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United States Slows Rate Rises to 0.25% - 02 February 2023

The FED raised its interest rate by 0.25% yesterday, leaving benchmark borrowing costs at 4.75%, in what was the smallest rate rise since March 2022.

Forex Today: Powell Triggers Bullish Sentiment - 02 February 2023

FOMC Hikes by 0.25%; FOMC Statement Slightly Hawkish; Powell Talks Down US Dollar in Presser; S&P 500 Golden Cross; Gold, Euro Reach Highs; ECB, BoE 0.50% Hikes Expected Today.

Forex Today: Fed Expected to Hike by 0.25% Today - 01 February 2023

Markets Await FOMC and Expected Rate Rise; Stock Markets Higher; US Dollar Consolidates.

Forex Today: IMF Ups Global Growth Forecast - 31 January 2023

IMF Sees G7 Growth Except UK in 2023; Markets Quiet Ahead of FOMC Wednesday; US Dollar Strengthens.

Forex Today: Bitcoin Reaches 6-Month High - 30 January 2023

Bitcoin Up 40% Since 2022; Global Stocks Mostly Falling; Yen Strengthens, Aussie Weakens.

Bank of Canada Slows Rate Rises to 0.25% - 26 January 2023

Yesterday’s decision by the Bank of Canada’s Governing Council is a clear sign that its high-interest rate rise policy could be reversed later this year.

Forex Today: Bank of Canada Hikes, but Signals Pause - 26 January 2023

BoC Raises Rates by 0.25% to 4.50%; Chinese Stock Market Roars Ahead; Gold Reaches 9-Month High at $1948; US Advance GDP of 2.6% Expected

Forex Today: Australian Inflation Rises to 32-Year High - 25 January 2023

Australian CPI Reaches 8.4%; New Zealand Inflation Drops Slightly; Gold Reaches 9-Month High at $1942

Forex Today: Stocks Up; Dollar Down - 24 January 2023

Stock Markets Rise Strongly in Asia; Market Awaits Australian, New Zealand CPI Data

Forex Today: EUR/USD Breaks $1.09 - 23 January 2023

EUR/USD Currency Pair Reaches 9-Month High; ECB’s Knot Forecasts Two 0.5% Rate Hikes; US Dollar Declines.

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