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A bear is spotted in Eagle Rock — again

The bear was spotted ambling through the neighborhood early Sunday.

Man dies after colliding with another surfer at Ventura County's Rincon Point

Gerry Gilhool, 51, died Saturday after a collision with another surfer at Rincon Point left both men suffering head traumas.

Vegas parties, celebrities and boozy lunches: How legal titan Tom Girardi seduced the State Bar

Tom Girardi and his firm were sued more than a hundred times between the 1980s and last year, with at least half of those cases asserting misconduct in his law practice. Yet, Girardi's record with the State Bar of California remained pristine.

'Real Housewives' attorney Tom Girardi used cash and clout to forge powerful political connections

For decades politicians were happy to take Tom Girardi's money and put up with his requests for something in return. Along with his family and employees, Girardi contributed more than $7.3 million to candidates.

Column: The ghosts of migrant dead haunt California. Let's honor them

Migrants are essential to California, Gustavo Arellano writes, but are also seen as expendable. Those who died are forgotten cogs of the Golden State machine.

Many Californians have just three days of paid leave. What if they get COVID-19?

Millions of Golden State workers are staring down a pandemic with no clear access to an economic safety net if they take time off, after emergency sick-leave laws requiring two weeks' paid leave expired in January. The Legislature will soon vote on whether to reinstate the mandate.

The conversation you don't want to have is the one you need most — especially with COVID

Conversations about a person's wishes do not happen with most patients in most hospitals, let alone when they show up in the emergency room for the first time suffering from COVID-19.

Los Angeles County tops 22,000 COVID-19 deaths

Los Angeles County officials report 1,823 new coronavirus cases and 98 deaths; more than 22,000 have now died from the virus

Beverly Hills police beefing up patrols after brazen robbery of man's $500,000 watch

The city will add 12 armed security guards and six marked cars to protect the city's downtown.

More women sue UCLA over alleged sexual abuse by doctor after $73-million class action settlement

Two women are suing UCLA and Dr. James Heaps over allegations of sexual assault, sexual battery, emotional distress and negligence.

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