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Elon Musk’s $44 billion Twitter acquisition in visual context

Recent, selected, big big tech acquisitions – visualized.

Russian Gas – Who imports it? Who’s Dependent On it?

Visualising the full extent of Russia’s natural gas production & exports to understand how much the European Union is tied to Russian energy. Numbers for this chart were hard to find, scattered across various news reports and PDFs. But it clearly shows why Germany – and several other countries – will have a very difficult time weaning themselves...

Beautiful News book US Edition – out this week

200+ hand-crafted infographics and visualisations, surfacing positive trends, uplifting stats and creative solutions to the world’s problems – in handy, multi-coloured book form. The book is also full of fresh new infographic primers and visualisations which delve deeper into certain key topics. These are designed to better arm you with context and understanding when...

Ukraine-Russian War Infographics & Data Visuals

A collection of visualisations, maps and primers from around the web. We’ll keep this list updated. » Ukraine Maps: Tracking the Russian Invasion of Ukraine [New York Times] (their @nytgraphics twitter has good summaries) » Total Refugees from Ukraine, compared to other countries [Flowing Data] » Visualising the $13.6 billion US spend on Ukraine...

New Infographic Training Seminars for 2022

Announcing a new season of our fun online intensives » Tue 1st Feb 2022 – US timezone » Tue 1st Mar – UK/EU timezone » Streamable on-demand version also available. Our trainings are a technicolour mix of lecture, exercises, discussion & techniques, hosted by IIB founder and author, David McCandless. » See what participants say Learn...

Coronavirus Most (and Least) Effective Treatments & Drugs

Visualising 28 currently-touted treatments for COVID-19, their evidence level and effectiveness. Or lack of. Main source: this excellent resource from the New York Times, plus Johns Hopkins (PDF), The Lancet and others. » See the interactive visualisation » Review the data

Most Beautiful News of the Year

21 positive trends & amazing achievements from 2021 you may not have read about – in one interactive graphic. » See the graphic » part of our Beautiful News project

Novels of the Year, Fiction Everyone Should Read, Best Dataviz Books

Our ‘consensus clouds’ gather data from major best-of lists & book polls and visualise the highly rated. » Best Novels of the Year (data) » Novels Everyone Should Read (data) » Best Dataviz Books » More graphics about arts & culture

Every Country is the Most Beautiful at Something

We found something positive, progressive or awesome for nearly every single country. The first to do something beautiful…the most excellent…or just the world leader for something “nice!”. » See what beautiful thing your country can be celebrated for » Check out the data for the full nation list & extra factoids » Play with the fun interactive...

Food Waste – A Big Climate Problem We Can Actually Solve

If food waste was a country, it’d be the fourth biggest for emissions. An infographic exploring the problem, visualising some UK data on the topic and sharing some solutions. We partnered with @experian to bring this data story to life. » See the visualisation » Explore the data

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