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Food Waste – A Big Climate Problem We Can Actually Solve

If food waste was a country, it’d be the fourth biggest for emissions. An infographic exploring the problem, visualising some UK data on the topic and sharing some solutions. We partnered with @experian to bring this data story to life. » See the visualisation » Explore the data

What can we personally do to reduce emissions?

Genuinely impactful actions, according to data. » See the visualisation » Source: ‘The climate mitigation gap’ (Wynes & Nicholas) 2017

Special Pay-What-You-Can Infographic Workshop for those in low-income countries

We’re hosting a special 4 hour version of our How to Make Impactful Infographics Workshop for those in lower-income countries on Mon 8th Nov 12pm BST. Tickets are pay-what-you-can on a sliding scale. » Find out more about the content » See the country list » Order a ticket Hopefully see you there!

How to Get the World to Netzero Carbon Emissions by 2050 – A Graphical Guide

Where our emissions come from & what needs to be be done to halve and then curtail them to #netzero by 2050. » Check out the graphic » See the data Over 1,500 pages of research, reporting, datasheets and articles condensed into one infographic. I did a lot of reading… » How to Avoid A Climate Disaster by Bill Gates (384 pages) » The...

Beautiful News book UK Edition – out today

200+ hand-crafted infographics and visualisations, surfacing positive trends, uplifting stats and creative solutions to the world’s problems. Each with their own unique dataset available online. » See some spreads » Order UK edition from Amazon or other outlets » Support local bookshops – order from UK » 60sec reaction video of...

A live unboxing our new book Beautiful News

It’s always a special/scary moment when an author sees their book for the first time. Here’s 60 seconds of me encountering mine. Direct link to the video If this sparks you at all, order or pre-order from various outlets here: » US link » UK link » Find out more details

Who Eats The Most?

A close-up, graphical look at the global food supply – how much we make, where it ends up, and just how much less we could eat. A visualisation created for New Internationalist magazine. Part of a special, wide-ranging edition around global food justice. » Check out the graphic » See the data (good luck trawling through it!)

A first look at our new book!

Announcing our new infographic mega-tome, Beautiful News, published soon by HarperCollins. Inspired by our ongoing Beautiful News project, the book surfaces and visualises the amazing, beautiful, positive things *still* happening in the world. Things we can’t always see because we’re fixated on the negativity of the news. As per our previous books,...

New infographic training seminars + pay-what-you-can event

Announcing a new season of our fun online intensives including a pay-what-you-can event for those in low-income countries: » Wed Sep 15th – UK/EU timezone » Thu Oct 21st – US timezone » Mon Nov 8th – pay-what-you-can for lower income countries (see list of nations here) Our trainings are a technicolour mix of lecture, exercises, discussion &...

Coronavirus Vaccines vs The Variants: Latest Data & Efficacy Figures

Chart aggregating vaccine efficacy & effectiveness figures against Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma variants of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus from a multitude of sources. » See the chart » Review the data Methodology We reviewed all available publications, studies, reports and news articles (as of 30th July 2021), sourcing back to original studies...

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