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Code Style & Readability

Reasonings behind code-styles and why we shouldn't be using "auto-formatters" all of the time.

Sharing a USB Serial Device to Multiple Clients over TCP.

Putting together an application to share a USB Sky Quality Meter to Multiple Clients

Why we need to move from .NET 5.0 to .NET 6.0

we will see on why we need to move our existing projects from .NET 5.0 to .NET 6.0

Hadoop Beginners Guide - How to Install

Step by step procedure to install Hadoop 2.7.3 version on Ubuntu 16.04 operating system

MathML to/from Plain Text Converter

Converts MathML coded string to/from plain text string

A way for CP members to reduce RSI during spam wave events

Unless you have sufficient permissions (i.e. you are a protector) you can't see the moderation queue, so this is useless to you. Sorry!Spam waves: A flood of spammers filling the moderation queue with new users all advertising the same thing.

Supporting the Lost Animals Search Service Through a Simple and Useful Mobile App

React Native, Node.js and PostreSQL, a PERN stack to develop an app to support the lost pets searching process

C# MVVM Toolkit Demo

This article and the demo are about getting started using the MVVM Toolkit and some self-created interfaces / services for MessageBox and some dialogs.

Flexible Tado Schedules using Home Assistant and Node-RED

How to use Home Assistant and Node-RED for flexible Tado schedules

Introducing OpenVINO™ integration with TensorFlow

This article provides a better understanding of the benefits of OpenVINO integration with Tensorflow: how it works, deployments environments, and how OpenVINO integration with TensorFlow differs from using native OpenVINO API

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