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QuSecure Carves Out Space in Quantum Cryptography With Its Vision of a Post-RSA World

NIST may be on the brink of revealing which post-quantum computing encryption algorithms it is endorsing, solidifying commercial developments like QuProtect.

Multiple Governments Buying Android Zero-Days for Spying: Google

An analysis from Google TAG shows that Android zero-day exploits were packaged and sold for state-backed surveillance.

Malicious Python Repository Package Drops Cobalt Strike on Windows, macOS & Linux Systems

The PyPI "pymafka" package is the latest example of growing attacker interest in abusing widely used open source software repositories.

Linux Trojan XorDdos Attacks Surge, Targeting Cloud, IoT

Analysts have seen a massive spike in malicious activity by the XorDdos trojan in the last six months, against Linux cloud and IoT infrastructures .

Why the Employee Experience Is Cyber Resilience

A culture of trust, combined with tools designed around employee experience, can work in tandem to help organizations become more resilient and secure.

Valeo Networks Acquires Next I.T.

Next I.T. is the sixth and largest acquisition to date for Valeo Networks.

Kingston Digital Releases Touch-Screen Hardware-Encrypted External SSD for Data Protection

IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External SSD safeguards against brute-force attacks and BadUSB with digitally-signed firmware.

After the Okta Breach, Diversify Your Sources of Truth

What subsequent protections do you have in place when your first line of defense goes down?

Chatbot Army Deployed in Latest DHL Shipping Phish

In a new phishing tactic, faux chatbots establish a conversation with victims to guide them to malicious links, researchers say.

Partial Patching Still Provides Strong Protection Against APTs

Organizations that deploy updates only after a vulnerability is disclosed apply far fewer updates and do so at a lower cost than those that stay up to date on all of their software, university researchers say.

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