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Submissions Now Open for 2016 "Into the Pixel" Video Game Art Exhibit

An exploration and celebration of gaming masterpieces around the world, ITP is an important bridge between traditional and digital art worlds.

Strategize Among the Stars in Polaris Sector

Want to experience grand strategy on the largest scale possible? Polaris Sector offers you the chance to build an empire in the deepest depths of the cosmos — but seizing and maintaining power is no easy task. Gamepedia, SoftWarWare, and Slitherine are pleased to announce the Official Polaris Sector Wiki.

Celebrate 5 Years of RIFT with a Prize-Filled Anniversary Month

As of this month, RIFT has been home to adventurers from all over the globe for a full FIVE years. Countless battles have been fought and won. Millions of levels have been gained. Plenty of friends have been made, and many guilds have risen to power.

8 Must-Have Achievements in Fallout 4

Are you an avid achievement hunter? Check out our top 8 must-haves in Fallout 4, and let us know in the comments on YouTube how many of them you've already gotten.

TheAnonAlly Crowned 2016 Cineplex WorldGaming Canadian Champion, Takes Home $20,000 Prize

Last week, top Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 players from all over Canada gathered to compete in front of a live audience at Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto.

The Division - Fresh Level 30 Dark Zone Guide

If you just got to level 30, its about time you head into the dark zone for much better loot and a greater challenge!

Battle Baddies and Bend Time in Retro-Inspired Brawler Wishmere

Wishmere is an intense action brawler perfect for anyone obsessed by beat-em-up classics of the arcade scene, offering up tight retro-inspired gameplay enhanced by an engaging time control mechanic.

Plague and Peasants Are Out to Get You in The Black Death

How would you survive if you were placed in Medieval Europe just as the plague was beginning to tighten its grip? The Black Death serves to answer this question, in the form of a multiplayer survival game with an intriguing historical twist.

Top 5 - NA & EU LCS - Spring Week 8

Top plays from League of Legends Championship Series Spring Split Week 8 featuring Echo Fox, Team Dignitas, NRG Esports, Team Liquid, ROCCAT, Origen, and Immortals.

Deadbolt Lets Players Sneak and Strike as the Grim Reaper

When the dead rise, it's down to the reaper to put them back underground — and that's the role that players adopt in the new stealth-action hybrid Deadbolt. In celebration of the game's launch on Steam today, Gamepedia and its developer Hopoo Games are pleased to announce the Official Deadbolt Wiki.

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