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Logan Paul Has Been Hit With A Class Action Lawsuit Over His Allegedly Fraudulent CryptoZoo NFT Project

The filing says that Paul’s CryptoZoo was a “rug pull” scam.View Entire Post ›

RIP To The Best Bots On Twitter

“I’m not paying a dime to Elon lol.”View Entire Post ›

Inside Virtual Reality's Booming Underground Sex Scene

Explicit content is banned on the popular VRChat platform, but that doesn't stop users with Bluetooth-enabled toys from indulging in hourslong erotic role play.View Entire Post ›

An NFT Guy Who Said A Car Crash Had Put Him In A Five-Month Coma Was Making The Whole Thing Up

The 23-year-old "crypto detective" told BuzzFeed News that the viral story was "performance art" meant to draw attention to his NFT investigation.View Entire Post ›

The Writing On The Game “Forspoken” Is As Bad As Everyone’s Saying. Its Black Woman Lead Is Just One Of The Casualties.

The game uses tokenized diversity to try to make a generic Hero’s Journey feel fresh, but the end result is completely uninterested in its characters’ interior lives.View Entire Post ›

The Company Behind ChatGPT Just Released A Tool To Detect Text Written By AI. It Only Works About 1 In 4 Times.

“It appears that the problem of distinguishing human writing from software-generated text remains unsolved.”View Entire Post ›

Twitter Users Are Down 9% in the US, A New Survey Shows

Trust in the platform has dropped among Democrats and risen among Republicans.View Entire Post ›

Why Are AI-Generated Hands So Messed Up?

It all comes down to the images AI is learning from.View Entire Post ›

A Startup CEO Said His Abandoned Plan To Use An AI-Powered “Robot Lawyer” Made Him Some “Powerful Enemies”

“I don’t want to go to jail over an experiment,” DoNotPay’s Joshua Browder told BuzzFeed News.View Entire Post ›

Erectile Issues Are Common. These Sex Toys May Help.

Many sex toys focus only on pleasure. These may help with sexual performance issues as well.View Entire Post ›

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