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Reports: Antivirus pioneer John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison

McAfee, the antivirus software creator, was facing extradition to the U.S. for tax evasion. He was 75. John McAfee, the 75-year-old creator of the antivirus software that bears his name, was found dead in a Spanish prison cell Wednesday in what Spanish officials say is an apparent suicide, multiple wire services are reporting.Read Full Story

IRS child tax credit: Do I need to pay it back? Should I opt out? Your questions answered

The CTC portal is open, monthly checks are set to begin in July, but the advance payments are still causing much confusion. We’ll try to sort it out. The new child tax credit is complicated. Which children? Credit on what? Taxes change how? If you still have lingering questions (and you probably do), here are a few things to know.Read Full Story

Meet India Walton, the political newcomer who could become Buffalo’s first female mayor

Tuesday’s mayoral primary ended with a stunning upset for the city’s four-term Democratic mayor. In Buffalo, New York, Tuesday’s mayoral primary ended with a stunning upset for the city’s four-term Democratic mayor Byron Brown, who lost the race to a political newcomer running her first campaign.Read Full Story

Want a stronger relationship? Blame the pandemic for your problems, not your partner

Couples can benefit from the mutual encouragement that comes with shifting blame to larger world events, a new study has found. Psychologists have long noticed a funny quirk about romantic relationships: During high-stress crises like hurricanes and wars, romantic relationships can sometimes improve. This seems counterintuitive, and now new research...

Columbia University researchers say gray hair is caused by stress—and it can be reversed

“Human aging is not a linear, fixed biological process,” says the coauthor of a new study. If you’ve seen the before-and-after photos of U.S. presidents, you know that job stress likely causes gray hair. Modern presidents from Lyndon Johnson to George W. Bush to Barack Obama have entered Pennsylvania Avenue with dark heads of hair only to depart in...

‘NASA Tide’ will be the first-ever laundry detergent for astronauts

New laundry innovations for space should make life more pleasant for astronauts who now have to reuse underwear for a week—and could have benefits for laundry back on earth, as well. We all know that person who can’t pack light for a short trip. That person who’ll pay to check their bag because they’ve hauled a dozen shirts and pants, a fresh set for...

We hire the formerly incarcerated—and it’s the key to our success

Each year, more than 600,000 people transition out of prisons and back into society and, for many, real opportunities to rebuild their lives are hard to find. This company and its nonprofit are working to change that. When Michael Taylor, a Cincinnati native, left prison in 2010 after serving time for breaking and entering and burglary, he was committed...

How Assassin’s Creed is bolstering tourism in Ireland, Italy, and beyond

Video games are all about escaping from reality. Now they’re being used to market real-life escapes. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the newest addition to the long-running Ubisoft gaming franchise. Released in 2020, it takes place in 872 to 878 AD and revolves around a fictional story set during the Viking invasion of Britain. Players control Eivor Varinsdottir,...

Lego just figured out how to build its specialized bricks out of recycled plastic

A single one-liter bottle can be recycled into material for around 10 standard two-by-four Lego bricks. Inside a lab in Billund, Denmark, down the road from a Lego factory that makes around 100 million bricks and other toy pieces every day, dozens of materials scientists and engineers are working on one of Lego’s biggest challenges—how to make its...

A fascinating design history of the filing cabinet

The new paper-storage system was part of a reimagining of office space, emphasizing the order and productivity of American capitalism. Just like the skyscraper. To be vertical is to be upright, positioned at a right angle to the horizon. Therefore, to think about the vertical is to consider the organization of space and to think about organization...

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