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Thursday assorted links

1. Ross Douthat sees stagnation reemerging (NYT). 2. San Jose will require gun owners to have liability insurance. 3. Robot vacuum cleaner escapes from Cambridge Travelodge. 4. U.S. vs. Europe sunlight exposure map. 5. Ian Leslie on Get Back, excellent piece, recommended. The post Thursday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION. ...

Who will fight?

Even setting aside the geography of the country, there is no instance I’m aware of in which a country or region with a total fertility rate below replacement has fought a serious insurgency. Once you’re the kind of people who can’t inconvenience yourselves enough to have kids, you are not going to risk your lives for a political ideal. When the US invaded...

Overcome your recency bias

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, here is one bit: For all the talk about how political and media bias distort people’s perceptions of current events, another kind of bias may have an even greater impact: recency bias. Put simply, recency bias is the practice of giving disproportionate weight to the events of the recent past when formulating...

My excellent Conversation with the excellent Stewart Brand

Here is the audio, transcript, and video, here is part of the CWT summary: Tyler and Stewart discuss what drives his curiosity, including the ways in which he’s a product of the Cold War, how he became a Darwinian decentralist, the effects of pre-industrial America on his thought, the subcultural convergences between hippies and younger American Indians,...

The need to deregulate legal advice

Offering tips on how to fight a suit would probably be illegal. Rules in New York, as in most states, forbid practicing law without a license, and giving individualized advice on how to respond to litigation is generally considered practicing law. On Tuesday, Upsolve took a step aimed at undoing the catch: It filed a lawsuit against the state attorney...

Wednesday assorted links

1. The political culture that is El Salvador? 2. The wisdom of Derek Thompson: “The evidence of state pre-K effectiveness has gotten worse over the last 50 years…” 3. Alice Evans on why MENA is so hierarchical. 4. Who gets Long Covid? (NYT) 5. The world of extreme ironing. 6. Markets in everything: these apps reserve the right to sell your prayers....

China’s Private Cities

In Rising private city operators in contemporary China, Jiao and Yu report that China’s private cities are growing. …the last decade has witnessed a large growth in private city operators (PCOs) who plan, finance, build, operate and manage the infrastructure and public amenities of a new city as a whole. Different from previous PPPs, PCOs are a big...

Pre-order *Talent* at a Barnes & Noble discount

“Between 1/26 – 1/28, get 25% off when you preorder TALENT online only at @BNBuzz! Use code: PREORDER25” Here is my previous post on Talent, a book co-authored with Daniel Gross. The post Pre-order *Talent* at a Barnes & Noble discount appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Where I differ from Bryan Caplan’s *Labor Econ Versus the World*

One thing I liked about reading this book is I was able to narrow down my disagreements with Bryan to a smaller number of dimensions.  And to be clear, I agree with a great deal of what is in this book, but that does not make for an interesting blog post.  So let’s focus on where we differ.  One point of disagreement surfaces when Bryan writes: Tenet...

My talk at Yale on university Covid policy and how universities really work

I start with about ten minutes of remarks, and then for fifty minutes or so answer questions from Yale students.  This was at Yale’s William F. Buckley group. The post My talk at Yale on university Covid policy and how universities really work appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

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