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Grab These 3 Educational Apps-They Are free Today

In this week's apps gone free series we are sharing with you three interesting apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time. The first app is Pomodoro Focus Timer which can help you... more

Google's Distance Learning Resources for Schools

In today's post we are sharing with you this collection of distance learning  resources provided by Google. These resources are particularly designed for schools affected by the current pandemic... more

Applied Digital Skills-10 Lessons to Unleash Students Creativity Through Digital Games

After we explored Google resources to help you integrate digital skills lessons in your online instruction, in today's post we  are sharing with you another equally important resource from... more

An Easy Way to Save Images from Google Docs

If you use Google Docs in your instruction you might have noticed that saving images from a Google document is not straightforward. But there is a hack to solve this issue. Of course we are talking... more

This Is How to Use JotForm Report Builder for Remote Teaching

In our “new normal” of remote teaching, figuring out how to effectively run a virtual class can be difficult. That’s why it’s so important to find easy-to-use technology tools to make the process as... more

Tips to Minimize Memory Card Problems

To a photographer, a memory card is an essential item just like a pencil and a brush are to an artist. Imagine damaging your memory card after a wedding photoshoot, or corrupting the photos taken for... more

An Excellent Apple Map's Feature to Teach Students Geography in 3D

Have you ever tried Apple Map's Flyover feature with your students? Well, if you have not you should. This is an excellent way to take your students on virtual 3D tours to places and landmarks from... more

Google's Back to School Resources to Help You Integrate Digital Skills Lessons in Your Class

After reviewing Apple Education's back to school apps , today's post features another equally interesting resource to kick start your new school year. Back to School 2020 is a resource offered by... more

CampYouTube -A New Resource to Optimize Students Learning in Summer Camp Home

#CampYouTube is a new educational platform available through YouTube Learning. #CampYouTube, as its name indicates, provides families with educational resources to help them make the best of their... more

Back to School Apps from Apple Education

This year's back-to-school is different due to the current pandemic. Many of you will probably resort to online teaching and will only be interacting with students through the virtual world. This can... more

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