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SnapShot: Astrocyte interactions

Astrocytes are replete within the brain, where they interact structurally and functionally with cells located within their territories. Astrocyte-mediated multicellular interactions are extensive, dynamic, multifaceted, and context dependent. Signaling within different processes of single astrocytes is separable. Exploring astrocytes is essential for...

BRAIN 2.0: Transforming neuroscience

The NIH BRAIN Initiative is entering a new phase. Three large new projects—a comprehensive human brain cell atlas, a whole mammalian brain microconnectivity map, and tools for precision access to brain cell types—promise to transform neuroscience research and the treatment of human brain disorders.

Fluorescence imaging of large-scale neural ensemble dynamics

Fluorescence tools are lighting up neuroscience and extending our ability to monitor and manipulate the activity of collections of neurons. Kim & Schnitzer guide non-specialists through the explosion of tools for optically monitoring large-scale neural activity, from genetically encoded sensors to microscopes.

Limb development genes underlie variation in human fingerprint patterns

Genome-wide association scans in Han Chinese individuals and a trans-ethnic meta-analysis reveal genetic regions that are associated with specific fingerprint patterning; functional studies in mouse models confirm a role of EVI1 in early limb development and ridge patterning.

RTN4/NoGo-receptor binding to BAI adhesion-GPCRs regulates neuronal development

(Cell 184, 5869–5885.e1–e25; November 24, 2021)

Central nervous system regeneration

Successful clinical regeneration of central nervous system neurons following injury is still out of reach, but recent mechanistic discoveries illuminate a roadmap to achieve this long-held dream of neuroscience research.

Understanding the biological basis of psychiatric disease: What’s next?

Psychiatric disease is one of the greatest health challenges of our time. The pipeline for conceptually novel therapeutics remains very low, in part because uncovering the biological mechanisms of psychiatric disease has been incredibly difficult. We asked experts researching different aspects of psychiatric disease: what do you see as the major urgent...

A segmentation clock patterns cellular differentiation in a bacterial biofilm

Bacterial biofilms exhibit a clock and wavefront process that spatially patterns sporulation without requiring long-range diffusion of molecular signals and is reminiscent of patterning mechanisms previously thought to be exclusive to plants and animals.

Mechanism of CFTR correction by type I folding correctors

Drugs used to treat cystic fibrosis act via stabilization of a single domain within CFTR that promotes global folding.

The Chinese pine genome and methylome unveil key features of conifer evolution

Assembly of the Chinese Pine giga-genome reveals insights into conifer evolution and provides a resource for studies on conifer adaptation and development.

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