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MacSparky Labs

What a great start to a new year. David Sparks is going all-in on MacSparky. He makes such great stuff and his new MacSparky Labs is an awesome idea. I’m constantly impressed by the quality of David’s work. Not to mention, he’s actually an incredibly nice person that just loves all of this nerdy stuff. Go subscribe to MacSparky Labs. It’ll be a joyful...

Safari Tab Switching

My latest obsession is with improving my personal UX. Now that I spend most of my time on a Mac instead of bouncing between Windows and Linux, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the pace of my work. When I do run into something inefficient, I jot it down and try to fix it. Lately I’m frustrated with Safari. I typically have several Safari windows...

Hotkey Memory

I have a confession: I can’t remember all of my hotkey combinations and I waste a lot of time repeating mundane tasks. Between macOS, Keyboard Maestro, Moom, Alfred, and every little app shortcut, I simply can’t keep them top of mind. Here’s what I can remember at this moment: CMD-Opt-T opens the Todoist quick entry panel. Ctrl-Opt-M opens Moom...

Wayward Title Misses the Point

Someone needs to check in on CBS Boston. Here are two recent titles from their office: Horse And Its Owner Stopped Inside Doors Of Plymouth Walmart 92-Year-Old Injured In ‘Unprovoked’ Attack At Quincy Center MBTA Station Each one of these titles make me wonder what world the CBS writers live in. Perhaps they live in a world of violent nonagenarians...

Keyboard Maestro Plugin For Shortcuts

Will you look at that! Stephen Millard generously created and shared a Keyboard Maestro plugin for Shortcuts on macOS. This looks like a great bridge to Shortcuts, which is still the best way to work with Apple Calendar data.

Some Obsidian Shortcuts and a Macro

One major shortcoming of Obsidian is that it does not integrate well with macOS or iOS so there are no conveniences for capturing text into an Obsidian note. I decided to learn a bit about the Obsidian URL scheme (which works on macOS and iOS) and create some Shortcuts to fill in the gap. New Obsidian Note This is a simple Shortcut that has one purpose:...

Low Bar

This list over at is maybe the lowest possible bar for being thankful but I still love it. That hokey unfashionable techniques like practicing gratitude turn out to have strong scientific evidence behind them, and several countries happen to have a preexisting holiday that’s already, at least in theory, dedicated to this practice.

Immune In a Nutshell

Like millions of other people I’m a huge fan of Kurzgesagt. I’ve “supported” them over the years by buying their posters and other doodads, so of course I immediately pre-ordered the new book by their founder Philipp Dettmer. For $22 it seemed like a good purchase. After reading it for the past month I can whole heartedly recommend this book as a way...

Missed Connections and Email

Ever have a situation where someone contacts you by email about a thing and when you respond there’s no answer? Twice. What’s the etiquette when you suspect the sender has too many layers of email filters to start a relationship? I should ask Merlin about this. Anyway, good episode.

The Best Office I Never Knew I Wanted

Here’s a twofer. Not only does this article describe a bunch of cool office tools I like but it’s a good affiliate-linked holiday shopping list for you. Hey, I’m like the Wirecutter but without a paywall and I actually use the stuff. The Desk I got an Uplift desk. Well, I got two. I got a convertible standing desk with the “Commercial frame” for my...

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