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What's the real story of Area 51? Jonathan Strickland joins guest host Ben Bowlin of Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, to explore the science and tech of the secret military site in TechStuff, a podcast by

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TechStuff Tidbits: Ben Franklin and the Glass Armonica

Only Benjamin Franklin would listen to a musician playing wine glasses and think "I bet I could use technology to make this easier." And he did by inventing the Glass Armonica, an instrument that gained a peculiar reputation for producing ethereal music and . . . health problems?See for privacy information.

Tech News: A Big Week for Big Tech

Several of the major tech companies have earnings calls this week, which will tell us more about how they're doing and where we go from here. Plus, we learn more about the affects of layoffs in tech companies, a paralegal investigates DoNotPay's AI claims and how the three big companies in video games are skipping E3 this year.See

Rerun: Spoofing and Caller ID

How do scam artists disguise their phone numbers when setting up robocalls? We look at Caller ID and spoofing and learn how companies and government agencies are trying to fight back.See for privacy information.

TechStuff Classic: The Philips Story: Part Two

What happened to the Philips company during World War II? How did Philips diversify over the decades? What's next for the company?See for privacy information.

Tech News: AI Blunders and a Liquid-Metal Robot

An academic publisher says that it will not publish academic papers written by ChatGPT. Futurism uncovers more problems with CNET's use of AI to write articles. India pressures Twitter and Google to censor a BBC documentary. And researchers in Hong Kong show off a cool melting robot!See for privacy information.

TechStuff Tidbits: What is a diode?

Diodes are key components in modern electronics, but what are they and what do they do? We take a few minutes to describe diodes and their function.See for privacy information.

Tech News: A Chatbot Earns an MBA (Not Really)

A business school professor says that ChatGPT passed the final exam needed to earn an MBA. Microsoft announces a commitment to a multi-year, multibillion dollar relationship with OpenAI. And Elon Musk says that Twitter will offer an ad-free subscription level in the future. Plus more!See for privacy information.

The Story of OpenAI

With ChatGPT in the news, I thought it was high time we take a look at OpenAI -- the company behind the controversial chatbot. From its founding in 2015 to its shift to a "capped-profit" company, we look at the organization founded with the goal of creating AI that's beneficial for humanity.See for privacy information.

TechStuff Classic: The Philips Story: Part One

Who founded the electronics company Philips? Why did it nearly go bankrupt in less than five years? And who saved it?See for privacy information.

Tech News: Commanding Chatbots to Make Malware

Cybersecurity researchers discover that, with a little bullying, they could convince ChatGPT to make some nasty malware. Plus workers in Kenya suffered to make ChatGPT less toxic. Meta faces fines in the EU for WhatsApp. And Microsoft is gearing up for layoffs. Plus more.See for privacy information.

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