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DEF CON 30: Hackers Come Home to Vibrant Community

After 30 years and a brief pandemic hiatus, DEF CON returns with "Hacker Homecoming," an event that put the humans behind cybersecurity first.

Most Q2 Attacks Targeted Old Microsoft Vulnerabilities

The most heavily targeted flaw last quarter was a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Office that was disclosed and patched four years ago.

Transitioning From VPNs to Zero-Trust Access Requires Shoring Up Third-Party Risk Management

ZTNA brings only marginal benefits unless you ensure that the third parties you authorize are not already compromised.

How and Why to Apply OSINT to Protect the Enterprise

Here's how to flip the tide and tap open source intelligence to protect your users.

Cybercriminals Weaponizing Ransomware Data For BEC Attacks

Attacked once, victimized multiple times: Data marketplaces are making it easier for threat actors to find and use data exfiltrated during ransomware attacks in follow-up attacks.

Patch Madness: Vendor Bug Advisories Are Broken, So Broken

Dustin Childs and Brian Gorenc of ZDI take the opportunity at Black Hat USA to break down the many vulnerability disclosure issues making patch prioritization a nightmare scenario for many orgs.

Software Supply Chain Chalks Up a Security Win With New Crypto Effort

GitHub, the owner of the Node Package Manager (npm), proposes cryptographically linking source code and JavaScript packages in an effort to shore up supply chain security.

Novel Ransomware Comes to the Sophisticated SOVA Android Banking Trojan

Unusually, SOVA, which targets US users, now allows lateral movement for deeper data access. Version 5 adds an encryption capability.

How to Clear Security Obstacles and Achieve Cloud Nirvana

Back-end complexity of cloud computing means there's plenty of potential for security problems. Here's how to get a better handle on SaaS application security.

Microsoft: We Don't Want to Zero-Day Our Customers

The head of Microsoft's Security Response Center defends keeping its initial vulnerability disclosures sparse — it is, she says, to protect customers.

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