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Women Who Live Healthy Lifestyles May Reduce Their Risk Of Long Covid By Half, Study Suggests

Between eight and 23 million Americans suffer from long Covid.

Cigna Profits Top $1 Billion With One Million New Health Plan Members Forecast For 2023

Cigna reported nearly $1.2 billion in fourth quarter 2022 net income and forecasts the addition of "at least" 1.2 million new medical customers in 2023.

How Covid-19 Vaccines May Affect Your Menstrual Cycle, Here’s What Studies Say

Studies have shown a temporary lengthening of their menstrual cycles can occur after Covid-19 vaccination.

How We Can Make Progress Fixing Some Of The World’s Biggest Challenges

To move the ball forward and truly make our world a better place to call home in 2023 and beyond, we must put our minds, power and money toward solving longstanding global problems and challenges left unresolved last year.

Australia The First Nation To Approve The Legal Use Of MDMA And Psilocybin

Psychedelic drugs are at last being recognized by governments around the world as potentially life-saving medicines.

Experts Recommend New Limits On Dangerous Gain-Of-Function Research: Now What?

This past week, a government-appointed panel of scientists released a new report recommending 13 things the government should do to control “gain-of-function” research that has the potential to create deadly new pathogens. Will any of these new ideas be adopted? We'll see.

How Covid-19 Vaccines May Affect Your Menstrual Cycle, Periods

With so much bloody misinformation out there, it's a good time to cycle back and do a "period piece" on what real scientific studies have said to date.

CH.1.1 ‘Orthrus’: How Concerning Is This New Covid-19 Subvariant?

The CH.1.1 Omicron subvariant now comprises about 10% of all the Covid-19 samples around the world.

In Potential Breakthrough, Dutch Study Shows How Use Of a “DNA Medication Pass” Can Significantly Reduce Adverse Events

Researchers at the Leiden University Medical Center developed a “DNA medication pass” that connects a patient’s genetic profile to drugs of which it’s been shown that metabolic processing is influenced by DNA. Scanning the pass enables doctors to know what a patient's optimal medication dose is.

How’s Your Congress Rep Doing? New Dashboard Shows Key Health Measures In 435 Districts

This Congressional District Health Dashboard (CDHD) can help you get better idea of how your Congressperson is actually doing.

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