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Pete Buttigieg Says He Won’t ‘Apologize to Tucker Carlson’ for Taking Paternity Leave

Many have criticized the Transportation secretary’s decision to step away from his role for two months while the U.S. has struggled with supply-chain issues.

Gang Members Kidnap American Missionaries and Their Families in Haiti

Fourteen adults and three minors were reportedly abducted by 400 Mawozo, a gang that is well-known for targeting religious groups.

The Lion and the Bard: How Churchill Used Shakespeare to Change the World

More than any other author, the poet of Stratford informed the writing of the towering British statesman, political leader, and Nobel laureate.

War and Unpeace

If these are the best of times, why do they hurt so much?

Is It ‘Emotional Abuse’ for Parents to Deny a Child’s ‘Transgender’ Claims?

A warning from Australia.

Parents: Your Teens Don’t Need a Smartphone

Here’s a pro-tip from this mother of five: Just say no to smartphones and social media.

The Democrats’ War on Gas Stoves Is a Slap at Cooking Cultures

The quickening campaign to phase out natural gas recently hit a milestone. R.I.P. food.

Biden Says Democrats Are ‘Not Going to Get $3.5 Trillion’ for Reconciliation Bill

‘We’ll get less than that, but we’re going to get it,’ the president said.

Manchin Rips Sanders over Reconciliation-Bill Op-Ed in West Virginia Newspaper

‘This isn’t the first time an out-of-stater has tried to tell West Virginians what is best for them,’ Manchin said.

British Police Label Fatal Stabbing of Lawmaker ‘Terrorist Incident’

A 25-year-old suspect in the murder of Conservative MP David Amess is currently being held in a station in Essex.

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