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9 Customer Service Email Templates [With Tips to Write a Good Support Email]

If done right, email marketing can be one of the most cost-effective and conversion-rich forms of digital marketing. However, attaining these results isn’t always easy. To get the best results possible, it’s essential to provide engaging and personalized content to your customers. To help you get started, we’ve curated a list of customer service email...

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Email Personalization in eCommerce

The conversion rate of an email campaign that includes generic content and inadequate segmentation of online visitors is quite low. At this point, email personalization stands out as a solution to the needs of eCommerce marketers because different acts of personalization on emails i.e. personalized subject lines increase the chances of conversion.

🚀How to Reduce Crisis-Driven Product Churn

Hey GrowthHackers community🌱 Let’s address the elephant in the room: crisis-driven product churn 🐘 It’s fair to say, business owners have been going through it a bit recently. The pandemic has pushed many businesses to edge; some have already been tipped over. Unlucky, un-socially distant companies are on course to lose a fair share of clients....

AliExpress Affiliate Program - The Effortless Way to Earn High

Earning money with AliExpress Affiliate is easier than any other mode online. The AliExpress Affiliate and AliExpress Dropshipping Program enable you to sell products from other suppliers on your store. The registration process is easy. Commission rates are as high as 50%. Know more how to reach 60 million active customers of AliExpress and...

Small moments can shape the delivery experience

A bad delivery experience leads to consumer frustration, customer complaints, bad online reviews, and customer churn. 9 Questions to improve the delivery experience ❓ How can we grow our user base and sustain this growth? ❓ How long does it take users to register after downloading the app? ❓ How long does it take for registered users...

200+ Epic eCommerce Resources for Growth

Hey everyone! My business partner & I have been working hard on making this huge collection of resources for eCommerce founders + even just for any entrepreneur, to help inspire growth. We built this whole site using the wonderful Webflow and it was a lot of fun to build! 😊 We share and curate what I believe are the BEST resources for...

React Native vs. Swift: Which One to Use for an iOS Mobile App?

You might think that choosing a technology stack for an iOS application is easy. But native app development isn’t always the best option. Read our new article to find out whether React Native or Swift is the perfect technology for building your iOS app.

Ultimate Guide: Doing Jobs to be Done customer research interviews... and what to use them for

As a consultant, I talk to a lot of founders and marketers. Whenever I feel they don't have their strategy set up right, the first question I'll ask is if they've talked to clients and prospects. If you don't do customer interviews, you'll get nowhere. And Jobs to be Done is the right framework to use for your interviews. Since I recommend...

KFC vs. Popeyes: Which brand wins on social media?

The KFC and Popeyes rivalry is dividing the fast-food world. We took a look at both brands through the lens of the social listening tool Awario to determine the ultimate winner of the SMM game.

How to Completely Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Use this comprehensive guide to ensure you've completed your Google My Business listing correctly, and optimized every possible part of GMB.

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