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Forex Today: US Dollar Continues Retreat - 24 May 2022

US Dollar Lower on Week, Stocks Higher; Bitcoin Support Continues to Hold

Forex Today: Crypto Firmer, US Dollar Continues Retreat - 23 May 2022

Bitcoin Back Above $30k; Stocks Higher as Biden Mulls China Tariffs; US Dollar Weaker

Forex Today: British, Canadian Inflation Data Close to Expectations - 19 May 2022

Inflation Continues to Rise in UK and Canada; Stocks Firmly Lower on Global Growth Fears; Yen, US Dollar Weaker; Commodities Lower

Forex Today: Markets Await British, Canadian Inflation Data - 18 May 2022

Global Inflation Clues Due Today; Powell Says Fed Ready to Keep Hiking; US Dollar Recovering, Commodity Currencies Weaker

Forex Today: Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Commodities Bounce Back - 17 May 2022

Stock Markets Recover In Asian Session; Cryptos Continue Recover from Breakdowns; Yen & US Dollar Weaker; Agricultural Commodities Rising to New Highs

Forex Today: Yen, Dollar Start Week Strongly - 16 May 2022

Forex Market Dominated by Safe Haven Flow; Cryptos Recover from Breakdowns

Forex Today: US Inflation Overshoot Pushes Stocks, Cryptos to 1-Year Lows - 12 May 2022

US Annual CPI Falls But Core Rises; S&P 500 Index Closes Below 4,000; Bitcoin Trading Below $28k; Flow Into JPY on Risk-Off Sentiment

US Inflation Overshoots, But Annualized Rate Declines - 11 May 2022

US CPI data released today again came in higher than the consensus forecast, but the annualized rate drops from 8.5% to 8.2% giving hope inflation has peaked.

Forex Today: Quieter Market Awaits US Inflation Data - 11 May 2022

US CPI Release Due Today; Commodities Lower; Forex, Stock, & Crypto Markets Consolidate

Cryptocurrencies Facing Critical Test - 10 May 2022

The broad cryptocurrency market has seen its bearish trend ignite another volatile display of selling across the board early this week.

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