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JK Rowling Continues to Be the World's Biggest Martyr

Despite her nine-figure net worth and ability to do whatever the hell she wants, revisionist author and notable transphobe J.K. Rowling is still committed to her strange obsession with strangers’ genitals.

Woman Nearly Crushed By 'Runaway' Boulder

A woman walking to her kitchen inside her Palolo Valley home was inches away from being crushed by a runaway boulder as the rock came tumbling through the wall of her home.

Incredibly Realistic AI Woman Is Of Course Stereotypically Busty

One small step for AI, one giant leap for men who have only seen naked women while watching Hentai.

Fyre Fest's Billy McFarland is Out of Prison and Already Onto His Next Grift

Billy McFarland is putting together a new VR service called PYRT. What could go wrong?

30 Savage Posts That Will Make You Spit Take

The internet isn't for the faint of hear.

With a Single Tweet, Zachary Levi Once Again Proves That the DCU Can Never Get Anything Right

Zachary Levi may have just ended his DCU tenure with a single tweet.

Proof That Being a DJ is a Fake Skill That Requires Zero Real Talent

DJs aren't at the top of the musical food chain, but at least most of them try their best to put on a good show; unlike what's happening here.

41 of the Most Important Photographs Ever Taken

A series of photos that are not just pictures but genuine milestones in the evolution of photography.

Mr. Beast Cures 1,000 People's Blindness and Causes an Online Meltdown

Great news for right-wing supervillains and lawmakers who would rather make terrible Taylor Swift puns than take any action to prevent 26,000 Americans from dying each year due to lack of health insurance: The widespread movement for universal healthcare

The Funniest and Most Savage Tweets of the Week

Twitter is the go-to source for humor on the internet and if you aren't familiar with that by now, you need to reevaluate your internet diet.

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