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Doorbell camera captures a meteor across the sky over Darlington after cat sets it rolling [video]

Footage of a falling meteor was captured on a doorbell camera in Darlington on October 15 after the family's cat inadvertently set it recording.

Wife, 66, stabbed her husband, 78, to death 'after he belittled her for serving bubble and squeak'

A woman stabbed her husband to death following a row over serving bubble and squeak with a steak for her birthday, a court heard.

Critics claim Beyonce's skin tone 'artifically lightened' in new Tiffany & Co ad with Jay-Z

Beyonce, 40, and Jay-Z, 51, are seen in 'Date Night', the latest Tiffany & Co ad featuring the Carters. Hoever, some critics claim Beyonce's skin has been artifically lightened in the video.

Iranian cops use a dog catching pole to arrest woman for being 'unveiled'

Police in Tehran were filmed arresting a woman with what appears to be a snare designed to catch dogs, as the city's deputy police chief said she was being 'insulting and aggressive' to officers.

Monkey kills man with a BRICK in India

Local police confirmed that 30-year-old Mohammad Kurbaan was killed yesterday after being hit in the head by a brick thrown by a monkey in Central Delhi's Nabi Karim area.

Pregnant women with severe vomiting condition like Kate Middleton 'consider abortions and suicide'

A survey of more than 5,000 women in the UK with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), the largest of its kind, found 5 per cent terminate their pregnancy because of the illness.

Mother-of-four's fury as neighbour plants shipping container with smoke-billowing chimney in garden

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said the monstrosity has loomed high over her fence since being dropped just steps away from her living room doors in Hull 18 months ago.

Kwasi Kwarteng says people should 'absolutely' book Christmas parties

Kwasi Kwarteng today insisted people should 'absolutely' book office Christmas parties despite rising fears coronavirus restrictions could be reintroduced.

The 100 greatest TV series of the 21st Century: Fans fume as Peaky Blinders is snubbed

More than 200 television specialists from 43 countries were polled  to compile a list of the greatest shows since 2000, with American crime drama The Wire landing the top spot.

'STOP you f***ing idiot!': Moment truck driver blindly pushes car SIDEWAYS along the M1

Footage recorded on Tuesday morning shows a Greg's Courier HGV driving down the busy M1 motorway near Luton with a white Volkswagen VW attached to its front bumper.

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