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Thu Feb 8, 2024 17:57
Influence of structural moieties in squaraine dyes on optoacoustic signal shape and intensity

(Chem 10, 713–729; February 8, 2024)

Thu Feb 8, 2024 17:57
Wireless enantioseparation devices using bipolar electrochemistry

In this issue of Chem, Arnaboldi and co-workers report a wireless enantioseparation microtubular device based on a bilayer film built up by conductive polypyrrole (Ppy) as the outer layer and a chiral-oligomer-modified inner surface. The synergistic effect of wireless bipolar electromechanical actuation and inherent enantiodiscrimination function leads...

Thu Feb 8, 2024 17:57
The beauty of low symmetry: Non-statistical assembly of [Pd2(LA)(LB)(LC)(LD)]4+ cages

Clever and co-workers have developed an elegant method for the quantitative synthesis of a low-symmetry heteroleptic [Pd2(LA)(LB)(LC)(LD)]4+ cage. The cage is formed under thermodynamic control and can be accessed through multiple different pathways. Compared with their high-symmetry siblings, these types of low-symmetry cages should display enhanced...

Thu Feb 8, 2024 17:57
Chain-growth polymerization enables the controlled synthesis of graphene nanoribbons

Precision graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) have garnered significant interest because of their unique and tailorable electronic properties. In this issue of Chem, Fischer and co-workers present a hybrid approach that combines chain-growth Suzuki catalyst-transfer polymerization with a surface-assisted cyclodehydrogenation reaction, enabling precise control...

Thu Feb 8, 2024 17:57
Advancing fluorescence imaging with dual-mode AIE nanoparticles

In this issue of Chem, Henwood et al. introduce novel aggregation-induced emission (AIE) luminogens with “on-off-on” behavior manifesting in two distinct emissive states: aggregated and disaggregated. Their developed AIE nanoparticles enable advanced cellular imaging, providing deeper insights into cellular microenvironments via fluorescence lifetime...

Thu Feb 8, 2024 17:57

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