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Cancel Student Loans Would Benefit This Group More Than Anyone Else

Will you get student loan forgiveness?

OPEC Plus Agrees To Ramp Up Production By 500,000 Barrels Per Day Starting January, Ending Bitter Standoff In Bid To Save Oil Prices

Oil prices have jumped 20% in the past month alone--after a historic plunge this spring.

Top Consumer Stocks For December

While all the buzz of late has been vaccine news, covid cases, and stimulus, people are forgetting that it’s the holiday season. This is the best time of year for consumer stocks, and we had our AI identify the top 10 consumer stocks rated Top Buy.

What About Gen Z

Gen Z may never own a car and 9/11 is something they learned about in history class, not something that shaped their world viewpoint like the millennial generation.

After Sweeping The Elections, What Comes Next For Cannabis?

An assessment of cannabis legislation under the Biden administration and incoming Congress.

McConnell Says Stimulus Compromise Is ‘Within Reach’ As Schumer Criticizes Partisan Posturing

A $908 billion bipartisan proposal now has the support of Democratic leadership and a number of Republicans, but McConnell is not on board.

2 UK Shares You Should Buy In December And Hold For Years

These top stocks could soar in value in December. Here's why I'd buy them today and hold them for years.

Top Stocks To Buy Today As Jobless Claims Improve And Markets Rise

Markets rose on Thursday after jobless claims from last week came in at much better than expected figures. For investors looking to make the most of this market, our deep learning algorithms have crunched the data to give you a set of Top Buys.

DoorDash: The Most Ridiculous IPO Of 2020

At a valuation of $25.4 billion, DoorDash earns an unattractive rating and would be the most ridiculous IPO of 2020.

Biden Endorses Stimulus Package Without Student Loan Forgiveness

What this could mean for his plan to cancel student loans.

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