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Meet the young mom who became the face of Belarus’ democracy movement

When her husband was imprisoned in Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya took up his fight against Belarus’ dictator. An interview about her journey.

Olympics have lockdown aura. But the narrative isn’t locked in.

Against a pandemic backdrop, the Tokyo Games include no shortage of challenges. Yet the promise of internationalism and athleticism remain.

Hopes and fears: Why Cuban protesters rally American left and right

New Biden administration sanctions on Cuba officials are further proof the island nation stirs strong passions across the U.S. political spectrum.

Comedies usually reward cynicism. Then came ‘Ted Lasso.’

As “Ted Lasso” returns for a second season, culture watchers reflect on what has made a comedy show that aims for optimism and kindness a sleeper hit.

Cleveland becomes the Guardians as Native sports images recede

Washington’s NFL team is dropping all Indigenous imagery from its branding and in MLB Cleveland has settled on Guardians as its new name. Many other franchises are also feeling the pressure to change, while others continue to defend their Native imagery.

Call for labor rights in full throttle at Uber, Lyft strike

Uber and Lyft drivers staged protests across the country this week, calling on Congress for more protections and higher wages for gig workers. While many drivers are comfortable with their earnings, some weeks drivers can make less than minimum wage.

US firefighters turn to AI to battle the blazes

As wildfires continue to burn across the Western United States, firefighters are using data analytics to aid in fighting the flames. Statistical models predict how fires spread, which helps make sure firefighters are deployed to where they are most needed.

Safe delivery or security risk? Amazon wants your building key.

Amazon has installed thousands of devices that allow delivery workers to enter apartment buildings on their own. The project reduces package theft, proponents say, but some experts and tenants have raised security and privacy concerns.

California's recall election is now set. Can the GOP oust Newsom?

The ballot for California’s recall election is set, with 46 candidates vying to replace incumbent Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. But while Republicans are eager to get Mr. Newsom out of office, they are still divided as to who should replace him.

For these young sisters, a period of family, love, and sacrifice

Sisters Jaelynn and Jennifer Ashley Ciballos couldn’t be more different. Yet they work together to bring their family a much-needed sense of financial stability – and show the value of prioritizing the people who matter most. Episode 6 of “Stronger.”

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