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Can Sangamo Therapeutics Stock Rebound After A 17% Drop Following Q4 Miss?

The stock price of Sangamo Therapeutics, a biotechnology company that focuses on multiple areas in the genomic medicine space, including gene therapy, cell therapy, in vivo genome editing, and in vivo genome regulation, has seen a 17% drop over the last ten trading days, while it’s down 11%...

Procter & Gamble Stock Could Jump 20%

Up only around 25% from its low in March 2020, at the current price of $123 per share, we believe Procter & Gamble stock has significant upside potential. P&G stock has increased from $98 to $123 off the recent bottom, much less than the S&P which increased by around 70% from its lows...

High Activity Stock: AMC Entertainment Holdings Still Overvalued?

AMC Entertainment Holdings stock (NYSE: AMC) has increased almost 3.5x from its April 2020 lows. AMC Entertainment Holdings – the biggest movie theater chain – has the largest share of the US theater market, ahead of Regal and Cinemark Holdings. AMC stock increased from $2.10 to $8.50 off its...

Best Buy’s Stock To Rebound After A 12% Drop In Five Days?

Best Buy’s (NYSE: BBY) stock, a specialty retailer of consumer electronics, home-office products, entertainment software, appliances, and related services, has declined by almost 12% over the last five trading days and currently stands at around $100. The market seemed to react downward to the...

Does Harley-Davidson Stock Have Upside At $36?

At the current price of $36, Harley-Davidson’s stock has moderate upside in the near term. Harley-Davidson, a global motorcycle manufacturer saw its stock rise by 5.6% from 2018 to now, compared to the S&P 500 which has gained 54% since the end of 2018. The company has seen revenues falling in...

Billionaires Profit During Pandemic While Masses Suffer

18 months after that bold statement of purpose by the BRT, talk of stakeholder capitalism is pervasive, but action is nearly absent.

17 Million Won’t Get Stimulus Checks—Expect The Same For Student Loan Cancellation

Will your student loans get cancelled?

Pre-Payrolls Selloff: Fed Remarks Send Treasury Yield Above 1.5% And Nasdaq-100 Into Correction Mode

Though a few sectors and the overall market did come back toward the end of the session, there doesn’t feel like a lot of positive momentum going into Friday. Instead, the employment report early tomorrow will likely tell the tale of where we go next.

Dow Plunges Nearly 700 Points After Powell’s Speech Fails To Ease Investor Worries

The Fed chair said recently rising bond yields were "notable" and caught his attention–a worrying sign for investors concerned over sky-high valuations.

‘Not At All Likely’ U.S. Will Reach Maximum Employment This Year: Fed Chair Powell

But he’s optimistic things will pick up in the months ahead.

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