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Logitech unveils booths for more immersive video calls

The prototype booths use a centuries-old technique to create the illusion of being in the same place. Calls on apps like Zoom and Teams have become a regular part of office life, but they can often feel a good deal different than having a conversation in person.Read Full Story

Now you can spend the night with Seth Rogen in an Airbnb, courtesy of his weed lifestyle brand

“I’m part of the experience,” says Rogen, cofounder of Houseplant. “I assume people will want to smoke weed with me.” If you ever wanted to stay in an luxurious Los Angeles house that is custom outfitted to cater to your every weed-smoking need, this is the news for you.Read Full Story

This journaling technique kept me from spiraling after I got laid off last week

When bad things happen, it’s normal to feel lots of different emotions. But this method can help you sort facts from feelings I held it together during the meeting, but I started sobbing as soon as I got off the call. My job had been eliminated.Read Full Story

How ChatGPT will reshape the future of the high school essay

OpenAI’s new, easy-to-use AI tool could upend the way students learn about writing and self-expression. Is that such a bad thing? ChatGPT, an AI-powered “large language” model, is poised to change the way high school English teachers do their jobs. With the ability to understand and respond to natural language, ChatGPT is a valuable tool for educators...

Think crypto winter was bad? The SEC’s insider-trading fight could collapse the entire market

If the SEC is successful, it could gain authority over crypto by default. Is that a legal strategy or a power grab? The crypto market seemingly had its comeuppance during 2022, as a prolonged crypto winter crushed asset values, and a number of large exchanges and crypto platforms went kaput, including the collapse of platforms like Celsius and FTX....

Here’s what Frank Lloyd Wright’s unbuilt designs would look like today

More than 660 of Wright’s building never saw the light of day. Architect David Romero has built elaborate 3D models to bring some of them to life. Frank Lloyd Wright needs no introduction. With over 530 built works, mostly in the U.S., he is one of the most prolific architects of the 20th century. But for every building he completed, there’s a building...

Vivek Murthy is right: Social media can hurt kids’ self-esteem

To the surgeon general’s point, studies suggest there can be negative consequences for children and adolescents who use social media. U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy made waves this week when he said on CNN that 13-year-olds are too young to join social media sites, citing concerns about mental health. Many sites, like Meta’s Facebook and Instagram,...

Will Maryland be the first state to adopt a 4-day workweek?

Maryland lawmakers are considering a bill that would offer tax credits to companies that shift to a 32-hour week. When more than 30 companies spent six months testing a four-day workweek last year—changing their schedules without reducing salaries—they overwhelmingly reported positive results. Productivity went up. It was easier to hire and retain...

Report: China’s Baidu is preparing a ChatGPT chatbot rival

Such a move could kick off a new technology arms race in the era of generative AI. Two months after OpenAI’s ChatGPT set the internet ablaze, China’s search engine behemoth, Baidu, is aiming to launch its own artificial intelligence chatbot—which could kick off a new technology arms race between the powerhouse countries.Read Full Story

A computer scientist explains why even AI has computational limits

There are problems that are in practice beyond the capabilities of even the most powerful versions of today’s computers imaginable. Empowered by artificial intelligence technologies, computers today can engage in convincing conversations with people, compose songs, paint paintings, play chess, and go and diagnose diseases, to name just a few examples...

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