The Decline of the West

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#7 Intro to Sloterdijk’s Spheres Trilogy

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay, life has been in the way lately. I tried a different audio recording method and it didn’t work out, so I had to go with the backup, which isn’t as good. Hope you enjoy. Thanks again for your patient support.

#6 WTF is the Alt Right? – Interview with Greg Johnson

***TRIGGER WARNING! TRIGGER WARNING! TRIGGER WARNING!*** You’ve had your warning, snowflakes. This is the first in a series of interviews I’ll be conducting with people custom built to trigger, outrage, annoy, and lose most of my listeners. I’m most of the way to lining up discussions with an American white nationalist, an American black nationalist,...

#5 Spengler, pt. 2 – The Birth of Tragedy

Well, I was gonna jump into Classical number theory, Greek sculpture, and Doric columns, but instead I drew John off into Nietzsche and Schopenhauer as a roundabout way of approaching Spengler’s interpretation of the Greco-Roman civilization. Still it’s a good setup for the deep dive next week, and we cover some good ground here. I want to get this...

#4 Overwhelming and Collective Murder

On July 26, 2016, two young French Arabs announcing themselves as “Soldiers of ISIS” burst into a French church during morning Mass. You know the rest. On the same day, a 26-year-old Japanese man stalked through the halls of a Japanese hospital for the mentally disabled to carry out a plan he had outlined to the Japanese government in February letter....

#3 Spengler, pt. 1

Well, this was supposed to be the first episode of a series breaking down Oswald Spengler’s seminal book, The Decline of the West, but events conspired to steal away the first half of the episode. In case you’re living under a rock or downloading this episode some time in the distant future, the two weeks since we released our last episode have seen...

#2 Spree Killers – Dallas, Orlando, Columbine

*NOTE* I jacked up the audio levels on this episode. Sorry about that. It is straightened out for the next episode. After police officers shot and killed two black men in separate incidents, protests erupted in major cities across the United States on July 7, 2016. In Dallas, TX, a gunman with ties to black nationalist groups and training in the US...

#1 Trump and Caesarism

Donald Trump and Julius Caesar. That’s right. We said it. “By the term Caesarism I mean that kind of government which, irrespective ofany constitutional formulation that it may have, is in its inward self a return to thorough formlessness. It does not matter that Augustus in Rome, and Huang Ti in China, Amasis in Egypt and Alp Arslan in Baghdad disguised...

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