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The Story of VegNews Magazine

I first met Joe Connelly and Colleen Holland at an animal right convention about fifteen years ago. I believe it might have been in Los Angeles, or possibly San Francisco: one of those two-word “San” or “Los”-type cities that are big in terms of their size and are most likely located in the same country [...]

Quick Poll on Vegan/Pro-Animal Imagery

My dear vegan friends, I am working on an article about vegan/pro-animal documentaries and would greatly appreciate a bit of input:

There’s a Reason Why “Bananas” is a Synonym for Crazy

When I was a freshman in college, it seemed like a really good idea to try to manufacture my own recreational drugs from fruit. Following a recipe I’d found in The Anarchist Cookbook, I diligently scraped the stringy, white insides out of a half-dozen or so banana peels, boiled them, and then slowly dried them [...]

On the Ridiculous Overuse of the Word “Amazing!!!!!!!!!” to Describe Vegan Things

Recently I had a pretty terrible sandwich at a vegan restaurant. This might not be the worst thing that’s ever happened, but I was a bit disappointed; I had been led to believe it would be better. The only reviews I had seen were of the five star variety and I’d observed quite a bit [...]

Vegans on Facebook

I do not have any children, thank “God” (meaning, in this case: the manufacturer of the morning after pill and the good people at Trojan), but I have reached the age at which most of my old friends from high school and college do. I don’t particularly begrudge them this. To replicate genetic material is, [...]

Vegan Cats and Dogs (video)

As some of you may know, a number of years ago I wrote a book about vegan cats and dogs called Obligate Carnivore. It’s a pretty quick read, and I think it costs like $3, but I understand: time is money and you know what else is money? Money. So if you’ve only got a [...]

Vegan Protein: Preventing Cooties and Other Diseases

So you know how meat eaters are always like “so where do you get your protein from?” and then you’re all “the same place cows get it from: from plants!”? And then you go and post a picture on your Facebook page of some vegan bodybuilder or MMA fighter with a sarcastic caption like “Another [...]

I See Dumb People: Occupy a Library Before You Occupy Wall Street (The Worst of the Occupy Movement)

Dear Beloved Vegans and Other Curious Folks of a Passionate Persuasion, Consider this our CarpeVegan Media and Public Relations Training Guide on what *NOT* to do if you are speaking on behalf of a cause you truly and deeply care about. P.S. The lesson 9 videos are actually seriously worth your time. Please add any [...]

Race, Culture & Animal Torture: Are Some Peoples Just More Cruel? [SFW/No Gore]

This past month a severely heartbreaking story and video surfaced out of China that shows on a security camera 19 Chinese people ignoring a two year old child who had been run over twice and left to die on the street. After viewing the utterly depressing clip, which has inspired some heated debates about the [...]

11 Tasty Takeaways from the Quirky CarpeVegan Survey

Hey, you…Yeah, you! Do you still remember us here at CarpeVegan? Do you recall that vegan survey we published months ago? Well, we have results and they are pretty darn interesting. We apologize for the site’s hiatus. Life got in the way. We make no claims on these results representing a scientific sample of vegans. The occasional obnoxious opinions...

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