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Endangered snow leopards that caught COVID-19 at San Diego zoo showing signs of improvement 

The two endangered snow leopards residing at the San Diego Zoo that tested positive for COVID-19 last month are recovering, officials told DailyMail.com on Monday.

Record numbers of Londoners flee the capital for the suburbs even as the capital reopens

More than 60,000 Londoners sold up and moved out in the first six months of this year, according to international estate agents chain Hamptons.

Fistfight over reclined seat breaks out moments after American Airlines flight lands in Austin

A flight from New Orleans to Austin ended in a fight as passengers had to be removed from the airplane after throwing punches at each other. It is not clear if Austin Police has made arrests.

Tourism bosses call on Boris Johnson to scrap traffic light system and save summer holidays

In a letter to the Prime Minister, major airlines and tour operators said simplified rules would help the UK travel sector recover while protecting the country's health needs.

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS on TV: Why winning Nicky's family lottery leaves the rest of us wanting more

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: The chances of winning tonight's Euro lottery are one in 140 million. You might think that's more likely than this improbable sequence of events.

Why does summer makes me gloomy? DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions

DR MARTIN SCURR: Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which typically causes depressed mood and low energy, is, as you say, not as well recognised as it should be.

CRAIG BROWN: Comedy turn gets the bullet from Al Capone - 100 Years of The X Factor (Pt 1) 

CRAIG BROWN: The X Factor is coming to an end. It's time to look back on 100 years of this talent show, and to celebrate its landmark moments.

Samaritans volunteers will answer queries while working from home, sparking security fears 

Sensitive emails to the Samaritans will be answered by volunteers working from home, it emerged last night.

People should be able to declare themselves 'Black English' on the census says Labour MP David Lammy

The Tottenham MP added that the absence of the option to choose Black English when White English was on the form showed a lack of racial equality in the country.

The surprise new boost from HRT? You may LOOK years younger, too

Scientists in the dermatology department at Manchester University are about to publish their research showing for the first time that HRT users have greater levels of 'elastic fibres' in their skin.

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