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Points of Progress: Zimbabwe bans mining in parks, and more

In good news this week: Coal mining companies can no longer extract resources from Zimbabwe’s largest nature reserve – plus more positive headlines.

Rising from pandemic, the business success stories of tomorrow?

After a plunge in March, the number of business applications by firms that are likely to hire employees is 12% ahead of last year’s pace.

At UN assembly quieted by a pandemic, the US-China clash is loud

The U.N. General Assembly is one place global issues of common concern are tackled. What happens to such efforts in a pandemic? What is left?

Native American women shape how museums frame Indigenous culture

A Native American exhibition at the Field Museum in Chicago features the contributions of Crow, or Apsáalooke, women and proclaims: We are still here.

An embrace of law to curb China’s bullying

The Philippines has joined a chorus of nations asserting international law over Beijing’s claims to remote islands.

In Portland, a peaceful protest caravan rolls on

There’s a different side to Portland protests than shown on TV. Our reporter joined a twice-weekly peaceful protest caravan organized by the grandmother of a teen killed by police.

Kim Jong Un apologizes to South Korea over shooting incident

In an unusual and rare move, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un apologized for the fatal shooting of a South Korea official on Friday. Mr. Kim’s apology is likely to de-escalate tensions between the two countries.

Louisville protesters: More must be done for Breonna Taylor

People in Louisville, Kentucky, took to the streets after no officers were charged in the killing of Breonna Taylor. The case has exposed the divide in the U.S. over justice for Black Americans killed by authorities and laws that regularly favor police.

During the coronavirus lockdown, some birds changed their tune

A study of white-crowned sparrows in San Francisco found that, as the city quieted, the birds began singing more softly and with a broader range.

Federal judge gives census count another month

A California federal judge ruled that the census could continue its count through October, extending its most recent September deadline. The judge said this month's tight deadline would affect the distribution of federal funding and political representation.

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