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Virginia Police Officer Fired after Donating to Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund

The Guardian reported that he donated $25 to Rittenhouse through a crowdfunding site.

Media, Activists, Politicians Ignore Evidence, Rush to Conclusions in Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting

They won't let the body camera footage stand in the way of their narrative.

AG Garland Opens Probe into ‘Unconstitutional’ Practices at Minneapolis Police Department

Chauvin’s conviction ‘does not address potentially systemic policing issues in Minneapolis,’ Garland said.

Big Tech, Big Government, and the Chamber of Progress

On the menu today: tax, Big Tech and influencing the debate, Playboy’s NFT play, Dogecoin and the deli, the chip crunch, and Veblen goods.

Dem Senator Claims Knife-Wielding Teen Shot by Police ‘Should Be Alive’

The teen was trying to stab another girl when she fatally was shot.

Biden to Pledge to Cut Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030

The forthcoming plan is expected to lay out broad emission-reduction goals rather than delving into detailed trade-offs.

Biden Open to Pushing Immigration Reform Through Without GOP Support, Lawmakers Say

Members of the Hispanic caucus claim Biden is willing to use budget reconciliation to pass immigration reform.

The Message of the Chauvin Verdict

The police power to use necessary force, which must necessarily be superior force, never justifies excessive force.

Arkansas Has a Major School-Choice Opportunity — Unless Misguided Opponents Get in the Way

A bill in the state legislature would help families, private schools, and public schools. So why are the state’s superintendents obstructing it?

<i>The Simpsons</i> Tries to Cancel Morrissey

The once-great show is now Exhibit A in the decline of comedy, cartoons, and music culture.

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