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Testogen Review – Next Gen Testosterone Booster?

Verdict of the Product In our in-depth Testogen review, we explain how we found that Testogen is, in fact, one of the leading testosterone boosters available in the market today. The product uses an impressive combination of natural ingredients to make sure that your testosterone level becomes significantly improved. But also does not stop there, it...

Blackberries: A Home Remedy for a Stomach Ache

As a child growing up my parents were always into home remedies instead of taking their kids to the doctors. They didn’t have much belief in the traditional practice of medical doctors. I never even went to the doctors until I was an adult and moved out of the house. I was born in a house in Independence, MO and was delivered by a mid wife. This mid...

Physicians should think twice about promoting medical credit cards to their patients

Consumers use credit cards to pay for everything (including the kitchen sink), and the latest trend has people using medical credit cards to pay for healthcare services. But financial experts are warning practices about the pitfalls of promoting so-called medical credit cards to their patients, says the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Trump administration issues proposed rule to expand short-term insurance plans

A proposed rule issued by three federal agencies on Tuesday would expand limits for short-term health insurance plans from three months to 12 months. CMS's Seema Verma dismissed concerns that the policy shift would destabilize the individual market by siphoning off healthy individuals, arguing the change will have "virtually no impact" on ACA premiums.

Under Trump, HHS rolls back policies aimed at protecting LGBT rights

Though President Donald Trump promised to support LGBT causes during the 2016 campaign, under his watch the Department of Health and Human Services had rolled back several initiatives aimed at protecting the rights of that population. New HHS Secretary Alex Azar could take the department in a different direction.

Study: Community navigators can reduce the high cost of 'superusers' in hospital settings

"Superusers," those costly patients who utilize high levels of hospital care, are a significant burden on the healthcare system. But a new study suggests that pairing them with community navigators can reduce their use of hospital services. Researchers in Tennessee found that the intervention reduced their healthcare encounters by 39%.

Patients lack information about imaging exams, study finds

Doctors can do a better job providing patients with information before they go for an imaging exam, a new study found. One in five patients shows up for an imaging exam without any information about the test they are about to undergo, according to the study published in Radiology.

Most for-profit hospitals will benefit from U.S. tax overhaul, but 2 big-name providers stand to gain the most

Most for-profit hospitals stand to gain from the changes to the U.S. tax laws, according to a new Moody’s Investors Service report. But HCA Healthcare and Universal Health Service will be the biggest beneficiaries and could see their operating cash flows go up by 10% or more.

North Carolina attorney general seeks more details on Atrium Health-UNC Health Care merger 

North Carolina's attorney general is asking Atrium Health and UNC Health Care to provide more information on their merger plans. AG Josh Stein said he intends to ensure that the planned merger doesn't increase patient costs.

5 medical conditions that cost more than $15K per hospital stay

Heart valve disorders lead the list of the most expensive medical conditions with the highest average cost per inpatient stay, according to an analysis by Business Insider based on 2016 data from Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project. Heart valve disorders, on average, cost $41,878 per stay, the analysis found.

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