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Spending the Best but Banking the Rest

All vaccines rely on the ability of B cells to remember pathogen infections and respond more vigorously upon reinfection. In this issue of Cell, Viant et al. address the real-world issue of protection against rapidly emerging pathogen variants and describe how memory B cells may anticipate infections by such variants.

Efficient Inference in Structured Spaces

Whittington et al. demonstrate how network architectures defined in a spatial context may be useful for inference on different types of relational knowledge. These architectures allow for learning the structure of the environment and then transferring that knowledge to allow prediction of novel transitions.

Direct Tumor Killing and Immunotherapy through Anti-SerpinB9 Therapy

SerpinB9 is important for tumor cell survival and for the presence of immunosuppressive cells in the tumor microenvironment, and a small-molecule inhibitor of SerpinB9 can reduce tumor growth and increase tumor immunogenicity in several mouse models of cancer.

Fundamental Biological Features of Spaceflight: Advancing the Field to Enable Deep-Space Exploration

An international group of spaceflight researchers detail how spaceflight affects human biology from the molecular to physiological level and identify key challenges for making space exploration compatible with human health.

Comprehensive Multi-omics Analysis Reveals Mitochondrial Stress as a Central Biological Hub for Spaceflight Impact

A comprehensive multi-omics analysis from 59 astronauts and hundreds of samples flown in space provides insight into fundamental biological mechanisms affected by spaceflight and highlights mitochondrial dysregulation as a central hub for space biology.

Commensal Microbiota Modulation of Natural Resistance to Virus Infection

Commensal microbiota regulate interferon signaling to protect against pathogenic viral infections.

Proteogenomic Landscape of Breast Cancer Tumorigenesis and Targeted Therapy

Breast cancer is a highly heterogeneous disease with variable outcomes and subtype-driven treatment approaches, making precision medicine a considerable challenge. Proteogenomic analyses of 122 primary breast cancers provide insights into clinically relevant biology, including cell cycle dysregulation, tumor immunogenicity, aberrant metabolism, and...

The Tolman-Eichenbaum Machine: Unifying Space and Relational Memory through Generalization in the Hippocampal Formation

The Tolman-Eichenbaum Machine, named in honor of Edward Chace Tolman and Howard Eichenbaum for their contributions to cognitive theory, provides a unifying framework for the hippocampal role in spatial and nonspatial generalization and unifying principles underlying many entorhinal and hippocampal cell types.

Single-Cell Profiling of Ebola Virus Disease In Vivo Reveals Viral and Host Dynamics

Single-cell profiling of circulating immune cells during Ebola virus (EBOV) infection in non-human primates resolves molecular correlates of viral tropism, characterizes replication dynamics within infected cells, and distinguishes expression changes that are mediated by viral infection from those due to cytokine signaling.

An Organoid Biobank of Neuroendocrine Neoplasms Enables Genotype-Phenotype Mapping

Gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms are a rare but lethal cancer with a scarcity of clinically relevant models. Kawasaki et al. establish and characterize 25 organoid lines to identify molecular subtypes with genotype-phenotype mapping.

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