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Why Some Doctors Are Now Moving Away From Ventilator Treatments for Coronavirus Patients

(NEW YORK) — As health officials around the world push to get more ventilators to treat coronavirus patients, some doctors are moving away from using the breathing machines when they can. The reason: Some hospitals have reported unusually high death rates for coronavirus patients on ventilators, and some doctors worry that the machines could be harming...

New Coronavirus Test Provides Results in as Few as Five Minutes, According to Manufacturer

On March 27, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use to Abbott Laboratories for its rapid COVID-19 test designed for doctor’s offices, urgent care centers and smaller hospitals without complex testing labs. According to the Illinois-based company, the test can give positive results in as little as five minutes, and negative results...

Hay Fever or Coronavirus? For Allergy Sufferers, a Pollen Season of Extra Worries Is Starting Up

(HAMBURG, Pa.) — The spring breezes of 2020 are carrying more than just tree pollen. There’s a whiff of paranoia in the air. For millions of seasonal allergy sufferers, the annual onset of watery eyes and scratchy throats is bumping up against the global spread of a new virus that produces its own constellation of respiratory symptoms. Forecasters...

Why Losing Your Sense of Smell Could Be a Symptom of COVID-19

It was four days into her suspected COVID-19 infection that Olivia Haynes realized she couldn’t smell or taste anything. Her dry cough and fever had briefly subsided and her appetite had returned, so she cooked herself a spaghetti bolognese. A self-described foodie, she initially thought she had just done a bad job because the food was so bland. “Honestly,...

Loss of Sense of Smell Could Be Early Sign of Coronavirus Infection

TUESDAY, March 24, 2020 -- Here's a clue that you may have coronavirus that might surprise you: a loss of your sense of smell. Groups representing ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists in Britain and the United States have issued guidances that a... (Source: - Daily MedNews)

New Coronavirus Symptom: Loss Of Taste And Smell

BOSTON (CBS) — Fever, cough and shortness of breath are the typical symptoms of the coronavirus, but doctors say there is another symptom to keep an eye out for– a loss of smell. Ear, nose and throat experts in the U.K. discovered that many patients who test positive for the novel coronavirus report anosmia, the loss of the sense of smell. In fact,...

The First U.S. Company Has Announced an Upcoming Home COVID-19 Test

Everlywell, a home testing company that offers dozens of lab tests to consumers, is adding a COVID-19 test beginning on March 23. Given the slow roll out of testing for COVID-19 in the U.S., and concerns about spreading the disease, at-home testing could help to diagnose more cases. After initially limiting testing to one provided by the Centers for...

What to do if you think you have COVID-19: A guide to each province and territory

If you have symptoms of the illness caused by the coronavirus — including cough, fever and difficulty breathing in adults, or a runny nose, sore throat and diarrhea in children — here's what to do. (Source: CBC | Health)

Children With COVID-19 Show Different Symptom Pattern, May Shed Virus in Feces Children With COVID-19 Show Different Symptom Pattern, May Shed Virus in Feces

Another analysis of COVID-19 infections in Chinese children have uncovered evidence that the novel coronavirus can often appear as a less-serious infection and the virus itself can continue to appear in fecal samples long after nose and throat swabs no longer show evidence of an infection.Reuters Health Information (Source: Medscape Allergy Headlines)

Your Nose Itches. Is It Allergies, Flu or the Coronavirus?

Seasonal allergy symptoms differ from those caused by viral infections like influenza or the coronavirus. (Source: NYT Health)MedWorm Message: If you are looking to buy something in the January Sales please visit for a directory of all the best sales in the UK. Any income gained via affiliate links keeps MedWorm running.

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