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An Effective Way to Stabilize Ni-Rich Layered Cathodes

Stable cycling with a high energy density at an affordable cost is a key challenge for the prevailing cathode material, Ni-rich layered oxides, to power the development of long-range electric vehicles. Now, Sun and co-workers introduced a Li[Ni0.90Co0.09Ta0.01]O2 cathode in Nature Energy, exhibiting great potential to overcome this challenge.

The Pursuit for Practical Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

The kinetic dilemma of sulfur cathode hinders the practical progress of lithium-sulfur batteries. In this Potential Energy, Meng Zhao describes her experience as the doctoral candidate in Professor Huang’s group at Beijing Institute of Technology. She outlines the design concepts and strategies in sulfur cathode kinetic promoters to enhance the electrochemical...

Single Atoms at Crystal Ladder Steps

In this issue of Chem, Wu and co-workers report a freestanding ladder-like ZnO surface with abundant unsaturated step sites offering an attractive platform for selectively anchoring single-Au atom (Au1) with one-dimensional assembly. This opens a new strategy for the synthesis of single-atom sites with tunable arrangements for ultrasensitive sensing...

C–C Oxidative Cleavage in the Aerobic Esterification of Alcohol

In this issue of Chem, Han and co-workers discovered the first aerobic alcohol C–C cleavage esterification that achieves good functional tolerance and reaction efficiency. The enhanced performance of the reported copper-catalyzed aerobic process was partially due to the simultaneous conversion of the side-product into their corresponding ester.

Two-in-One Catalyst Turns Carbon Dioxide in Base Chemicals

Cascading chemical reactions can be realized when the local structure and composition of two catalytically active phases are fine-tuned and combined in one material. In this issue of Chem, Fan et al. report an innovative approach for the conversion of carbon dioxide into light olefins with a metal oxide-zeolite tandem catalyst.

Porous Liquids: The Next Frontier

Porous liquids (PLs) are promising new materials, but their physicochemical properties such as melting temperature, density, and viscosity must be tailored to meet those of most industrial fluids for uses in catalysis, separations, biomedical, and energy storage and conversion. Besides the recent advances in tailoring the surface functional groups and...

In This Issue

In This Issue highlights the most exciting articles of the current issue with short editorial pieces written by the corresponding handling editors.

Supramolecular Purification and Regioselective Functionalization of Fullerenes and Endohedral Metallofullerenes

This manuscript discloses the current restricted purification and functionalization strategies of fullerenes and endohedral metallofullerenes (EMFs) and focuses on the supramolecular approach to face these important limitations. The development of nanocapsules as supramolecular receptors for fullerenes and EMFs and their use as masks for their regio-...

Identification of the Electronic and Structural Dynamics of Catalytic Centers in Single-Fe-Atom Material

Operando Mössbauer spectroscopy was developed for in situ monitoring the evolution of catalytic centers in single-Fe-atom catalyst under practical oxygen reduction reaction conditions. Combining with operando Raman and X-ray absorption spectroscopies, the potential-relevant electronic and structural dynamic cycles of active single-Fe-atom moieties were...

Peptide Late-Stage Diversifications by Rhodium-Catalyzed Tryptophan C7 Amidation

Herein, we disclose the first late-stage peptide C–H nitrogenations through unprecedented rhodium(III)-catalyzed peptide C7 diversification. Thus, peptides were directly transformed through position-selective C7 amidations with easily accessible 1,4,2-dioxazol-5-ones. Structurally complex peptides featuring a wealth of functional groups underwent C7-C–H...

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