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Photos: Tokyo Olympics officially starts with a made-for-TV opening ceremony

A look at some of the biggest moments from the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony from Times photographers Robert Gauthier and Wally Skalij.

Trump ally Thomas Barrack released on $250-million bail

Thomas J. Barrack Jr., also a prominent L.A. investor, awaits trial on charges of obstruction of justice and acting as an agent of the United Arab Emirates.

Tokyo Olympics: Diverse faces are representing Japan. Does it reflect real change?

Can diverse athletes representing Japan push the society toward acceptance and inclusion?

Oregon communities struggle to control the Bootleg fire, the largest blaze in the U.S.

Rural Oregon communities accustomed to big blazes have been taken aback by the unpredictability of the Bootleg fire, currently the largest in the U.S.

Lebanon's people line up in 'queues of humiliation' as their country unravels

Shortages of basic goods have hit Lebanon as its leaders do little to resolve a long-running currency crisis that has sparked despair and desperation.

More than a laugh: Kamala Harris' is a sound check for a divided country

To gauge how some people view Kamala Harris, the first woman and woman of color to be vice president, look at how they respond to her laugh.

Misinformation is killing people. Here's the truth about COVID vaccines

Misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines is costing people their lives. We separate the myths from the reality.

Biden hits Cuba with more sanctions over its crackdown on protesters

The Biden administration announced a new round of sanctions against the Cuban government for its violent crackdown on demonstrators.

Tokyo Olympics teeters on the edge of being both a psychological and political drama

A Tokyo Games mired in controversy could cast the Olympic movement into a void that could have consequences that reach all the way to Los Angeles.

GOP blocks infrastructure bill for now, but Democrats are likely to try again next week

Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer forces a vote to speed up infrastructure negotiations. Republicans want to hold off until Monday.

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