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Google’s search tweaks will help prioritize quality websites in results

The update will prove especially helpful for results relating to online educational materials, shopping, arts and entertainment, and tech-related content. Google announced Thursday a series of updates meant to better prioritize quality websites in search results, helping users find more reliable sources.Read Full Story

Cameo re-introduces live video calls in a bid to boost business

The celebrity shout-out platform is doubling down on live video as part of the company’s “Cameo 2.0” strategy. Cameo is ready to go live again.Read Full Story

IRS gives teacher tax break for school supplies, but it’s hardly enough

The IRS is giving educators (a little) tax break for unreimbursed books, supplies, and other materials. While students and parents may be excited about back-to-school season, this time of year can be particularly stressful for those working in the education system. On top of being wildly underpaid, faculty responsible for a student’s education, development,...

It’s not just Big Tech: The list of companies with hiring freezes and layoffs is likely to grow

The vast majority of small businesses are planning to implement hiring freezes during the economic downturn, according to a new survey from Fiverr. The majority of Americans—70%, in fact—believe that a recession is imminent. Small business owners are no exception. According to a new study of over 1,000 small business owners from freelance platform...

Doctors are drinking on the job at alarming rates, according to a new survey of healthcare workers

We’re in the midst of a mental health crisis, and that includes your healthcare providers. Some doctors refuse help out of fear of losing their licenses. In December, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy declared that we’re in a youth mental health crisis. What he neglected to mention is that we’re also in a healthcare provider mental health crisis. According...

How this Dutch design convinces residents to swap car parking for bike racks

A ‘fietsvlonder,’ or bicycle platform, lets a neighborhood trial the change from car parking to bike parking to get used to the switch—and see if there’s a demand—before it’s made permanent. A parking spot for a single car can hold as many as 10 bikes—but it’s often a challenge for a city to convince drivers that it’s okay to relinquish car parking...

5 ways to spot a bully boss during a job interview

Look out for these subtle signs when interviewing. No one wants a boss who is a bully. One of the main reasons people leave a job is because they have a bad manager. Unfortunately, the drastic changes that happened in the workplace during the pandemic may have created more toxic bosses.Read Full Story

When you shop at certain stores with this debit card, you earn fractional shares of that business

With the TAB Flow card, a purchase at McDonald’s or Walmart gives you a little bit of that company’s stock. It’s meant to be a foot in the door for people historically shut out of investing. Only 58% of Americans own stock, and the wealthiest 10% of Americans now own 89% of all stocks—a record high. The disparity tracks along socioeconomic and racial...

Will Banana Republic ever be forced to change its name?

As many companies have changed their names in response to customer outrage, one of the country’s most popular fashion brands has continued to use its branding with little pushback. Why? The last two-plus years have seen a broad reckoning for companies with racist names and logos, many of which have responded by rebranding. Aunt Jemima changed its name....

‘Bioconstruction’ will build homes out of flowering, 3D-printed dirt

Scientists have figured out how to build living structures out of extruded soil. The walls of your home usually need to be spruced up with paint or some art, but one day they may be teeming with life instead.Read Full Story

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