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Brutalism meets bling: 8 stunning coffee accessories for design snobs

Each piece is a work of art. What happened? Just days ago, it was 2010. We were all sitting in hipster coffee shops. A guy in a flannel with a handlebar mustache poured hot water from a Hario kettle into a Chemex. He waxed on about single origins beans, light roasts, and third wave coffee.Read Full Story

‘Maskual harassment,’ angry customers, and no tips: The life of restaurant workers during COVID-19

A new report on the restaurant industry in the pandemic details sexual comments, poor safety protocols, and cratering wages. Workers and advocates agree on the solution: raising the minimum wage. When Natasha, an employee at a neighborhood bar in Midtown Manhattan, takes customers’ temperatures at the door or politely asks them to pull up masks, she...

How to professionally decline an unnecessary Zoom meeting

Video calls are sometimes the most productive way to get work done. But not every Zoom call is essential. December means a lot of things—the holidays, end-of-year wrap-ups, and, this year: intense Zoom fatigue. After almost nine months of meetings, happy hours, and even conferences, you’re not alone if you’re dreading another packed day of back-to-back...

3 questions to ask a hiring manager to find out if a company really values its workers

Employee-first means much more than just having high ratings on Glassdoor or photos of fun company events on Instagram. Many companies brand themselves as “employee-first.” But it’s hard for a job candidate to know if their potential employer will deliver on that promise.Read Full Story

As pandemic winter approaches, the COVID-19 doc ’76 Days’ is a wake-up call

Set in Wuhan, China, during the nearly three-month period in which the city was locked down, ’76 Days’ is a harrowing, urgent watch for Americans right now. Smartphones are so ubiquitous and useful that they might as well be extra appendages.Read Full Story

Gift guide: The best gifts for home cooks, according to Chobani employees

Gift ideas include Lee Kum Kee XO Sauce, a Blackstone Griddle, a Maxi-Matic Air Fryer, and more. Most of us have been cooking at home a whole lot more during the pandemic—so chances are there’s someone on your list who would enjoy a food-related gift. To drum up some inspired ideas, we turned to the foodies at Chobani (the beloved Greek yogurt company...

How WarnerMedia just killed the Hollywood way of doing business

By putting all of its 2021 movies on HBO Max at the same time as in theaters, it’s upending movie theaters, star salaries, and much more. “It’s holy shit time.” Read Full Story

Could electric cars be the solution that saves California’s power grid?

California is doubling down on EVs. Critics say more plug-in cars will strain the power grid. Here’s why they’re wrong. Climate change ramped up its attacks on California this year, serving up massive wildfires and blistering heat waves, which led to widespread power outages. To fight back, Governor Gavin Newsom took aim at heat-trapping carbon pollution...

Airbnb cracks down on New Year’s Eve rentals to curb coronavirus spread

The new rules follow similar measures over Halloween weekend. Airbnb is putting new rules in place for New Year’s Eve rentals this year, in an effort to curb parties and large gatherings that could spread the coronavirus.Read Full Story

NYC was COVID-19 epicenter, but few mayors sought help from Bill de Blasio, survey finds

A survey of mayors out of Boston University shows which city leaders were most contacted by their counterparts to coordinate responses to the pandemic. It can be said that heroes are forged within the gauntlet of crisis. And in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, while New York was washed in darkness as the virus’s global epicenter, governor...

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