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Anish Kapoor: ‘The government is damn dangerous and a bunch of f***ing liars’

Ahead of a new retrospective, the globally famous British artist talks to Sarah Crompton about art-world capitalism, Emma Raducanu, and whether Tory attempts to control universities, museums and the BBC is a warning sign of neo-fascism

Paintings reveal what people in 1900 thought the year 2000 would look like

Lots of the ideas involve mechanized devices and flying while others, strangely, involve people interacting with marine life

Mixing It Up: Painting Today: A big, punchy, entertaining show with an unstoppably upbeat vibe

For all its feeling of freshness and youthful exuberance (evident even when the artists are in their fifties), this art isn’t coming completely out of the blue

Gene Simmons: ‘My eyesight’s good. My schmeckle works. What else do you want?’

At 72, the Kiss bassist is unveiling his debut art collection. He tells Kevin E G Perry about calling time on touring with his famous glam-rockers, what he learnt watching Andy Warhol at work and why he’ll always be a mummy’s boy

‘These are the traces of this tumult’: The precious artworks looted by the Nazis

A new exhibition on at the Jewish Museum in New York brings together over 150 artworks and artefacts, from paintings to Torah scrolls, that were seized by Nazis. Nadja Sayed speaks to its curators

The tycoon, the Royal Opera House and the controversial sale of an £11m Hockney

The inside story of how one of the cash-strapped institution’s most prized assets was auctioned off to its own board chair – who then stepped down

Sold to Hitler: What constitutes art sales under duress?

When Max Emden sold three city views to one of Hitler’s art buyers, two would later be returned while another would head to the Netherlands. But the question remains, says Catherine Hickley, who does that picture belong to?

Essex council hires security to guard Banksy-style mural

New artwork shows a boy holding a fishing rod with a blue mask attached to it

Banksy mural covered up over insensitivity fears surrounding child’s inflatable trampoline death

Local council said ‘we fully appreciate these circumstances would not have been known by the artist’

Banksy: Locals ‘appalled’ after new artwork defaced within days of appearing in Suffolk town

‘We are naturally appalled that someone has chosen to behave in such a selfish and mindless way,’ statement says

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