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Uvalde School Police Chief Resigns from City Council

Pete Arredondo was the on-scene commander during the Robb Elementary School shooting that left 19 students and 2 teachers dead.

Over 70 Percent of Americans Don’t Want Biden to Seek a Second Term: Poll

Just 30 percent of Democrats said they would vote for Biden in a Democratic presidential primary.

Google Will Delete Location History for Users Who Visit Abortion Clinics

More than 40 Democratic lawmakers had expressed concern that location data could be used to prosecute women who have abortions.

Texas Supreme Court Blocks Order That Allowed Abortions to Resume

The state’s longstanding abortion ban had been unenforceable during the 50 years that Roe v. Wade legalized the procedure.

‘We Came for Freedom’: Republican Vietnamese Refugee Looks to Flip Northern Virginia House Seat

Cao pulled off a stunning upset in the May primary, winning the right to challenge Democrat Jennifer Wexton in the general election.

Kinzinger Undermines the January 6 Committee

The anti-Trump Republican foolishly brands a Secret Service agent a liar on Twitter, amid the fracas over Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony.

Reminiscences of My Remaking

A reunion of the Williams College art-history graduate program, which has created professors, museum directors, curators — and at least one art critic.

How Mitch Daniels Made Purdue an Affordable Free-Speech Haven

The university president, a former governor and businessman, is set to leave the school much improved from when he found it.

Texas Safety Officials to Conduct Random Intruder Drills in Schools following Uvalde Shooting

The unannounced assessments will be designed to avoid creating a potentially traumatic or triggering situation for students and staff.

Slouching towards Stagflation?

The week of June 27, 2022: Some ugly numbers, electric vehicles, supply chains, industrial policy, and much, much more.

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