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Enterprises Don't Know What to Buy for Responsible AI

Organizations are struggling to procure appropriate technical tools to address responsible AI, such as consistent bias detection in AI applications.

Enterprises Need to Do More to Assure Consumers About Privacy

Organizations care about data privacy, but their priorities appear to be different from what their customers think are important.

Why Most Companies Still Don’t Know What’s on Their Network

Chris Kirsch, CEO of runZero, sits down with Dark Reading’sTerry Sweeney for a Fast Chat on the importance of asset discovery.

On Data Privacy Day, Organizations Fail Data Privacy Expectations

Data Privacy Day rolls around year after year, and data privacy breaches likewise. Two-thirds of data breaches result in data exposure.

Critical RCE Lexmark Printer Bug Has Public Exploit

A nasty SSRF bug in Web Services plagues a laundry list of enterprise printers.

Google: Influence Operator Dragonbridge Floods Social Media in Sprawling Cyber Campaign

Google has mounted a massive takedown, but Dragonbridge's extensive capabilities for generating and distributing vast amounts of largely spammy content calls into question the motivation behind the group.

How Noob Website Hackers Can Become Persistent Threats

An academic analysis of website defacement behavior by 241 new hackers shows there are four clear trajectories they can take in future, researchers say.

3 Ways ChatGPT Will Change Infosec in 2023

OpenAI's chatbot has the promise to revolutionize how security practitioners work.

Riot Games Latest Video-Game Maker to Suffer Breach

Highlighting continued attacks on game developers, attackers stole source code from and issued a ransom demand to the maker of League of Legends.

A Child's Garden of Cybersecurity

Whether you dream of your child becoming a CISO or just want them to improve their security hygiene, consider this roundup of literary geekery.

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