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Timeline of Texas school shooting: 126 minutes of terror

Authorities say Salvador Ramos, 18, started the rampage by shooting his 66-year-old grandmother at her home in Uvalde before arriving at the school.

Beto O'Rourke interrupts news conference, tells Texas governor: 'This is on you!'

A day after the deadly shooting at a Texas school, former U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke confronts political rival Greg Abbott, demanding more gun control.

Column: A Latino on Latino mass shooting. What now?

When I found out that the person who killed 19 fourth-graders and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas, was named Salvador Rolando Ramos, my stomach dropped.

FDA acknowledges slow response, 'suboptimal' decisions leading up to infant formula shortage

Sluggish response and questionable decisions by the Food and Drug Administration exacerbated the nation's infant formula shortage, officials say.

Nicholas Goldberg: "We have to act," says Biden. But he's said that before. And the likelihood is slim

The Constitution may be the biggest obstacle to meaningful gun control, and in this environment, amending the Constitution is virtually impossible.

Column: 'What are we doing?' After the Texas school shooting, Sen. Chris Murphy speaks for us all

After 21 people, including 19 children, are shot to death at a school, this country must decide if it accepts a culture of self-imposed mass murder.

Column: Texas school shooting was 'incomprehensible'? No, it's just another day in America

Since the slaughter at Sandy Hook, Congress hasn't addressed the gun violence epidemic. Now in Texas more are dead.

Texas school shooting: All 19 children, 2 adults killed in single classroom

The gunman who killed 19 children and two teachers at a Texas elementary school barricaded himself inside a fourth-grade classroom, officials say.

Podcast: L.A. mayoral candidates debate homelessness

Homelessness is a huge issue in this year's elections in Los Angeles. We invite three of the top mayoral candidates to discuss the matter.

Newsom castigates GOP over gun policy after Texas school shooting: 'Inaction is a choice'

Gov. Gavin Newsom's dispatches were among a sea of calls on Twitter for stronger gun restrictions in the U.S. after the deadly shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

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