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Game Composers and the Importance of Themes: Repetition in Game Music (Pt. 2) - by Winifred Phillips

The second installment of a five-part article series based on game composer Winifred Phillips' presentation during the GDC 2020 online conference. Session was entitled "From Assassin's Creed to The Dark Eye: The Importance of Themes."

Gamer response to TLOU2’s accessibility - by Ian Hamilton

The Last Of Us 2 is a landmark moment for game accessibility, resulting in an outpouring of emotion from all across the community. I've pulled together a few examples.

3 Fading Trends of this Gaming Generation at Ubisoft Forward Event - by Daniel Camilo

Looking at the recent Ubisoft Forward event, we can see major fading gaming trends of this generation highlighted: open-world, games-as-a-service, and battle royale.

I working at my own pc title game ! Turn based strategy game, colize and conquer the Earth! - by Alexander Orlovsky

Indie game experience out of Germany!

Video Game Trends During Pandemic and Beyond - by Starloop Studios

In contrast to many other economic sectors that are drastically affected by the pandemic, the video game industry has generally been more resilient to the pandemic.

13 Free Tools to Develop and Manage a Game as a Remote Team - by Christian Kasilag

Having a good set of tools for your remote team to communicate and stay organized with is more important than ever. My team has worked together remotely for over 2 year now - these are the free tools we use and have had success with.

The surprising way that paid DLC works - by Simon Carless

So, paid DLC - new levels, modes, etc - specifically those made for PC games on Steam. It's way better for devs than you think, and here's why!

Improving Narrative Accessibility - by Alex Driml

Games stories are getting increasingly intricate, and are often a core selling point of a game. Yet games don't usually provide players with tools needed to follow a story. What problems get in the way of narrative accessibility and how do we solve them?

Money or Passion? How to Become an Indie Entrepreneur - by Harry Florencio

If you want to be making games for decades ahead, there's no point in choosing between creating things you love or making enough money to sustain your studio. You need a system, a framework to do both successfully. Let's talk about that!

Spilt Milk Devlog 03 - behind the scenes on Super Doom Wall, Crayta & Stadia - by Andrew Smith

A look back at the past month for Spilt Milk Studios, including developing & launching a game, inside another game, on Stadia.

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