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A fresh look at paternity leave: Why the benefits extend beyond the personal

Fathers who take leave help their partners, their families, and themselves. In this era of employee mental-health challenges, companies should take notice.

A battle plan for telcos’ digital-attacker brands

Many operators need to transform themselves to cope with new market conditions but have had difficulty making an organization-wide overhaul. A smart digital-attacker strategy may be the solution.

How AI-powered solutions can help optimize smelters

Smelter performance is frequently compromised. Two case examples illustrate how advanced process controls and artificial intelligence can be implemented for end-to-end optimization.

Mobility investments in the next normal

A new survey looks at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer sentiment, which could influence future mobility investments.

Hardware’s business-model shift: Finding a new path forward

New business models present an opportunity for IT-infrastructure providers, who are facing a migration in value as buyers demand cloud-like, customer-centric experiences.

The Indian automotive industry: From resilience to resurgence?

Indian automotive sales have shown resilience during the pandemic but have not returned to their pre-COVID-19 strength. What will it take to go from resilience to resurgence?

Accounting for values and valuation

Former UPS finance chief Kurt Kuehn describes how the SASB framework can help companies measure, manage, and disclose material ESG and other nonfinancial risks.

International personal-data transfer amid regulatory upheaval

The Schrems II ruling created a noteworthy disruption in the data-privacy environment. Here, we outline a risk-based approach to managing uncertainty from the ruling.

Product innovation: The new imperative for insurers in Asia

Incumbent insurers in Asia find product innovation challenging. Developing products to respond to customer needs, not risks or competitor actions, will be crucial.

Building sustainable and affordable urban living: A conversation with White Peak’s Jesper Jos Olsson

Not many companies are bold enough to enter the challenging Chinese market without a local partner. But a desire to retain full control, and the belief that relying on local partners may hinder its ability to learn and scale, eventually paid off, according to the cofounder of a Beijing-based, Swedish property developer.

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