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Poisoned Kremlin critic Navalny arrested upon return to Russia

Alexei Navalny, the leader of Russia’s opposition, had spent five months abroad recovering from nerve agent poisoning. The lawyer has been a thorn in the Kremlin’s side for a decade.

Days before inauguration, National Guard troops stream to DC

Governors answered U.S. defense officials’ calls for more troops to safeguard Washington, even as concerns grow about the risk of violent protests in their own states.

Uganda's president claims sixth win amid allegations of rigging

Ugandan officials struggled to explain how polling results from Thursday’s vote were compiled amid an internet blackout. The past few months saw Uganda’s worst pre-election violence in decades.

Truth, lies, and insurrection. How falsehood shakes democracy.

At the root of the assault on the U.S. Capitol last week was a false claim of election victory. Disavowal by GOP leaders could help defuse mob anger.

CEOs spurn Trump and his allies: How big a blow?

Corporations are spurning politicians who challenged 2020 election results. The moves impose a financial penalty – not least on Donald Trump.

Incitement, sedition, and conspiracy – explaining Capitol crimes

Legal fallout from Jan. 6 is likely to reach hundreds of cases. It could also affect free speech rights and shatter one last political norm.

Points of Progress: FIFA guarantees maternity leave, and more

In good news this week: The world's largest soccer organization ensures female players will receive maternity leave – plus more positive headlines.

Europe criticizes Trump Twitter ban – but not for reason you'd expect

In Europe, social media platforms like Twitter aren’t seen as having the right to bar speech. Rather, that ability should be limited to governments.

Israel is a vaccination leader, but it labors to reach Arab citizens

Israel’s lauded immunization campaign must overcome Arab citizens’ mistrust, which exacerbates their doubts about the COVID-19 vaccine.

From Ella to Beyoncé: New museum celebrates African American music

The new National Museum of African American Music chronicles the rise of Black musicians and their influence on American culture.

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