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What Should Facebook's New Name Be?

Facebook wants to rebrand itself. We're here to help.View Entire Post ›

Apple Launches Powerful New MacBook Pros And New AirPods

The new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips give a ton of power to new 14- and 16-inch laptops.View Entire Post ›

Facebook’s New Portal Go Is Nearly Perfect For Kids, Except It’s Horrible For Kids

It’s impossible to turn off the option to let kids watch movies and videos during calls with Grandma. [Update: Facebook says that it will change this feature starting in December.]View Entire Post ›

How Celebrity Gossip Site Crazy Days And Nights Went QAnon

“I don’t care about made up satanism or pedo rings… The very first post I read here was about Gary Busey trying to use gold doubloons as legitimate currency and tbh I would just like more of that please.”View Entire Post ›

How A Virtual Classroom Company Made Millions On Software That Left Many Students Feeling Abandoned

Edgenuity offers to help schools pivot from “brick to click” during the pandemic, but to many parents, teachers, and students, the cost-saving program comes at the expense of a quality education.View Entire Post ›

The Refreshing Lack Of Diet Culture In Emily Mariko’s TikToks

The 29-year-old’s cooking videos are blissfully anti–diet culture.View Entire Post ›

Facebook, Instagram, And WhatsApp Are Down

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Facebook to ask if they have tried turning it off and on again.View Entire Post ›

How A Guy Who Tells You How To Buy A PS5 Accidentally Became The World’s Most Powerful Tech Journalist

A year ago, Matt Swider was a journeyman consumer tech reporter. Now he’s a celebrity.View Entire Post ›

An iPhone 13 Pro Review For Piglets

You don't even have to try is an incredible feature in a smartphone camera.View Entire Post ›

Would You Have Sex In Front Of Amazon’s New Robot Dog?

The most important question about Amazon's newest innovation.View Entire Post ›

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