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Melania Trump Tweets About ‘BE BEST’ Legacy, After Twitter Suspended President’s Account

Will Dr. Jill Biden be continuing the First Lady's signature initiative? Well, Dr. Biden has already announced that one of her initiatives will be reviving “Joining Forces,”

Here’s Why Some People Say They Hear Dead People

Spiritualist mediums might be more prone to immersive mental activities and unusual auditory experiences early in life, according to new research.

HHS Regulations With Enduring Impact On Pricing And Reimbursement Of Medical Services And Technologies

Under Secretary Azar and Administrator Verma’s stewardship, HHS and CMS have pursued an ambitious policy agenda on transparency, drug pricing, and medical device reimbursement, one the Biden Administration is unlikely to abandon.

Documentary Calls Out Stereotypes, Issues Urgent Call-To-Action For A Black Male Physician Pipeline

The documentary "Black Men in White Coats" advocates for a stronger Black male physician pipeline to better serve Black communities and reduce healthcare disparities. Many of the top medical schools will show the film and facilitate conversation that may lead to change.

What India Can Learn From Covid-19 To Build A Healthier Nation

With the Covid-19 incidence declining over the past few weeks, and with the launch of an ambitious vaccination campaign, 2021 could be a better year for India. But only if the country learnt from the experience of Covid-19 and addressed some big gaps in it’s health system, say experts.

Rand Paul Says ‘Throw Your Mask Away’ After Covid-19 Vaccination, Don’t Do That

Here is why you should continue to wear face masks after recovering from a Covid-19 coronavirus infection or getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Rate Of Black Americans Getting Vaccinated Significantly Lower Than Rate Among Whites

“If we don’t vaccinate the population that’s highest-risk, we’re going to see even more disproportional deaths in Black and brown communities.”

Can SARS-CoV-2 Become Even More Troublesome Than The UK And South African Variants?

We are rapidly learning how SARS-CoV-2 mutates to create variants with new characteristics. In a preprint published on January 11, scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science describe an experiment in which they attempt to mimic what occurs naturally.

How Safe Are Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccines? Here’s The Allergic Reaction Risk

A CDC report indicated that there were 21 cases of anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions) out of 1,893,360 people who had received first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

12 Most Common Questions About Covid Mutations And Vaccines

I’m getting asked a lot of questions about the vaccines and the new mutant strains of virus and thought I’d share the top questions I’ve received, as well as explain what we know and don’t know yet.

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