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Console War, p78

After touching base with each faction in the last couple of strips, I kind of thought I was going to be done with these until the next generation started. Then Microsoft goes and drops this bombshell in my lap. It will be quite a while before we see how this acquisition really affects the console space in any practical way, but it’s a hell of a power...

Console War, p77

The pre-orders for the PS5 were a fucking mess, and the disorganization of it all can probably be blamed on a few retailers jumping the gun. But the real problem is on Sony, and what I can only believe to be a manufactured scarcity. There is no way they “released” for pre-order all of the consoles they’ll have available this holiday season in one clusterfuck...

Ripped From The Pages

Man, the Avengers game is like being transported directly into one of the amazing comic books I grew up reading! (Disclaimer: I love this game, I’m just poking fun.) The post Ripped From The Pages appeared first on Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic.

Console War, p76

The post Console War, p76 appeared first on Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic.

Early Bird

I’m glad that this game of chicken that Sony and Microsoft seem to have been playing with each other over the price and preorder dates for these next gen consoles may finally be over now that Microsoft blinked. There are some neat looking games coming to next-gen, but despite feeling like it’s part of my job to experience and potentially comment on...

The Campaign: No Plot Survives Contact

The post The Campaign: No Plot Survives Contact appeared first on Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic.


Maybe this only happens to me, but the Dual Shock’s vibration combined with my wedding ring turns an otherwise benign “buzz” into cacophany of obnoxiousness. It’s normally an intermittent annoyance, but Avengers appears to feature copious amounts of rumble. The post Feedback appeared first on Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic.

Muddy Messaging

I was genuinely surprised at how good, cohesive and complete the Avengers campaign was, and from a lot of comments I’ve read, I’m not the only one. It feels like, at least partially due to the way they doled out reveal information, not enough emphasis was put on the fact that this was, in fact, a game with a good-sized story that you can play through...

The Tough Talk

Oof. So my kiddo was looking forward to his very first to-be-released game (all others he’s played up until now have just been “out”, things that already existed, ready to play). And wouldn’t you know it… it got delayed until next Spring. He’s been talking about it a lot too… we were even discussing picking up the Lego Razorcrest to build together and...


I continue to be perplexed by the choice to pursue a loot-based advancement system for the Avengers game. It works well enough for Iron Man and Black Widow, but that only serves to further amplify the ludicrousness of the system on a hero like Hulk. Arbitrarily deciding between stat values for Hulk’s bicep, spine or rib cage does not feel natural or...

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