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Jen Psaki Says Everyone Has The Power To Respond To Texas School Massacre

The former White House press secretary weighed in on the mass shooting during an interview on "The Tonight Show."

Tucker Carlson Cooks Up Absurd New Scapegoat For Texas School Massacre

The Fox News host also said that trying to get rid of the country's guns would start a civil war.

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out 'Cowardly' Republicans By Name In Scathing Opener

Kimmel said most Americans support common-sense gun laws, but legislation has stalled “because our cowardly leaders just aren’t listening to us."

Long COVID Can Hit Vaccinated People, Older Adults At Increased Risk, Study Finds

Research in U.S. veterans provides fresh evidence that long COVID-19 can happen even after breakthrough infections following vaccination.

Fox News Offers 50 Solutions To Stop School Shootings And None Are Gun Control

A supercut shows pundits and hosts suggesting armed staff, trained students and "high" fences to deter future school shootings.

Texas Shooting Onlookers Say Police Were 'Unprepared,' Didn't Go Into School

“Let’s just rush in because the cops aren’t doing anything like they are supposed to,” one witness recalled.

Ted Cruz Flayed Over Ludicrous Idea For Preventing School Shootings

According to the Republican senator, it's the number of doors, not guns, that schools should be worried about.

CNN Host Asks GOP Rep. Why Texas Can Act Fast To Protect Embryos But Not Children

"Why can’t you protect living 10-year-olds?" Alisyn Camerota pressed state Rep. James White.

10-Year-Old Tried To Call 911 During Texas Shooting Before Being Killed

Amerie Jo Garza, a fourth-grade student at Robb Elementary School, was one of the first casualties in the May 24 shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Right-Wingers Accused A Trans Woman Of Being The Texas Shooter To Deflect Blame

Immediately following the shooting, disinformation began to spread online and was amplified by Republicans with big followings.

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