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The IAP Merchandising Playbook, Part 2: Visual Hierarchy - by Matthew Emery

When viewing visual elements, our eyes naturally gravitate to certain features. By being deliberate in how we structure information, we can guide the userâs experience and streamline their purchase decision. With lots of examples!

Should Gamers Become Developers? - by Berke Erem

Fobula Games founder Berke Erem explores the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a full-time game developer as a gamer. The article is meant for indie studio founders and professionals as well as hobbyists considering a career switch.

One Year Into the Pandemic - by Chelsea Blasko

This is a reflective piece from Iron Galaxy's Co-CEO Chelsea Blasko about growth and lessons learned, one year later since the start of the pandemic.

Hacking Stronger Enums Into GML - by GameMaker Studio

GameMaker users might be familiar with enums as numerical constants. They are nothing more than a âfind and replaceâ trick the compiler does for us so that we can use words as identifiers in our code, instead of memorizing numbers.

Game Dev Digest Issue #90 - Find Out What's New - by Mike Marrone

Game Dev Digest Issue #90 - Find Out What's New. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.

7 Nudges & Manipulative Techniques present in Undertale - by Mattia Podini

This brief article will highlight 7 major manipulations found inside Undertale, and how they influence the player's experience.

Composer Interview: Examining the Craft of Video Game Music Composition - by Winifred Phillips

In this partial transcript of an online Q&A, video game music composer Winifred Phillips describes her process for several projects - including Spyder, Shrek the Third, Shattered State, and Assassin's Creed Liberation.

Rendered #4: A New Reality for Epic and ML-Assisted Creativity - by Kyle Kukshtel

The latest issue of the Rendered newsletter talks about Epic's acquisition of a major photogrammetry tool, Microsoft's Hololens Army Deal, and brings a brief overview of "assisted creation" techniques and tools.

Publishing a game on Epic Games Store: Three (not so) simple steps - by Anna Plisovitskaya

Making sure your game reaches the widest audience used to be a straight-forward process: make your it available on the big digital storefronts, a few key retailers, and that was it. It all changed with Epic Games Store. How did we get there?

Why TikTok matters for game discovery - by Simon Carless

TikTok - the shortform video social app which sports hundreds of millions of MAUs worldwide - can be a boon for the right type of game. We explain how within.

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