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Ghislaine Maxwell tried to flee when FBI arrived at her home

Ghislaine Maxwell refused to open the front door to the FBI when they raided her $1million home and fled to another room in the house, prosecutors claimed today.

Girlfriend pleaded with Benjamin Keough before 'suicide'

Lisa Marie Presley's son Benjamin Keough, 27, died after he shot himself in the torso at his mother's luxury Calabasas, California, mansion on Sunday morning, police said.

Coronavirus: Florida has more infections than all but 8 countries

Florida reported more than 12,000 new cases on Monday - more than all of Europe combined. With 278,667 cases, the state is now exceeded by only eight countries for the most COVID-19 cases.

Fans swoon over sexy new Netflix show Warrior Nun about a highly-trained squad of Catholic fighters

Warrior Nun, which was filmed in Marbella and debuted last week on Netflix, features an international cast of actors and has quickly racked up dedicated viewers due to it;'s exciting scenes.

How John Travolta lost first love Diana Hyland to breast cancer

John Travolta lost his first love, the actress Diana Hyland, to breast cancer in 1977, when he was 23 and she was 41, ten years before he met his wife Kelly Preston, who died from the same disease.

Coronavirus UK: Herd immunity could develop from 10% infected

Researchers led by Dr Gabriela Gomes of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine suggested that immunity among the people most likely to spread the virus would protect others.

Coronavirus England: Death rates vary massively in hospitals

Data reportedly sent to doctors in the NHS found that death rates across England varied wildly, which experts said was down to the populations served by individual hospital trusts.

Paedophile mastermind behind darknet sites arrested in France

Police in France have arrested a man who is described as one of the top 10 most-wanted targets by authorities fighting sexual crimes. He is believed to have created paedophilia websites.

'Captain Hook' dinosaur species with curved claw discovered

Paleontologists unearthed a new dinosaur species that has been named it in honor of the mythical character 'Captain Hook' because of a unique hooked claw at the end of its short arms.

Coronavirus: Sufferers describe symptoms MONTHS after infection

In an eye-opening account that proves Covid-19 is not just an illness that goes quietly, Talya Varga, 27, from London, revealed it constantly feels like there is a 'slab of concrete on my chest'.

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