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Buying into a more sustainable value chain

Two-thirds of the average company’s environment, social, and governance footprint lies with suppliers. Procurement leaders who take bold action can make a decisive difference in sustainability.

Closing the gender gap in Central and Eastern Europe

Empowering women in the workplace could unlock significant economic growth in the region.

Rebooting customer experience to bring back the magic of travel

The COVID-19 pandemic upended life as we know it, and devastated the travel industry globally. As travel volumes are returning in many parts of the world, customer experience is emerging as the challenge of the recovery.

Cloud calculator

This cloud cost-optimization simulator details the range of levers that can be used to substantially reduce costs for one illustrative scenario of an application on the cloud.

Five Fifty: The lonely economy

As households get smaller, new forms of connection and consumption are emerging. Are you ready to hug your robot friend?

Electrifying the bottom line

Electric-vehicle sales are increasing, yet many OEMs are still defining their path toward profitability. Our new report helps automotive leaders improve their EV business strategy.

The McKinsey Crossword: It’s Greek to Me | No. 42

Sharpen your problem-solving skills the McKinsey way, with our weekly crossword. Each puzzle is created with the McKinsey audience in mind, and includes a subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) business theme for you to find. Answers that are directionally correct may not cut it if you’re looking for a quick win.

Government data management for the digital age

Public institutions can make more of their data resources. Five actions can help them modernize their data infrastructures and unlock significant value across state, economy, and society.

Pfizer’s mix of science and grit alters the course of COVID-19

Angela Hwang, Pfizer’s head of biopharmaceuticals, talks about breaking new ground when the pressure is on—and how having a deep company heritage can help.

Accelerating sustainable infrastructure: An investor’s perspective

Sadek Wahba, chairman and managing partner of I Squared Capital, explains how to overcome challenges for funding sustainable infrastructure and why equitable access is so important.

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