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China's Hackers Crack Devices at Tianfu Cup for $1.5M in Prizes

China's premier hackers will target web browsers, operating systems, mobile devices, and even a car at Tianfu Cup.

Cisco Duo Trusted Access Report: More Than 50% of Companies Plan Passwordless Move

Multifactor authentications soar as enterprises move away from passwords to secure hybrid workers.

How Attackers Hack Humans

Inside their motivations, how they go about it -- and what businesses can do about it, according to Counterintelligence Institute founder Peter Warmka.

'Clumsy' BlackByte Malware Reuses Crypto Keys, Worms Into Networks

Discovered during a recent incident response engagement, the malware avoids Russian computers and uses a single symmetric key for encrypting every compromised system.

Evolution Equity Partners Close $400M for Cybersecurity Investments

The firm expands capital base, team, and platform addressing a rapidly growing cybersecurity investment opportunity.

From Help Desk to Head of SOC: Building a Cybersecurity Career on Empathy and Candor

Why a passion for helping people is key to delivering effective cybersecurity solutions.

How AI Can Stop Zero-Day Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are unpredictable. AI is better at figuring out what looks malicious and abnormal than humans will ever be.

Enterprise Data Storage Environments Riddled With Vulnerabilities

Many organizations are not properly protecting their storage and backup systems from compromise, new study finds.

Increased Security Spending to Support Distributed Workforce

Security leaders are deploying or actively considering cloud security, threat intel, and XDR technologies.

Digging Deep Into the Top Security Certifications

When it comes to technical certifications, which ones pay off so you can get that infosec job or more money for the one you're already doing?

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