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Why the Polls Got It Wrong Over the UK General Election and Why It Matters

Polling before UK Election Day proved surprisingly inaccurate at predicting the final result; the British Polling Council is reportedly setting up an independent enquiry into what went wrong.

The Love Vote - How Your Partner Swings the Election

Which single individual is going to influence you in how to vote in the general election more than any other? Recent research suggests voters will be most swayed by a spouse.

How to Tell If a Politician Is Lying

There is an old joke which asks - how to tell if a politician is lying? The answer - if they are moving their lips.

Latest Psychological Research on Attraction and Infidelity Answers the Question - Can 'Eye Candy' Always be Resisted?

When it comes to infidelity it seems there are strong parallels to battling enticement in other areas of life, for example resisting fattening foods. How faithful your partner is likely to be might be predicted by their general ability to exert self-control.

The Latest Psychological Research Suggests Daydreams Hold the Secret of Happiness

No matter how gregarious you are, a substantial part of each day is typically spent with little positive social activity, and separated from close significant others, for example, being at work.

As Bill Gates is Declared the World's Richest Man (again) - Can Psychology Explain How to Become a Billionaire?

The most common subjects specialised in at University by billionaires were business (including economics, accounting, or attending an MBA program), engineering, physics, mathematics, statistics and chemistry.

Are 'Hookups' Changing the Way Men and Women View Each Other?

The authors of this latest study, published in the academic journal 'Body Image', conclude that from their results, it is difficult to say which gender was more critical in their assessment of the body of a romantic partner.

The Psychology of Valentine's Day - Who Says 'I Love You' First and Who Really Means It?

One theory as to why men in fact tend to say 'I love you' first is because men are expected to take the initiative in relationships. Also this verbal declaration may prompt women to reciprocate and commit. Perhaps men use this phrase first in a relationship as a tactic for sex.

Andy Murray, Mental Toughness and the 'Inner Game'.

Andy Murray blamed becoming distracted by Novak Djokovic's fitness problems, which emerged during the Australian Open Tennis Final. But this possibly indicates a key problem related to mental toughness - an inability to control focus during a high-stakes game. Self-control is emerging as the key to success in a variety of competitive predicaments.

As Kim Sears Is Caught Cursing on Camera, Can Psychology Answer the Question - Why Do Women Swear?

Given how common swearing is these days, why has the media become obsessed with the incident? Is it possibly something to do with the idea that it is unexpected for a woman to swear quite so much in public?

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