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16 years later, we failed to take Oprah’s “You get a car!” moment to heart

At a time that demands mass generosity and decency, a look back at the definitive moment of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’ Oprah Winfrey is arguably the most powerful and influential media magnate of all time.Read Full Story

This one unconscious reaction may be holding women back at work

Regardless of gender, employees have a hard time taking critical feedback from a woman. Imagine that your boss Ethan calls you into his office. He expresses disappointment in your recent performance and lack of commitment. How would you react? Would you accept the feedback and put in more effort? Or would you pout in your office and start looking for...

With Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold2, phone experiences are morphing—again

Samsung’s mobile interface chief talks about how the interface of Samsung’s newest folding-screen phone has evolved from the original. Samsung head of mobile user experience Yoojin Hong says that the new Galaxy Z Fold2 foldable, which went on sale Friday, embodies Samsung’s pursuit of richer and more personal interactions with technology–something...

Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s career completely changed the way we think about women—and men

A law professor who clerked for Justice Ginsburg in 1981-1982 recalls an important aspect of her approach: a willingness to work on behalf of men challenging gender discrimination. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday, the Supreme Court announced.Read Full Story

RIP RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87

Her death immediately sets up an intense battle for the future of the high court less than 50 days before the presidential election. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, has passed away from complications of pancreas cancer, the court announced on Friday. The liberal icon and feminist legal pioneer was 87.Read Full Story

How to keep wildfire smoke out of your home: Avoid these 5 surprising mistakes

Don’t inadvertently let in more pollution. This month West Coasters are learning about all of the surprising ways that wildfire smoke can seep into a seemingly well-sealed home. (As a reminder, wildfire smoke is really bad for your health.) Here are the common mistakes to avoid:Read Full Story

60% of shuttered businesses on Yelp will never reopen

Close to 164,000 U.S. businesses on the review website closed between the start of the pandemic and August 31. For many, it’s permanent. For seven years—more specifically, from late 2013 until right after the dinner service on March 15—Vinland restaurant in Portland, Maine, served organic, locally sourced, gluten-free food along with biodynamic, wild-fermented,...

Obama’s White House photographer takes his Instagram shade against Trump to a new doc

‘The Way I See It’ charts photographer Pete Souza’s rise to working in the White House under Reagan and Obama—and why he decided to speak out against Trump. As an official White House photographer for both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, Pete Souza always viewed his job as being a historian of sorts, capturing the intimate moments in the personal lives...

Still taking that medication? JAMA says your doctor might not tell you when to stop

An eye-opening paper reveals that you need to advocate for yourself. Did you know that many common medical tests and treatments come with specific guidelines on how to begin and ramp up treatment—but minimal recommendations for doctors on when and how to stop? Welcome to modern medicine: Unless your doctor is particularly detail-oriented, she might...

Extra $300 unemployment update this week: How long before LWA benefits arrive?

The Lost Wages Assistance Program roller coaster continues. The Lost Wages Assistance Program roller coaster continues: Roughly half of the U.S. states are currently distributing the extra $300 unemployment benefit, half haven’t started yet, and now the $44 billion FEMA coffers that were funding the program are reportedly near empty. Here’s the latest...

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