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Brett Kavanaugh Faces Another Round of Smears and Intimidation

The New York Times leaves out several key details from a report that tries to cast a cloud of suspicion over Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh.

D.C. Police Chief Unloads on Lax Court System after Restaurant Shooting: ‘You Cannot Coddle Violent Criminals’

The comments came after a shooting disrupted the dinner rush in D.C.’s 14th street commercial district.

Cleveland’s Guardians of the Bland Bury Its Baseball History

The name change for the Indians reinforces the message that the lords of the sport care more about the opinions of liberal commentators than about the fans.

The Rockefellers’ Costly Penance

The Rockefellers are using their wealth to disrupt pipeline repairs, making life more difficult for blue-collar workers.

Democracy Dies in Regulators’ Offices: The SEC, Regulatory Creep, ESG, and ‘Climate’

The week of July 19, 2021: regulation, infrastructure, and other clickbait.

The American Right Hits Its Hippie Phase

As Democrats embrace authority and Republicans push countercultural revolution, we’re reenacting the 1960s with the roles reversed.

Cleveland Indians Baseball Team Announces New Name

Critics have for years contended that the name is racist.

Alabama Governor: ‘Time to Start Blaming the Unvaccinated Folks’ for COVID Resurgence

Governor Kay Ivey called vaccines “the greatest weapon we have to fight COVID.”

Democrats Blast FBI Kavanaugh Investigation after New Details Revealed: ‘Injustice’

The FBI operated a ‘fake tip line that never got properly reviewed,’ Whitehouse said.

Charlie Kirk’s Extreme Vaccine Death Extrapolations Don’t Hold Water, Experts Say

Kirk recently speculated that between 123,000 and 1.2 million people may have died after receiving the COVID shots.

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