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AIR Unveils AIR ONE eVTOL for Individual Ownership

AIR, creator of personal eVTOLs for the consumer market, unveiled its debut vehicle, AIR ONE, and announced it is now accepting pre-orders. AIR ONE is a sporty, easy-to-operate electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft designed for individual consumer ownership.

Zoox's Autonomous Vehicles Tested on the Streets of Seattle

Zoox has been testing their autonomous L3 vehicles in Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area for more than four years. That means they know a lot about how their hardware and software behave in those climates. But the company's goal isn't to change mobility in a few states: They want to reimagine transportation for the whole world. To do that, they...


OBRIST Group is an Austrian engineering and technology company developing emission reduction technologies for the automotive sector. In September 2021, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Hydra Rodrigues spoke to Chris Meusburger, project lead for synthetic fuels at OBRIST Group.

The Biggest Challenge for Autonomous Vehicles

Every company testing autonomous vehicles in California must report any collision to the California DMV. The new IDTechEx report "Autonomous Cars, Robotaxis & Sensors 2022-2042" provides analysis on this data, spanning the last two and a half years' worth of the reports. It is not looking good for human drivers.

Volvo Group Launches World's First Vehicle Using Fossil-Free Steel

Volvo Group is proud to reveal the world-first vehicle made of fossil-free steel from SSAB. More vehicles will follow in 2022 in what will be a series of concept vehicles and components using fossil-free steel from SSAB.

INEOS Launches Hydrogen Campaign

Hydrogen is a fabulous, clean source of energy that can be used as both a raw material for industry and as a power source for transport and the home. It has a massive role to play in lowering the UK's greenhouse gas emissions and INEOS is committed to playing a leading role in the hydrogen revolution.

A Winning Solution for Autonomous Farming Safety

Agri-tech company Agribot AI has won the Agri-EPI and Hands Free Farm hackathon tackling safety and security concerns around autonomous agricultural vehicles.

UK Hydrogen Roadshow Shows Low Carbon Hydrogen Innovation

The first-ever double decker hydrogen bus tour of the UK set off from London to shine a spotlight on the part hydrogen has to play in the country's race to net zero.

Is it Finally Time for Printed Temperature Sensors?

Think of a temperature sensor - and a traditional glass thermometer, or perhaps a small thermistor would probably spring to mind. However, a new class of temperature sensors is rapidly emerging that offers spatial resolution together with a thin-film format.

ABB and Lilium Revolutionize Charging Infrastructure for Air Travel

As part of the agreement, ABB will develop, test and supply the MegaWatt fast charging infrastructure necessary for the quick turnaround times needed for electric aviation. The ABB charging points are designed to be capable of fully charging batteries in approximately 30 minutes, and charging up to 80% in 15 minutes, enabling the 20-25 flights per aircraft...

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