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A new era of US infrastructure grants

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law introduces a new level of funding considerations for state and local governments. States with high ambitions are already in the thick of it—what now?

Applying transformation practices to business building and sustainability: A conversation with Seth Goldstrom

Tried-and-true transformation methodologies are being increasingly applied to new topics outside of traditional performance improvement efforts. McKinsey senior partner Seth Goldstrom talks about the influence of transformation approaches in two areas: business building and reaching sustainability goals.

Anti-money-laundering innovations and evolving financial crime risks: The future of compliance

Geopolitical strife and digital assets are among the new risks compliance organizations must fight. Emerging technologies can help.

The tech transformation imperative in retail

Organizations face an urgent need to overhaul their tech architecture and operating model to keep pace with the changing landscape. Five concrete actions can accelerate the transformation journey.

Author Talks: Make anxiety your ally

How can we reclaim our relationship with anxiety, so it works for, and not against, us?

The net-zero transition in the wake of the war in Ukraine: A detour, a derailment, or a different path?

The invasion of Ukraine will, at least initially, complicate the transition path to a net-zero economy, but this tragic development could still prove to be a turning point in accelerating progress in the medium run.

Financial inclusion and sustainable, inclusive growth in action

Access to financial services remains a significant barrier to prosperity for millions of Americans. How can businesses promote financial inclusion and support sustainable, inclusive growth more broadly?

CFO perspectives on leading agile change

CFOs across industries and regions came together virtually to discuss the impact and the challenge of leading an agile transformation journey.

Procurement, early warning systems, and the next disruption

A pandemic, inflation, and geopolitical conflict are affecting global supply chains. We offer an approach companies can use to avoid product shortages and mitigate the effects of price volatility.

The role of space in driving sustainability, security, and development on Earth

A new report reveals five actions that leaders can take to contribute to economic development, advance global security and sustainability, and make space a safe and globally accessible domain.

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