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An Insider Mocks the Endless Progressive Guilt Trip

Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial debut When You Finish Saving the World skewers the culture of liberal self-scourging.

California DA Claims ‘Rogue Prosecutors’ Are Emboldening Criminals

Sacramento County district attorney Anne Marie Schubert slammed her colleagues in Los Angeles and San Francisco for their lax-on-crime policies.

UPenn Trans Swimmer Defeats Harvard Women’s Team in Two Races

Lia Thomas, a biological male, competed on UPenn’s men’s swimming team for three years before switching to the women’s team after transitioning.

Washington in Slumber

Sleepy Washington is likely on the verge of being awakened by a major world crisis.

The Gift Outright

Amanda Gorman, youth poet laureate, can’t believe she wasn’t murdered at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

How the Other Half Builds

Efforts to revitalize run-down urban neighborhoods often end up doing more harm than good, says a recent book.

‘Who Decides?’ We Do, through Our Institutions

Adrian Vermeule uses a fundamental question to fashion a straw man and justify abandoning the constitutional order. There is a better way.

The Pentagon Has Turned into a Covid Panic Room

A nonsensical web of policies present in the buildings of the Department of Defense doesn’t do anything to aid our military readiness.

Georgetown’s Draconian Covid Protocols Are Harming Campus Life

Forced ten-day quarantines for students with Covid, bans on indoor eating and drinking, and shutting down the gym seem more for spite than for health.

The Bipartisan Blue-State Bridge Bailout

The new infrastructure law’s Bridge Formula Program turns out to be a windfall for inefficient, unionized blue states.

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