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California Skincare Brand Goes Ocean Positive

Malibu-based Osea is working with SeaTrees, a local non-profit specializing in conservation and restoration of marine environments, to look after three marine ecosystems, one on its doorstep and two across the world. It is, what founder Melissa Palmer, a step towards being 'Ocean Positive.'

Eight Ad Campaigns That Taught These Entrepreneurs Valuable Lessons

There are some campaigns that truly stick with an audience—be it a niche group or even an entire generation.

Strategies For Mastering The Art Of Getting Started

No matter what you want to do—start a company, write a book, launch a podcast—you must develop one fundamental skill: the art of getting started.

Lead Generation: How To Create And Execute A Successful Strategy

Having several lead generation strategies in place is much more effective than having just one.

Finding The Use Case: Techstars London Teams Up With Polygon To Launch A Web3 Accelerator

TechStars London's latest accelerator is focused entirely on Web3, with cryptocurrencies, blockchain and NFTs at the fore and Polygon playing a leading role. Managing Director Saalim Chowdhury tells Trevor Clawson that the UK could become a global hub

Microcoaching: The Next Generation Of Personal Development

Microcoaching is an alternative to traditional coaching, consisting of smaller and more frequent questions, guidance and assistance. Rather than scheduling hour-long calls or face-to-face meetings, microcoaching might involve a short chat every few days, or the exchanging of texts or voice notes.

7 TED Talks To Change How We Look At Ourselves

It’s always a good idea to step back and take stock of our lives. These seven TED Talks can help you see things from a different perspective and maybe even spark some necessary changes.

4 Website Errors Your Company Can’t Afford To Make

These are the common mistakes companies make with their websites and how they can go about fixing them.

Eight Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Become A More Successful, Fulfilled Leader

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, there are a number of small changes you can make that can have a major impact on your overall fulfillment and happiness.

What’s The True Cost Of Your Food? True Price Incorporates Social And Environmental Impact

A Netherlands-based organization aims to reduce food insecurity and shape a sustainable global economy through a pricing system that incorporates the external costs of production and encourages a more equitable way of life.

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