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Nova Scotia mother with ALS uses eye-tracking technology to write her life story

Angela Parker-Brown may be unable to speak but that hasn't stopped her from using her voice. The mother from Truro, N.S., who is unable to speak due to ALS, recently published a memoir using technology that tracks her eye movements to form words and sentences.

Rising rent means more Canadians are giving up on owning a home

As rent prices rise, CTVNews.ca heard from a number of Canadians struggling to afford their homes. The surge in rent prices over the last few months has forced many to cut back on spending, with some having to relocate or move in with their parents.

Ontario ICU closed for a month has no date set to reopen

A month after an Ontario intensive care unit temporarily closed due to a “significant staff shortage,” the hospital has no timeline for when the ICU will re-open its doors.

Wolf found dead, another still missing after apparent break-in at Vancouver zoo

One of the wolves that were released during an apparent break-in at the Greater Vancouver Zoo this week has been found dead, and another remains on the loose.

Freedom Convoy-affiliated group being evicted from Ottawa church

The owner of a historic church in Ottawa's Lowertown neighbourhood is evicting a group with ties to the 'Freedom Convoy' occupation planning to purchase the property this fall, in an apparent dispute over unpaid rent for the facility.

How Canadians can save on exchange rates while travelling

At a time of high inflation, questions about what cards to use, how much local cash to withdraw and which currency conversion services to avoid are particularly valuable. Here's what to know when seeking cost-effective methods of spending money overseas.

What can you do to help mitigate shortages of fever and pain relievers?

Pharmacists and health care professionals are asking the public to only buy what they need and to be up to date on all their essential immunization shots to help with Tylenol, Advil shortages.

Long COVID risk extends two years after infection. Here's how to assess your risk

A new study has found an increased risk of certain long COVID-19 symptoms up to two years after an original infection.

Closed-door national security committee of parliamentarians reviewing spyware use

Parliament's top-secret national security committee is launching a review into federal agencies' ability to intercept private communications, on the heels of the RCMP revealing it has been using spyware as part of major investigations, for decades.

Advocates say use of NDAs should be banned in sexual misconduct settlements

In the wake of the Hockey Canada scandal, some advocates are calling for the use of non-disclosure agreements to be banned or restricted in settlement agreements in cases involving abuse.

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