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Sticky Glue And Devambez Luxury Rolling Papers Perfect Combination

“We are a small start up team and we just launched so your support really means everything to us! If you like this product it would be awesome if you could tell at least one friend... "sure I can"

Marea: The New Female-Founded Start-Up For PMS And Women’s Health

There is no need to suffer from debilitating PMS symptoms anymore. Support your needs as a menstruator and find your 'Flow State' with the newly launched nutritionally-based dissolvable multi-vitamin elixir from Marea.

How To Future-Proof Your Business For The New Capitalism

As demographics shift, purpose-driven businesses are thriving. Recent research shows companies focusing on multiple stakeholders increasingly reap the benefits. Certifying as a B Corporation effectively embeds stakeholder governance into companies’ DNA, preparing them for the future.

The Future Of Climate Research? Value All Forms Of Knowledge

Melanie Marcel, founder of SOScience, is pushing the scientific community to open up to all forms of knowledge and unlikely alliances.

Why Small Firms Are Vital For Post-Lockdown Recovery

Upgrade: Closing the digital gap and lifting productivity for SME reveals that if the 1.1m micro businesses (0-9 employees) in the U.K. doubled their uptake of key digital technologies, the U.K. economy would get a £16.6bn boost.

How To Create A Brand That Attracts Luxury Buyers

When creating a brand that will attract luxury buyers, it’s important to look to other brands who have done it well, and learn from them. Across the board, these brands know their target customer and how to serve them in a way that feels like a five star experience.

Meet Tinie Tempah: His Journey, Businesses, And Why He Is Giving Back

Tinie Tempah's story about his upbringing, how he thinks about business and why he wants to give back

Project Blu Turns Fishing Net Into Eco-Chic Pet Products

Project Blu will launch its new ‘ghost fishing net’ collection made of recycled gear in September 2020.

The Right Way To Talk With Your Team

There’s a lot that goes into building a team: hiring the right people for key jobs, surrounding those people with yet more hires, and creating an organization to maximize efficiency.

Top 8 Things You Should Know As A Creditor In Bankruptcy

While the first three are grabbing all of the headlines, there is a greater likelihood that your company has done business with one of the 500 smaller companies that have filed for reorganization.

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