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From start to finish: Bringing characters to life in OPUS: Echo of Starsong - by Sam Chen

2.5 years of character development pitfalls you can learn to avoid in 5 minutes.

How to make the world a better place: The true challenge of UX in video games - Part 01 - by Mickael Dell'ova

This is part 1 of 5 of an article about my vision of UX and how its role is to make the world a better place. In this part I will explain where the confusion between UI and UX comes from. Have a good read and see you tomorrow for the rest.

Silly Seance: Prototyping a mobile party game - by Chris Dugan

In the inaugural blog post for Silly Seance, creators Up at Night dive into setting goals for a new project, prototyping for mobile, and how totally tangential game jams can lead to robust and reusable network and lobby systems.

The Bull Case for Blockchain Gaming - by Ethan Levy

A veteran game designer and crypto sceptic makes a conversion to full-blown blockchain enthusiast. Here are 5 reasons that blockchain gaming can help us design better experiences for our players.

Game Dev Digest Issue #114 - Lessons Learned - by Mike Marrone

Game Dev Digest Issue #114 - Lessons Learned. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.

A restorative reading of Deathloop - by Oscar Barda

This is a restorative reading of the game Deathloop

Quick Dev Insights #01 - Indie Game Developer - James Rowbotham - by James Rowbotham

This is the first in a series of bite-sized interviews with people who work in and around the games industry, from indie to AAA.

Historian talks with Ubisoft Developer about Discovery Tour - by Bob Whitaker

Historian Bob Whitaker talks with Maxime Durand, the World Design Director of Discovery Tour for Ubisoft, about Discovery Tour: Viking Age and the Discovery Tour series more generally.

Pure Vertical Layering for Game Music Composers (From Spyder to Sackboy: GDC 2021) - by Winifred Phillips

The 3rd installment of a 6-prt series. Composer Winifred Phillips shares content from her GDC 2021 lecture, "From Spyder to Sackboy: A Big Adventure in Interactive Music." This discusses pure vertical layering examples from the Sackboy and Spyder games.

The Self-Guided Career Path - by Chelsea Blasko

Iron Galaxy's Joseph Simmons talks about mitigating burn-out and finding ways to keep employees engaged with their work. The company continues to modify process to allow their approach to expand as they've grown.

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