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Mobile payments may soar, thanks to COVID-19

One of the most frequently asked questions in these days of pandemic is, "When will things get back to normal?" Valid answers are generally, "They won't. Goodbye, handshakes" and "In stages, ending when a vaccine is approved and widely distributed." When it comes to payments, the answers are more complicated, but not any more comforting.Paper money...

Wearables get their killer app: saving you from killer viruses

Until now, smart watches, rings and glasses offered useful features, but were optional -- that's changing fast. Soon our lives and businesses will depend on them.

I've finally figured out why foldable phones actually exist

Ever since the first foldable phones were foisted upon us, I've been struggling to understand their purpose.They're cool, sure — and technologically speaking, they're incredibly impressive. But from a practical, ten-fingered human perspective, what benefit do they actually provide? I've yet to hear a single unambiguous answer. And that's to say nothing...

Q&A: How Baptist Health saved $13M using AI to reduce readmissions

Baptist Health is a three-hospital, nonprofit system serving Montgomery, Ala. and the surrounding region. It has 680 beds, 550 affiliated physicians and is the largest private employer in the area.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)

Containers on the desktop? You bet — on Windows 10X

Although containers emerged from the land of Linux, Microsoft has wholeheartedly embraced them. Beginning with Windows Server 2016, the company began offering two types of Docker-compatible containers: Windows Server containers and Hyper-V containers. And six years after that fateful day when Microsoft declared its love for Linux, developers today routinely...

Facebook changes its Libra plans to include more cryptocurrencies

Facebook’s plans to launch its Libra cryptocurrency tied to cash appear to be making a course correction, as the social network now appears to be planning to support not only its own digital token through its online wallet but others offered by central banks.Libra, a cryptocurrency transacted across an immutable blockchain ledger, was expected to be...

How the Apple Car will drive IT change

Don't think of the coming iCar as a car. It's a remote office with a supercomputer inside that will change the way you think about cars -- just as the iPhone changed how you use phones.

Should you tell customers they're talking to AI?

When chatbots reach the level of always passing the Turing Test, and can flawlessly pass for human with every interaction, do you disclose to users that it's AI? That's the dilemma.

How blockchain could help block fake news

In 2018, a video of former President Barrack Obama surfaced on YouTube explaining how easily technology could be used to manipulate video and create fake news. It got more than 7.2 million views.In the video, Obama explains how we live in dangerous times when “enemies” can make anyone say anything at any point in time. Moments later, it’s revealed that...

MIT researchers say mobile voting app piloted in U.S. is rife with vulnerabilities

Elections officials in numerous states have piloted various mobile voting applications as a method of expanding access to the polls, but MIT researchers say one of the more popular apps has security vulnerabilities that could open it up to tampering by bad actors.The MIT analysis of the application, called Voatz, highlighted a number of weaknesses that...

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