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What's the real story of Area 51? Jonathan Strickland joins guest host Ben Bowlin of Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, to explore the science and tech of the secret military site in TechStuff, a podcast by

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Tech News: Zuckerberg Gets Sued

The Attorney General for Washington DC has sued Mark Zuckerberg over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Airbnb shuts down rentals in China. And a Florida law that would allow politicians to sue social networks over content moderation remains blocked.See for privacy information.

The Illegal Number

Listener The Gregolas asked if I might explain The Illegal Number. What makes a number illegal? Can numbers actually be illegal? Isn't that absurd? YES!See for privacy information.

TechStuff Classic: Hack That Auto 2.0

Could your car be hacked remotely? We take a look at claims and explore the possibilities of wireless car hacking.See for privacy information.

Tech News: Google Pulls Out of Russia

Lots of news to cover today, including an update on Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, Meta is scaling back on some departments within the company, and Google's Russian subsidiary declares bankruptcy. Plus, learn how some engineers created a scientific breakthrough meant to make your burritos better.See for privacy information.

TechStuff Tidbits: 8-Bit Audio

What gives those classic video games like Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda their unique sound? We look at what makes 8-bit audio special, and why the 8-bit part isn't really the important, uh, bit.See for privacy information.

Tech News: Musk's Twitter Deal On Hold

Elon Musk says unless Twitter can prove its claim that less than 5% of all monetizable accounts are bots, the acquisition deal won't progress. A security researcher shows it's possible to unlock and start a Tesla vehicle through hacking. And how many times is your data traded online every day?See for privacy information.

Seeing and Sensing the World at Your Fingertips: Steve Grubbs, Founder and CEO, VictoryXR

Imagine a world where students can sail on a WWII Battleship, study the inner details of a cadaver, and go for a spacewalk, all while never leaving the comfort of their classroom, workplace, or home. Thanks to the connected technologies of AR, VR, and 5G available now, this type of learning is no longer a far-off dream, it’s happening now. The cross-benefits...

An Update on Autonomous Vehicles

Not all self-driving cars are made equal. We take a look at the various levels of autonomous driving and speculate on how long it might be until we have a truly autonomous car on the roads.See for privacy information.

TechStuff Classic: The Internet Kill Switch

Is there a kill switch for the Internet? Is that legal or ethical? Ben Bowlin joins the show to talk about it.See for privacy information.

Tech News: ICE ICE Surveillance

All right, stop! Collaborate and listen; ICE is back with invasive digital surveillance covering essentially all US residents. Plus the SEC is after Elon Musk (again), the EU might outlaw end to end encryption and we learn what Google has announced at its I/O event.See for privacy information.

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