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Handprint Tote for Mom

I’m over at the Kim Six Fix sharing what just might be my all-time favorite project. Y’all, I am in LOVE with this bag. When my son was little my favorite gifts and school projects were the ones that used his handprints. He’s a teenager now and his hands are bigger than mine these days, but I still have a few of those projects tucked away. If you have...

Building Blocks Afghan

I mentioned several weeks ago that I’d finished a knitting project, and then I forgot to post it. Oops! So here it is, my completed Building Blocks afghan. I started it a year and a half ago as part of a class and learned so much along the way. I added a couple rows of single crochet around the outer edge to neaten it up and reinforce seams and...

Storing Dried Herbs and Essential Oil Remedies

I’ve been making this recipe for Tummy Tamer tea for several years now and I always make sure I have a batch in my cupboard, ready to go whenever the Hubs or I have an upset stomach. I grow my own peppermint and spearmint and I love knowing exactly where the herbs I use came from, but storing them can be a challenge. Until now, large mason jars have...

Sightseeing Closer to Home

After three weeks of business travel, I snuck in a few days off to catch up on things at home, including some much-needed time with my sweetie. We spent the morning dodging raindrops and enjoying the spring flowers at a local park. Hope you have time to stop and enjoy the flowers this week!

Trip #3: Chicago

My third business trip in three weeks, and this time I’m in Chicago. Meetings went well and a generous friend made us a lovely dinner in their downtown condo, AND gave me my first ride in a convertible. Not a lot of photos to share, but it was a (quick) great trip and I have a few weeks off before I have to get on an airplane again. Bonus!

My Favorite Herbal Skin Salve

I haven’t shared an essential oil recipe in a while, but I got out my supplies to make a fresh batch of skin salve over the weekend and thought I’d pass the instructions a long. I’ve been making this for a couple years now and it’s my go-to salve for minor scrapes, little cuts and assorted skin irritations. It’s quick and simple to make and works like...

Checking New Places Off My List

My favorite thing about business travel is the chance to explore new places. It doesn’t happen on every trip. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate or there isn’t any down time or I’m not in an area that’s easy to walk. But this week was my first visit to Providence and I managed to squeeze in an hour to wander around downtown. Lots of cool old buildings,...

Versatile, Reversible Apron Tutorial

I love this apron pattern. There are roughly a bazillion ways to customize it: round the corners or leave them square; add one big pocket, two small pockets or no pocket at all; dress it up with rickrack or piping, or leave it plain; make it classy, girly or kitschy depending on the fabrics you use. Need a garden apron? Make it in dark-colored canvas...

First Stop: Washington, D.C.

I haven’t gone on any business trips since last fall but travel season is shaping up. So far I have 8 trips planned over the next 13 weeks, and I kicked it all off with three days in Washington, D.C. this week for a conference. The good news: it’s still cherry blossom season. The bad news: the weather was awful and I didn’t get a chance to see a single...

Sew Much Fabric, So Little Time

I found this cute little Tyvek bag at my local fabric shop a couple months ago and just loved the colors and the design. I don’t need another reusable shopping bag but I figured I could turn it into something…and I did! A little seam ripping, a little mod podge, a leftover canvas and now that bag has a new life as a cute little sign for my craft room.

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