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Hundreds Protest Police Killing Of 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo In Chicago

Outraged by video showing the boy with his hands in the air when police shot him dead, protesters carried signs reading “CPD, stop killing our children.”

Justice Department Sues Trump Crony Roger Stone For Alleged $2 Million In Unpaid Taxes

Prosecutors say Stone and his wife shielded their income in a commercial entity and used funds they owed the IRS on a "lavish lifestyle" instead.

Mike Pompeo And Wife Violated Ethics Rules: State Dept. Watchdog

The former Secretary of State and his wife allegedly asked staffers to run personal errands, make restaurant reservations, and care for their dog.

'Incoherent': Democrats, Advocates Baffled By Biden Argument On Refugees

Historically, the U.S. has been able to work with various political situations, backlogs and surges from vulnerable populations without an issue.

FBI Interviewed FedEx Mass Shooter Last Year

Shooting suspect Brandon Scott Hole was questioned last year after his mother told police her son might attempt “suicide by cop.”

Man Picks Up And Hurls Away Rabid Bobcat In Wild Viral Footage

The animal attacked a woman on a suburban street, prompting the man's swift action.

Retired Ohio Sheriff And Tiny K-9 Partner Die The Same Day

Geauga County Sheriff Dan McClelland, 67, and his crime-fighting partner Midge, 16, both died on Wednesday.

Virginia GOP Lawmaker Used Campaign Funds To Attend ‘Stop The Steal’ Rally

Virginia state Sen. Amanda Chase (R), a candidate for governor, calls herself “Trump in heels.”

Mystery Animal In Tree Turns Out To Be Croissant

When animal rescuers in Poland showed up at the scene, they were able to nab the suspect bread-handed.

Rep. Lauren Boebert Has Most Useless Take On Mass Shootings Yet

Twitter critics slammed the gun-loving congresswoman's blazingly obvious comment after the Indianapolis massacre.

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