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Social Security’s Government Pension Offset (GPO)-A Common Sense Explanation

This article deals with the second provision that may limit the amount of Social Security benefit you are eligible to receive if are you a public sector/civil service employee under (STRS, PERS, CSRS, Railroad Retirement, etc.).

Nikola Sticks To Go-To-Market Plan For Battery, Hydrogen Trucks In Wake Of Fraud Allegations

The CEO and chairman say the startup remains on track with plans to sell heavy-duty, zero-emission vehicles starting in late 2021 and has enough money to fund operations for at least a year.

Possible China Probe, DOJ Case, Adds To String Of Antitrust Actions Against Google

Google may face antitrust action both from both China and the U.S. DOJ next month.

Feadship Designers Unveil Plans For Four Incredible Next Generation Superyachts

As part of its latest initiative, Feadship Unveils, the Dutch shipyard is revealing a series of yacht concepts that showcase the skill and imagination of its team, while encouraging the industry to think outside the box when creating the next generation of vessels.

Neglected Crops Could Be The Global Solution For Food Insecurity

Globally, an over-reliance on a few staple crops, namely maize, wheat and rice, has resulted in limited dietary diversity— causing malnutrition, environmental degradation and health crises. There is an opportunity for neglected and orphan crops to be the drivers of food systems change.

‘Clothing Care’ And ‘Shoe Butlers’— This Is What The Car Cabin Of The Future Could Look Like

The car of the future looks a lot like your living room.

Everything Google Announced Including Pixel 4A 5G, Pixel 5, Google TV, Chromecast, Nest Audio

Google released a googolplex of new consumer hardware and software services today. Here’s a rundown ...

How The Las Vegas Aces Completed A Game 5 Comeback And Made The WNBA Finals

The Las Vegas Aces played their brand of basketball and were able to give the ball to the best player in the series to push them through to the WNBA Finals.

FIFA’s New Eligibility Rules Could Be A Game Changer For Small Nations

A change in FIFA eligibility rules might not set off many fireworks across the footballing world, but as nations around the globe name their squads for the next round of international fixtures, the alterations announced last week could have sweeping effects for smaller nations.

What If The Covid-19 Vaccine Is A Late Arrival?

Hope I’m wrong on deep skepticism about the world’s resolution of the pandemic at hand. Too tough to call, as yet. Premature to be a stock picker in a pricey market that’s discounting the healthcare solution by yearend.

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