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19 Karens Spotted in the Wild Doing What Karens Do

The world has no shortage of entitled people, gatekeepers, and those who can't leave well enough alone. These are their stories.

Woman Gets Former Neighbor’s Car Towed After They Keep Parking in Her Spot

Don't mess with someone's parking space.

GTA V Graphics Mod 'Natural Vision Evolved' Makes the Game Look Incredible

From mod master 'Razed' the newest version of NVE, a graphical enhancement mod for GTA V / FiveM takes the 10 year old game and makes it look...

The Skinny Pete Interview - Charles Baker Talks Breaking Bad, Anime and His Iconic Piano Scene

Charles Baker who played the role of Skinny Pete on Breaking Bad sits down with us to talk about life as a dad, his work voice-acting for anime, and how Skinny Pete's famous piano solo came about.

26 Things That Would Test Your Patience

Bad luck can face us anywhere.

The Kids USA Mullet Championships is Absolutely Epic

The mullets are awesome, but the names are even awesomer!

Larry Mazza an Italian Mafia Member, Talks about Murdering Nicky Black

A chilling recollection of the murder of Nicholas 'Nicky Black' Grancio by Larry Mazza during the Colombo Wars may send chills down your spine.

Mark Zuckerberg Looks Even Worse in VR

You'd think they could fix that hairline in VR?

The Mysterious Case of Jack Froese the Man Who Was Sending Emails From His Grave

After a man named Jack Froese died of a heart condition in 2011 he began sending emails from "the grave." This is his story.

A Morning Batch of Randoms to Put in Your Coffee

A roundup of funny tweets that go great with your morning coffee.

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