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The future of commodity trading

A new normal of commodity trading will call for new types of traders.

Net zero: Next moves for CEOs

How leaders can invest in a sustainable future and navigate near-term energy pressures successfully.

Four themes shaping the future of the stormy European power market

Demand for electricity in Europe is surging at a time when supplies are disrupted. To adapt to the market’s uncertainty and rising prices, players will have to be clear-eyed about what’s ahead.

The health benefits and business potential of digital therapeutics

Digital-native start-ups and healthcare incumbents can both play important roles in building and scaling digital therapeutics to improve the management of chronic health conditions.

How Daiichi Sankyo Europe drives growth with digital and analytics

Digital and analytics can markedly improve life sciences companies’ engagement with customers. Daiichi Sankyo Europe’s CEO Jan Van Ruymbeke explains the challenges to adopting digital and analytics and how his company overcame them.

Semiconductor fabs: Construction challenges in the United States

Major semiconductor players have undertaken and announced US-based fab construction projects, and more are under consideration. Here’s a road map for moving ahead.

Steadfast but nimble: CEO Christi Shaw on cancer treatment’s cutting edge

Kite’s CEO discusses the company’s CAR T-cell therapies and what it means to put patients first.

Life-centric banking with an analytics edge

Bank Jago’s Peterjan van Nieuwenhuizen explains the value a life-centric banking approach has for AI banks.

Author Talks: Prepare your business for the cross-sector ecosystem economy

After years of client impact, two McKinsey senior partners write the playbook for leveraging disappearing sector siloes into a multitrillion-dollar ecosystem strategy.

Workplace rituals: Recapturing the power of what we’ve lost

The right rituals can revitalize meaning at work—and help employees move beyond “me” to “we.”

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