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Macho ads that promote mask-wearing are a thing now

How do you get manly mountain men to wear masks? Compare it to bowhunting. What will it take to get macho men to wear masks? A recent study by U.C. Berkeley and Middlesex University London found that men are more likely to go out without a mask because they find them uncool, shameful, and a sign of weakness. Governor Steve Bullock of Montana, whose...

The ‘I Love New York’ logo is iconic. It’s also worth millions of dollars to New York state

New York state has sent cease and desist letters to hundreds of knockoffs of the famous logo, created (for free!) by the late graphic design legend Milton Glaser. I [Thumbs Up] NY. I [Space Invade] NY. I [Wu-Tang] NY. You find phrases like these on coffee mugs, T-shirts, G-strings (yes, really). You also find them in cease and desist letters that...

NYC’s new Black Lives Matter mural is more than art. It’s the future of urbanism

The process behind the street mural was just as important as the paint job. Ever since the words Black Lives Matter were painted in bright yellow on the street behind the White House on June 5, similar projects have appeared on the streets of cities across the country. They’ve been alternately welcomed and criticized, both from those within the Black...

The 21 best arguments for wearing a mask

This is not up for debate. COVID-19 is not on its second wave in the United States. It’s still on the first. In major states like California and Texas, cases are on the rise. IN fact, there were more new cases of COVID-19 reported in the United States today than on the day when many parts of the country went into quarantine.Read Full Story

We’re all sick of Zoom. This new app gives it a ‘Weekend Update’-style makeover

More ‘SNL.’ Less wondering if you’re screen-sharing properly. If you used to work in an office environment, it’s likely that you’ve been spending a lot of time on video calls during quarantine and are over them. You’re not alone.Read Full Story

Face it, your kids will be home for a while. This $65 cardboard kit creates the perfect desk at home

Four different kits encourage kids to reimagine their space—and serve a practical function as well. Parents are coming to terms with the painful reality that kids may not be able to return to school full time in the fall, given that coronavirus infections are spiking across the United States. Families are gearing up for the potential of many more...

Trump wants to build a sculpture park for “American Heroes.” Here’s why that’s wrongheaded

“We are at a time when we should be commemorating events and social change and not people.” On July 3, President Donald Trump issued an executive order calling for the creation of a “National Garden of American Heroes.” This garden would be a statuary park featuring likenesses of Americans deemed historically significant by the administration. Thirty-one...

Harvard professor develops a $50 nasal spray to thwart the spread of COVID-19

Developed by Harvard professor David Edwards—who previously created inhalable chocolate and cocktails—the spray promises to stop the spread of aerosols by as much as 99%. You should practice social distancing and wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But even masks aren’t perfect. A high-end N95 mask can filter an estimated 99.8% of the...

Where you grew up can influence how your genes work

New research suggests that outwardly healthy children from disadvantaged neighborhoods may enter adulthood wired differently at the cellular level—which may lead to poorer health outcomes later on. Numerous studies have shown that children who grow up in more deprived neighborhoods tend to have worse physical health as adults compared to those raised...

These striking blankets visualize the COVID-19 genome

Textile artist Phillip Stearns wrote custom software to turn the SARS-Cov-2 genome into glitchy patterns that adorn $249 cotton throws. They’re as beautiful as they are nightmarish. Stay-at-home orders across the country are meant to protect people from contracting COVID-19. But it has an additional consequence: It puts victims of domestic violence...

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