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Cortana for Android Receives A Fresh New Look, Comes to The UK

Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana is making more strides on open sourced Android platform, showing the UK some love. According to Microsoft, the new appearance the app now boasts at equals a year of lessons learned from users feedback. While previously adhering to a dark theme perhaps intentionally alluding to Windows 10 colors, the new theme

Android Improves Downloading Speed Of App Updates, Saves You Money

Using a new update approach, Android developers managed to significantly reduce updates in size. The new update method called File-by-File-patching, licensed under open source Apache License, is now able to make app updates 65% smaller on average and in some cases even more than 90% smaller. The way the new method works is basically thus:

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter & YouTube Partner to Fight Online Terrorists

Giant Internet and software companies are joining forces to combat global terrorism. In a recent news post made by Facebook today, the company has announced a strategic partnership with other 3 Internet and computing giants: Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube for the purpose of fighting online terrorist content. “There is no place for content that promotes

Google Starts Rolling Out Android Nougat Update 7.1.1, Which Devices Will Receive It?

The latest and greatest from Google’s Android department is being released to the masses starting today. Originally meant to be distributed as the 7.1 update, the extra “.1” (7.1.1) teaches us that this update not only includes the new features planned from the beginning but also a patch which fixes newly found bugs in the

This Is Kodi’s Brand New Web-Interface Chosen By Default

A shiny new Web-interface integrated into Kodi by default will make you want to actually start using it. Aside from introducing us a beautiful new user interface, the 17th version of Kodi, code-named “Krypton”, also features a brand new Web-interface selected by default. If you’ve never heard about the Web-interface feature existing in Kodi before,...

Installing Flatpak Apps Is Now Integrated Into GNOME Software, Sort Of

From now on, Linux users who wish to install their favorite apps, distributed as Flatpak apps, could do so with no more than a couple of clicks. In an effort to make the installation of Flatpak apps more streamlined and simple for the end user, GNOME developer Richard Hughes has integrated Flatpak support into GNOME

Facebook Presents: Instant Games – Play Without Install

A new feature is becoming gradually available on Facebook’s News Feed and Messenger. Starting today, Facebook releases a new gaming experience that makes it possible for users “to easily discover, share, and play games without having to install new apps”. The feature, called Instant Games (IG), offers some of the most notorious game titles used

KDE Releases Marble Maps 1.0 For Android Mobile Platform

The first stable version of KDE’s Marble Maps app is now available to install on Android devices. To help find your way around or to explore the world down to a city and street level view, Marble Maps is an open source app made by the KDE community. The app which was already available on

Unix Operating System Evolution Is Now Available As A Repository On GitHub

Unix enthusiasts and particularly people who are looking to learn more about the evolution of Unix are now able to explore it in a way that’s never been done before. A unique and interesting project, by Greek professor Diomidis D. Spinellis, has showed up on GitHub recently. The project, simply called Unix History Repository (UHR),

Give In To The Dark Side: Shadow Icon Theme For Linux

If your looking to freshen up your desktop a little bit, a new icon set is probably the best place to start. Shadow icon theme is an extensive pack of icons containing more than 700+ app icons and 1000+ system icons. Even some of the scarcest apps such as xmgrace and xcrysden are covered by it.

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