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Paris Jackson Does Drew Barrymore's 'Scream' Scene With Wicked Twist

The daughter of Michael Jackson promotes her role in the "Scream: Resurrection" miniseries with a nod to the petrifying past.

A Pivotal Women's World Cup Match For The United States Is An Even Bigger Deal For France

A win for France would establish it as a world power, and help bring even more attention to women's soccer at home.

Why Women Are Using A Closed Facebook Group To Find Support For Breast Pumping

More French women are turning to each other for guidance as they explore the option of pumping milk.

Notre Dame Fire Could've Been Caused By A Cigarette, Prosecutors Say

Investigators said the fire that gutted the Paris cathedral may have been started by a malfunctioning electrical system or smoldering cigarette.

James Corden's Crosswalk 'Les Miserables' In Paris Is Revolutionary

The "Late Late Show" host really got into his role as the doomed Fantine.

How An Encounter With The World's Most Famous Vagina Painting Changed My Life

An innocent trip to the museum took me on a journey I never thought I'd take -- and one I'll never forget.

Worshippers To Wear Hard Hats At Notre Dame's First Mass Since Blaze

The intimate service in the cathedral's side chapel will be limited to roughly 30 people, media included.

Donald Trump And Emmanuel Macron's Friendship Tree Is Dead, So Macron Is Sending Another

“We will send him another, it is not a tragedy," said the French president.

Why The United States Will (Or Won’t) Win The 2019 Women’s World Cup

The U.S. Women’s National Team is chasing its record fourth World Cup title this summer in France.

World Leaders Mark 75th Anniversary Of D-Day

Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump delivered speeches paying tribute to the thousands of Allied troops who landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944.

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