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Finding the sweet spot in product-portfolio management

It’s more urgent than ever to rebalance product portfolios so that complexity creates value rather than destroying it. Here’s how.

Five Fifty: The pandemic’s gender effect

Women are disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Here’s how to help.

Digitizing Europe’s railways: A call to action

The future of train traffic is digital. To accelerate the digitization of Europe’s railways—and thus secure the future of its railroad industry—stakeholders must change the way the industry operates.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, November 2020

The global economic recovery strengthened alongside a resurgent wave of COVID-19 cases; with vaccines on the horizon and easing US political uncertainty, investor confidence climbed.

Future of insurance: Unleashing growth through new business building

To compete with digital players, traditional insurers should consider building their own new digital businesses. Markers across four critical areas can show if insurers are on track.

Purpose, not platitudes: A personal challenge for top executives

To harness the power of corporate purpose, CEOs and other senior executives must pressure-test that purpose with their teams, employees—and themselves.

Building a great digital business

How companies are leveraging technology to address rapid market changes.

A fresh approach to logistics forecasting in 2021

Ninety-one percent of surveyed executives acknowledge that forecasting in 2021 needs to look different. We outline one potential approach.

Why the time is right to reinvent capital-project delivery

What could your business achieve if your large capital projects were 30 to 50 percent faster and cheaper? The opportunity is more real than you think.

How Asia can boost growth through technological leapfrogging

Asia has experienced a significant technological transformation over the past decade, and there is more to come if the region addresses remaining gaps in core capabilities.

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