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30 Ingenious Products and Clever Designs that Could Make Life Easier

The world is in a constant state of changing and evolving. Technology is one of the man-made or non-natural forms of progression that helps advance our lifestyles and make things better for us. Check out this list of innovative products and designs that carry the torch onward.

26 Pet Peeves That Frustrate the Sh*t Out of Us

Heaven forbid this stuff happens when you're already having a shite day. We've collected the most annoying pet peeves that we just have to deal with.

Boss Left Holding the Bag after Entire Night Crew Walks Out over His Lies

After finding out that his boss had no intention of honoring a $250 bonus agreement, everyone got fed up and decided to finally make it the boss's problem.

Chef Hacks to Open Beer Bottles Without an Opener

We've all been there - a case of cold brews getting warmer by the minute and no opener in sight.

55 Awesome Images to Admire at Length

We got a little bit of everything in here, so put away the work and come check out these cool pics for a while.

46 Fun Photos to Save Your Day

Some funny photos to keep the fun times scrolling.

Cooking a Pizza over 12,000 Matches Surprisingly Not a Disaster

If you're ever looking for a more exciting way to make a a pizza, I think we've got you covered.

Zdeno Chara Is Old as Dirt and Still Making Fighters Look Silly

Zdeno Chara - who turns 45 in March - just made this dude look foolish.

35 People Who Got Way Too Specific

I think these folks might be trying to tell us something, and they're about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

Epic Emo Music Festival Announced, Gets Meme Treatment

The festival lineup to end all festival lineups.

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