

“There isn’t a word to describe the depression and disappointment I feel right now.”View Entire Post ›

Trump Has Pardoned A Silicon Valley Engineer Who Stole Trade Secrets From Google

A judge had allowed Anthony Levandowski to serve out his 18-month prison sentence after the coronavirus pandemic.View Entire Post ›

People Are Finding Comfort In Tweeting Their Family's Frantic Texts Pushing QAnon Lies

"Hi is this the support groups for people whose parents have lost their minds?"View Entire Post ›

“If They Won’t Hear Us, They Will Fear Us”: How The Capitol Assault Was Planned On Facebook

Right-wing extremists used Facebook to call for the overthrow of the government and storm the US Capitol in the period leading up to the Jan. 6 insurrection, according to a new report.View Entire Post ›

Facebook Pauses Ads For Gun Accessories And Military Gear After Complaints From Lawmakers And Employees

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are temporarily banning ads promoting weapons accessories and protective equipment in the U.S. until at least January 22nd.”View Entire Post ›

Lawmakers And State Attorneys General Are Asking Facebook To Halt Ads Of Military Gear Following The Insurrection

“Whether through negligence or with full knowledge, Facebook is placing profit ahead of our Nation’s democracy.”View Entire Post ›

Vrbo Won’t Cancel Reservations For Inauguration Week, And DC Locals Are Scared

Unlike Airbnb, Vrbo isn’t canceling or refunding DC stays.View Entire Post ›

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