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Dear Asian Americans Podcaster On The Importance Of AAPI Electorate & Fallacy Of Black-Asian Divide

Jerry Won, founder and CEO of Just Like Media, speaks with Ali Jackson-Jolley on "Forbes Talks" about the growing power of the AAPI community, and the importance of intersectionality within his community and beyond.

Wed Dec 6, 2023 19:27
Decoding Bezos: Brilliant Or Lucky? 4 Key Insights For Ventures & Angels

Jeff Bezos invested $250,000 in Google in a very-early round because he liked the entrepreneurs — Page and Brin. What lessons should entrepreneurs and angels learn?

Wed Dec 6, 2023 18:25
6 Giveaway Signs Of ChatGPT-Generated Content

ChatGPT has a signature style. Before you read or create using the popular AI tool, get to know its characteristics. Don't be fooled and don't give yourself away.

Wed Dec 6, 2023 15:09
Europe’s Deeptech Funding Hampered by Lack Of Understanding

Deeptech startups in Britain and Europe require investor support but lack of knowledge and skills shortages are among the factors restraining the flow of funds

Wed Dec 6, 2023 12:40
From The Drybar Founder: Here's How The Multimillion Dollar Business Started

Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar, joins "Forbes New Money" to reflect on her journey from being a college dropout and stay-at-home mom to selling her company, Drybar, for $255 million.

Tue Dec 5, 2023 22:39
Dr. Heavenly's University Offers A New Perspective: 'Marketing Is A Major Part Of African American Dentistry Practices Being Successful'

Rosemarie Miller and Dr. Heavenly Kimes discuss household values, what inspired her to pursue dentistry, and what's next for her career.

Tue Dec 5, 2023 22:39

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