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Tesla Model X fleet spotted at Fremont Factory ready for delivery

More Tesla Model X refresh vehicles were spotted at the Fremont Factory recently. The Model X refresh units show that Tesla is prepared to make a few more deliveries this quarter, ending the year off on the right foot. Drone footage dated October 19 revealed the state of Tesla’s Fremont Factory in California.Brought to you by: EV Driven

Driving my Tesla Model 3 from Denmark to Coral Bay WA

Guest Post by long time MEC friend Angela Tillier. When our flights to Cairns were cancelled with 2 days’ notice we decided to take the Tesla for a holiday in WA. I bought the Tesla Model 3 SR+ in June 2021 so this would be a real get to know the car and charging options in August/September 2021.Brought to you by: EV Driven

Toyota & Stellantis Announce Not-So-Big Battery Factory Plans

Toyota and Stellantis announced US battery factory plans. One of them is somewhat important. Batteries Cars Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Energy Storage Green Economy Lithium-Ion Batteries Manufacturing battery factories EV battery factories jeep LG Energy Solutions Stellantis Toyota US battery factoriesBrought to you by: EV Driven

Tesla’s Elon Musk shares cool detail about Cybertruck’s side mirrors

Recently, the Tesla Cybertruck was spotted in the wild featuring side mirrors. After the sighting, Elon Musk noted that Cybertruck owners could remove the mirrors easily if they wanted. The Cybertruck’s side mirrors have been a hot topic since the electric pickup was unveiled. Many people like the electric pickup without the mirrors in place.Brought...

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted With Visible Side Mirrors (Video)

A Tesla Cybertruck has been sighted in California with an updated design, Drive Tesla Canada reported. The article noted that Jesse Sandoval spotted the Cybertruck and told them the photo was taken at the Castle Airport in Atwater, California — just two hours from the Fremont factory. What’s notable are the side mirrors on this […].Brought to you by:...

President Biden’s Pick For An NHTSA Safety Advisor Raises Concerns About Anti-Tesla Bias

President Biden is planning to pick Steven Cliff, the deputy administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), to head the agency, Reuters reports.Brought to you by: EV Driven

HiPhi X Pops To The Top — The Super SUV Tops Premium EV Sales In China

Unique to HiPhi X, users are also able to actively play a role in the car's evolution through Human Horizons' design principle of "value defined through co-creation".Brought to you by: EV Driven

Prince William Criticizes Space Exploration — Says We Need To Repair Earth

Prince William shared his thoughts on space tourism and said that saving the earth should come first. I admit, he has a valid point. However, it’s not Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos’ responsibility to solve the core problem which is the greed of our global political leaders. I’m not a fan of Bezos or the […].Brought to you by: EV Driven

EV Connect Launches API Platform, COP26 Delegates Travel All Electric, ULEZ, Batteries, EV Software Update

Batteries BMW i Ventures Announces Investment in Battery Startup Our Next Energy. Ford To Invest £230 Million To Transform Halewood Operations In U.K.Brought to you by: EV Driven

Tess Goes To The Dentist — Conversations About Tesla

Had a great time at the dentist yesterday morning. I drove my red Tesla Model 3 SR+ into the car park and noticed that a mum and her two boys were watching the car closely — I doubt if they were admiring my ability to back the car in. Mum met me at the door […].Brought to you by: EV Driven

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