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Room temperature polymerizations of selenium and alkynones for the regioselective synthesis of poly(1,4-diselenin)s or polyselenophenes

Organic reactions of Se were customized for polymer synthesis through the design of reactive alkyone substrates and the corresponding reaction conditions. The efficient transition-metal-free room temperature polymerizations of Se and alkynones were developed for the synthesis of well-defined regioselective poly(1,4-diselenin)s and polyselenophenes,...

Economical and efficient access to polyselenophene derivatives

In this issue of Chem, Hu and colleagues introduce an entirely new methodology for scientists to access the underexplored polyselenophenes, utilizing elemental selenium, electron-deficient alkynones, and a base at ambient temperatures to access various polyselenophene derivatives via the selective oxidation of new poly(1,4-diselenin)s.

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Run-and-halt motility of droplets in response to light

We show that the motion of autonomously moving oil droplets can be gated by coupling molecular photochemistry to interfacial processes. The molecular switches used here form micelles that fuel the motion of the oil droplet. A change in geometry of the micelles in response to light impacts the movement pattern of droplets, resulting in a run-and-halt...

Out-of-equilibrium chemical logic systems

Chemical systems that mimic the stimuli-responsive properties of lifelike systems are of high interest as functional materials and molecular machineries. In this potential energy article, Seoyeon recounts her steps in the Kim group that have led to the development of two separate examples of photo- and audio-activated systems exhibiting logic-gate behavior...

Redox mediators facilitate selective electrocatalytic nitroarene-to-aniline reduction

Selective electroconversion is the foundation for industrial organic electrosynthesis. Recently in Cell Reports Physical Science, Stergiou and Symes demonstrate how molecular metal oxides can be used as redox mediators to facilitate the high-yield, selective electroreduction of nitroarenes to anilines, a widely used class of nitrogen-containing organic...

Electronic buffers make reaction milder: When magic C60 encounters copper

The required high hydrogen pressures remain a grand challenge for the practical application of hydrogenation reactions. Recently in Science, Zheng et al. reported a novel C60-buffered Cu/SiO2 catalyst, where C60 can act as an electron buffer for Cu/SiO2 to stabilize Cu+ species and lead to ambient-pressure synthesis of ethylene glycol.

Monolayer 2D polymeric fullerene: A new member of the carbon material family

Two-dimensional (2D) carbon materials have attracted tremendous attention because of their unique properties, but their structures are currently limited to periodic networks of single carbon atoms. Recently in Nature, Zheng and co-workers demonstrate a new monolayer 2D carbon material composed of interconnected fullerene molecules.

Carbynes reloaded: Isolation of singlet metallocarbenes

Metallocarbenes are the elusive electromers of the well-established carbyne complexes with subvalent carbon ligands. In this issue of Chem, Liu and co-workers report the isolation of the first bona fide metallocarbenes. Their work introduces a new class of organometallic compounds with unique bonding properties and paves the way toward new catalytic...

Hydrogen-bonded organic frameworks: Chemistry and functions

Hydrogen-bonded organic frameworks are emerging functional porous solids. This review highlights the design principle, framework topologies, pore structures, and properties of such novel materials, as well as the latest developments in their applications.

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