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How Should You Communicate with Freelance Writers?

From the first briefing to the deadline and beyond, communication is key to successfully managing freelancers. Learn top tips for communicating with freelancers, straight from the freelancers themselves.

11 Famous Graphic Designers & Artists To Follow In 2021

The field of graphic design has never looked better. Every day, artists worldwide are all bringing something new and unique to the table, enriching our collective design conscience with their work. Many legendary designers have made a lasting contribution to this industry. Sir Jonathan Ive, Rob Janoff (the Apple logo creator), and Massimo Vignelli...

How to Become a Better Illustrator: 5+ Pro Tips

Whether you’re a professional illustrator or you do it as a hobby, improving your skills and building up your portfolio go hand in hand. Being a strong illustrator is a valuable trait to have as a designer. It is perhaps the most effective way to communicate ideas from your imagination to your clients and team members. There are several ways...

A Step-by-Step Guide on Developing a SaMD Product

Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is a medical software solution that can perform one or more medical functions without any need for a device itself. SaMD applications are intended to treat or prevent diseases and are typically used with non-medical hardware connected to virtual networks. SaMD popularity is now growing, and it has become widely...

Top 8 Best Illustrator Alternatives (Free & Premium)

Top 8 Best Illustrator Alternatives (Free & Premium) Finding the best design software is not always easy, especially when many different products are available on the market. From free apps to subscription-based graphic design tools, it can seem like there are an endless amount of vector graphic software products to choose between. ...

Ultimate Reasons to Migrate from Salesforce to Magento

Even though Salesforce has proven its efficiency in terms of online business development, there are still some drawbacks, which can make you forget about the benefits of this CMS. Visit the full article and find out what they are and why migration from Salesforce to Magento will be a reasonable step.

How to Measure Marketing Effectiveness in 2021

How do you define marketing effectiveness? Is it marketing that brings traffic to your website? Is it marketing that drives leads? Maybe it’s just marketing that drives quotable leads.

Google Docs: Guide, Best Addons, and Best Practices for Content Creators

Google Docs is an online word processor that anybody can use. It is a free tool that was created back in 2006 and has been an enormous hit since. One of the things that Google Docs is largely used for is content creators. You need to know about so many different things about Google Docs, such as the best addons and the best practices if you...

Top Magento 2 Marketing Automation Extensions

There are different third-party integrations for Magento 2 stores, which aim to automate various marketing workflows. Its variety is so enormous, so you'd rather read the full article to choose from the best Magento 2 extensions.

5 Things To Stop Doing On Instagram ( The Biggest Mistakes)

hether you’re an influencer or not, there are things you just shouldn’t be doing on Instagram. Instagram has its own rules and guidelines for what not to post on the platform. But yet there are still some “unwritten rules” when it comes to using this platform. Everyone wants to grow on Instagram, but few people are willing to put effort and energy...

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