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Venmo Is Ditching Its Public Feed. But It Still Needs To Do More.

The payments platform still needs to make friends and transactions private by default.View Entire Post ›

A Pandemic Safety Feature On Uber And Lyft Is Getting Abused To Scam Drivers And Discriminate Against Passengers

Black and LGBTQ passengers told BuzzFeed News they’re being refused rides due to false claims they’re not wearing masks. But masked drivers are also being accused.View Entire Post ›

How Sleeping On A Stranger’s Couch Became A Moral Dilemma For Travelers

Host a Sister was supposed to be a safe space for women travelers, but that mission nearly destroyed the group when the pandemic hit.View Entire Post ›

Can Virtual Reality Fix My Fear Of Space?

Some places just don’t need to be explored, OK?View Entire Post ›

A Government Watchdog May Have Missed Clearview AI Use By Five Federal Agencies In A New Report

In a government accountability report about facial recognition, five federal agencies said they didn't use Clearview AI. Data reviewed by BuzzFeed News suggests they should have.View Entire Post ›

How A Viral Twitter Thread Became This Summer’s Best Movie

BuzzFeed News talked to A’ziah “Zola” King and the cast of Zola about how this outrageous comedy got made.View Entire Post ›

US Intelligence Agencies Are Trying To Solve Scientific Mysteries And Failing Badly

Secret intelligence reports are offering up answers to three big scientific mysteries — but the speculation doesn't always square up with science.View Entire Post ›

A Scientist Tracked Down Chinese Coronavirus Sequences That Had Disappeared Online

“I think it's certainly consistent with an attempt to hide the sequences,” said the researcher, whose internet sleuthing has uncovered 13 genetic sequences from early in the outbreak in Wuhan, China.View Entire Post ›

John McAfee Was Found Dead In A Spanish Jail Hours After A Court Ruled He'd Be Extradited To The US

The eccentric tech millionaire was arrested last October on charges of tax evasion.View Entire Post ›

Snapchat Removed Its Controversial Speed Filter That Was Linked To Fatal Car Crashes

Families of two young men who were killed in a 2017 crash alleged in a lawsuit that the app's feature encouraged dangerous speeding that led to the accident.View Entire Post ›

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