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You know a lot less about New York than you think. These graphics prove it

A new book breaks down one of the most built-up cities in the world. Manhattan’s grid is iconic. But it’s hardly the heart and soul of the city. A new book maps New York City in ways that no architect or urban planner could.Read Full Story

What Brooklyn rats can teach us about designing cities for everyone

A new book illustrates how diverse perspectives improve good governance. Go to a government technology or innovation conference and look around, and you’ll see that the majority of attendees tend to be white and male. In 2015, women made up 22% of the government tech workforce, while white men made up over 50%. White workers make up about 70%. The...

To fix America’s infrastructure, the U.S. government can’t be afraid to fail

A new report from the Brookings Institution argues that the U.S. should invest more in R&D and be more willing to experiment. When American infrastructure is in the news, it’s usually bad. A bridge collapses. A storm wipes out power. Water pipes poison a community.Read Full Story

Bye-bye, front loaders! Whirlpool unveils the washing machine of your dreams

Front loader, your days are numbered. The front-loading washing machine was meant to be the panacea of laundry. Launched with a big push in the late ’90s, the machines were supposed to use less water than the old top loaders and be easier on clothing, because they simply spin clothing in a basket instead of poking and prodding at it with a mechanical...

How this startup is redesigning pro basketball for the creator economy

Part hoops factory, part TV production house, the Overtime Elite League is like nothing sports has ever seen. In American basketball, the path to becoming a professional has primarily been a singular one: Play high school hoops, then NCAA college for at least one year. Until a player signs that first pro contract, he or she is largely prohibited from...

Clean beauty is now a $1 billion business. Just ask Beautycounter

The Carlyle Group took a majority stake in the 8-year-old company, valuing it at $1 billion. There’s a lot of money to be made in nontoxic makeup.Read Full Story

How to submit a winning entry to the 2021 Innovation by Design Awards

Six tips for applying to for the 10th annual Innovation by Design Awards Are you ready to enter Innovation by Design, the most prestigious competition honoring design in business? Great! Here are six tips on how to submit a winning entry.Read Full Story

Designing for uncertainty: How IBM created a vaccine passport

COVID-19 passports are imperfect solutions to a massive problem. And yes, the people building them are very aware. In late March, New York announced the launch of the Excelsior Pass. Colloquially, it’s what is called a COVID-19 passport.Read Full Story

How Eileen Fisher ‘paints’ with scraps of fabric

These artistic, one-of-a-kind bags are made from old jeans and sweaters. A new line of bags at the fashion label Eileen Fisher features an abstract pattern that looks as though it has been painted on with brushstrokes. You’d never know that each design is painstakingly made from scraps of fabric culled from customers’ old jeans and sweaters.Read...

Great parks don’t just have rec space. They create jobs

A new study by the Knight Foundation shows what makes a good park great—an important insight as cities consider how to spend federal relief money. In normal times, public spaces and parks meet an important need in cities, where many residents have little room for recreation and limited access to nature. During the pandemic, when most people were largely...

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