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Polestar 0 Project: A truly Climate Neutral Car by 2030

In Polestar's first annual review the Swedish electric performance car brand announces its moonshot goal to create the first truly climate neutral car by 2030.

Many Routes to 1000 Mile Battery Vehicles

It is easy to make 1000-mile battery-electric vehicles, and the effect on market uptake will be profound.

Toyota Hydrogen Production and Re-Fuelling Facility in Australia

Toyota has commissioned Victoria's first commercial-grade permanent hydrogen production, storage and refuelling facility at its former manufacturing site at Altona in Melbourne's west.

Cell and Pack Material Trends for EV Batteries & How to Forecast Them

Join the IDTechEx webinar Thursday 8 April 2021 - Key recent trends in battery cell and pack design; How this impacts the relevant materials markets; and the IDTechEx scenario forecasting tool demonstration

Volkswagen's Long-term, High-Manganese Cathode Strategy

In this article IDTechEx provides commentary on the reference during Volkswagen's recent Power Day to their long-term strategy of employing high-manganese cathodes for their 'volume segment'. What does 'high-manganese' refer to, and how do they compare to other cathode materials?

New Autonomous Vessel Delivered to Royal Navy

Over the next few months, NavyX will carry on its work with Uncrewed Surface Vessel, while also examining how these vessels can deliver across the range of military operations including surveillance and force protection.

bp Joins BMW, Daimler EV Charging Venture

bp agreed to join BMW Group and Daimler Mobility AG in their drive to extend and significantly improve electrification, making electric vehicle charging more convenient, simpler and seamless for drivers.

Electrolyzers are the First Step Toward Green Hydrogen Production

The strong potential of hydrogen is driven by the fact that it is impossible to electrify some of the most polluting sectors, including the steel, ammonia, and glass industries. In these sectors, hydrogen will be produced from renewable energy employing electrolyzer systems.

Energy-efficient Autonomous LS-EV for Future Mobility

Teijin Limited together with Applied Electric Vehicles has developed a highly energy-efficient low- speed electric vehicle prototype for autonomous driving systems and other mobility applications that are expected to help realize zero-emission mobility.

Fastest All-Electric Passenger Ship to Launch in Stockholm

The all-new foiling Candela P-30—the world's fastest all-electric passenger ship—will hit Stockholm's waterways in 2022, shuttling passengers to and from the archipelago above the waves without wakes, noise and CO2 emissions.

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