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Biden Broadens NSA Oversight of National Security Systems

New Cybersecurity National Security Memorandum will let the spy agency "identify vulnerabilities, detect malicious threat activity and drive mitigations," agency cybersecurity director says.

(ISC)² Appoints Jon France, CISSP, as Chief Information Security Officer

Accomplished cybersecurity leader will advocate globally for best practices in risk management and head up association security operations.

Researchers Discover Dangerous Firmware-Level Rootkit

MoonBounce is the latest in a small but growing number of implants found hidden in a computer's Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).

Automating Response Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Organizations should balance process automation and human interaction to meet their unique security requirements.

Red Cross Hit via Third-Party Cyberattack

The incident compromised the personal data and confidential information of more than 515,000 "highly vulnerable people," the Red Cross reports.

Enterprises Are Sailing Into a Perfect Storm of Cloud Risk

Policy as code and other techniques can help enterprises steer clear of the dangers that have befallen otherwise sophisticated cloud customers.

4 Ways to Develop Your Team's Cyber Skills

Organizations need to invest in professional development — and then actually make time for it.

Cisco's Kenna Security Research Shows the Relative Likelihood of an Organization Being Exploited

A record-breaking 20,130 vulnerabilities were reported in 2021. However, only 4% pose a high risk to organizations.

FireEye & McAfee Enterprise Renamed as Trellix

Symphony Technology Group announces a name for the newly merged company, which aims to become a leader in extended detection and response (XDR).

Nigerian Police Arrest 11 Individuals in BEC Crackdown

More than 50,000 targets around the world have been affected by the business email compromise scams, Interpol reports.

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