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Vehicle plows through Breonna Taylor protesters in Hollywood, hitting at least one person

A truck drove through a group of protesters in Hollywood on Thursday night, striking and running over at least one person as it sped through the crowd, footage shows.

App-based food delivery companies must work with restaurants under new California law

Companies like DoorDash, Grub Hub, Postmates and Uber Eats must sign formal agreements with local restaurants before advertising food delivery to customers.

L.A. Metro cuts budget by $1.2 billion, locking in steep reductions to bus, rail service

With ridership and sales tax revenues plummeting, L.A.'s transit agency extends 20% cut in bus and rail service for nearly a year.

Parents sue LAUSD, blasting its online learning as an 'educational crisis'

Los Angeles parents filed a class action lawsuit against Los Angeles Unified, saying the district is failing to provide students with their constitutional right to an education during distance learning.

LAPD officer rearrested on new felony charge after allegedly stealing cash at pot grow

An LAPD officer was arrested for a second time — this time on a felony count — in connection to an incident in which he is accused of stealing cash from the backpack of a pot-grow employee.

Los Angeles D.A. will not prosecute KPCC reporter arrested after shooting of sheriff's deputies

The Los Angeles County district attorney's office said there was "insufficient evidence" to prosecute KPCC reporter Josie Huang, who was accused of interfering with an arrest outside a hospital the night two deputies were shot and seriously wounded.

California's largest-ever fire threatens cannabis farms worth millions. Many won't evacuate

Authorities want communities to evacuate from the approaching August Complex fire, but some weed growers are staying put, with lucrative buds close to harvest time.

Video shows O.C. sheriff's deputies fatally shooting Black man, sparking protests

A Black man was fatally shot by Orange County sheriff's deputies in a videoed confrontation. One deputy yelled, "He's got my gun."

UC Regent Richard Blum wrote 'inappropriate letter of support' to get student into Berkeley

University of California Regent Richard Blum, a wealthy donor to UC Berkeley, wrote an "inappropriate letter of support" to help a student get into the university, according to the California State Auditor's office. UC officials are reviewing the case, which was discovered during an audit of the UC system's admission's process.

L.A. County D.A. hands off review of fatal LAPD shooting involving daughter of top police union official

D.A. Jackie Lacey has handed off an investigation tied to an LAPD officer whose father is a powerful police union figure. The union has donated to Lacey's reelection campaign.

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