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Why an ex-president’s return to Ivory Coast threatens a fragile peace

The return of Ivory Coast’s disgraced ex-President Laurent Gbagbo has stirred division among survivors of the violence surrounding his fall in 2011.

A clean wind in Europe’s dirty corners

In four of the continent’s most corrupt countries, politics in favor of honest governance may have the upperhand.

Trump announces his own social media site. Some investors are all in.

Donald Trump was known for his social media presence – until he was banned after the Jan 6. Capitol riot. Now, he’s launching Trump Media & Technology Group and a “Truth Social” app to compete with platforms like Facebook, and investors are already flocking.

A volcano erupts in Spain – and challenges notions of recovery

A volcano that continues to erupt on Spain’s Canary Islands challenges recovery efforts and leaves residents asking if they will ever return home.

No more tusks in Mozambique? Poaching alters elephant evolution.

New studies show that decades of civil war and poaching in Mozambique have led to worrying genetic changes among elephants: Many are now being born without tusks. The results highlight the dramatic effect humans can have on evolutionary processes.

California proposes buffer between neighborhoods and oil drilling

On Thursday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a proposal to ban new oil and gas drilling within 3,200 feet of communities, a move that would create the largest buffer zone in the country. Over 2 million Californians, most low income, live within these zones.

US school districts convert to electric buses for cleaner air

From Los Angeles to Miami, school districts throughout the United States are joining a small but growing movement to switch from diesel to electric buses. The motivations run from cheaper operation costs to wanting kids to breathe cleaner air.

Americans are angry about ... everything. Is that bad?

Americans are angry, but what are they doing with their outrage? We talk to people of all political affiliations who have channeled emotion in creative or productive ways.

‘Why did we fight?’ Challenge of governing is wearing down Taliban.

Victory on the battlefield is one thing. Governing millions of people with vision is another. In Afghanistan, the stress on the Taliban is showing.

In New Mexico, a wildlife refuge with urban roots

This wildlife refuge could become a model for its focus not just on habitat but on serving the residents of its urban locale.

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