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Questions, worries loom over Benedict Canyon shooting that left 3 dead, 4 wounded

Residents were left shocked after a fatal shooting during a gathering in the quiet cul-de-sac of Benedict Canyon, a neighborhood north of Beverly Hills.

Lawmakers want investigation, hearings into 'Wild West' of California cannabis and farm work

A Times series exposing labor exploitation, corruption and other problems in California's cannabis industry spurs calls for action.

Why desert golf courses and artificial lakes remain untouched by the Colorado River crisis

In the Coachella Valley, water continues flowing to lakes and golf courses, even as the Colorado River reaches new lows. Critics say it's time to limit heavy water use.

Our psychological armor helps us cope with mass shootings, but numbs us to the destruction

Gun violence has become the drumbeat of our days. We say we're shocked, but we're really not. We say we're in disbelief, yet we're really not.

As many work from home, office landlords roll out entertainment to entice tenants

From yoga classes to musical performances, landlords are trying to woo back workers who left office space vacant during the pandemic.

A 91-year-old drummer meets John Densmore of the Doors, and the music soars

Steve Hideg was never rich, or particularly famous, but music always carried him. He refuses to let go of his drumsticks.

How Las Vegas declared war on thirsty grass and set an example for the desert Southwest

Las Vegas has dramatically cut water use by targeting grass. Its water czars are pushing for bigger changes to fix the Colorado River's water deficit.

Memphis disbands police unit linked to beating death of Tyre Nichols, as protests continue

Memphis police chief scuttles the "Scorpion" anti-crime unit in response to "heinous actions" by five of its members involved in Tyre Nichols' death.

Youth activists call for action following Monterey Park shooting

Following the string of mass shootings in recent days, youth activists gathered Saturday evening near the Los Angeles City Hall to express their frustration with gun violence.

Alhambra prepares for Lunar New Year Festival and 'healing' after mass shooting

Organizers said they struggled with whether to hold the celebration, as the community mourned along with the rest of the country over the Jan. 21 shooting deaths of 11 in neighboring Monterey Park.

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