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Lebanon central bank’s Salamé prepares for the next storm

After another tumultuous year for banking in Lebanon, the central bank governor discusses the political pushback against his actions, the potential impact of a new US law targeting Hezbollah and the prospects for his reappointment.

Data talks big in Brazil – for now

The country’s biggest banks are working on the big data challenge. If successful, it could transform the industry and its performance. But quantifying the impact and differentiating between potential winners and losers is almost impossible.

Is Paulo Macedo the man with the plan for Caixa?

Macedo might seem like an odd choice to lead Portugal’s biggest bank, but the former health minister comes with impressive cost-cutting credentials.

Spain’s bank rescue could make tier 2 less Popular

Both AT1 and tier-2 investors lost everything when Banco Santander rescued Banco Popular, while senior bondholders were untouched. The rescue has shown that when banks in Europe get into trouble it is liquidity, not capital, that matters and that the fate of subordinated bondholders is anything but predictable.

Philippine’s Espenilla: publicly positive appointment, but behind closed doors…

Reaction to Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s appointment of Nestor Espenilla Jr as the new governor of the central bank, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), has been publicly positive.

Barclays reorganization: good in parts

Tim Throsby needs to strike a balance between upheaval and stability.

Malaysia merger mania speaks to changing domestic and regional challenges

A suggested merger of two of Malaysia’s large banks and the sale of half of another’s international brokerage to a Chinese peer have shaken up the country’s financial services industry in the space of a week – what’s happening?

When Brazilian bank holidays meet financial regulation

What gated communities can teach us about gaming the system.

Private equity: Distressed funds are Europe’s new shareholder of last resort

Private equity funds specializing in distressed debt will strike a hard bargain before acquiring and recapitalizing troubled banks, but European state-aid rules make the alternative even less appealing.

Emerging Europe banking: EU pressure pays off

European authorities deserve credit for pushing through reform of Slovenia’s banking sector.

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