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Asymmetric oligomerization state and sequence patterning can tune multiphase condensate miscibility

Nature Chemistry, Published online: 21 February 2024; doi:10.1038/s41557-024-01456-6The biomolecular principles underlying the formation of multiphasic condensates have been difficult to elucidate owing to a paucity of tools, especially within living cells. In this work synthetic orthogonal protein scaffolds alongside molecular simulations are used...

Wed Feb 21, 2024 13:34
Carbon isotope exchange for pharmaceutical radiolabelling through metal-catalysed functional group metathesis

Nature Chemistry, Published online: 20 February 2024; doi:10.1038/s41557-024-01449-5A method for carbon isotope exchange involving a metal-catalysed metathesis reaction of in situ formed acyl chlorides is demonstrated. The platform provides access to 13C- or 14C-enriched carboxylic acids, including natural products and pharmaceuticals, without the need...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 13:34
Thorium(<span class="small-caps u-small-caps">iv</span>)–antimony complexes exhibiting single, double, and triple polar covalent metal–metal bonds

Nature Chemistry, Published online: 20 February 2024; doi:10.1038/s41557-024-01448-6Actinide–metal multiple bonds are relatively rare, with isolable examples under normal experimental conditions typically restricted to complexes containing a polar covalent σ bond supplemented by up to two dative π bonds. Now complexes featuring polar covalent double...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 13:34
A catalytic process enables efficient and programmable access to precisely altered indole alkaloid scaffolds

Nature Chemistry, Published online: 19 February 2024; doi:10.1038/s41557-024-01455-7New drug leads can be developed through modification of a natural product’s framework, but this is possible only if the compound is abundant and contains modifiable moieties. Now a strategy is introduced for accessing a scarce indole alkaloid and several expanded, contracted...

Mon Feb 19, 2024 14:28
Highly entangled polyradical nanographene with coexisting strong correlation and topological frustration

Nature Chemistry, Published online: 19 February 2024; doi:10.1038/s41557-024-01453-9The design of open-shell nanographenes is commonly limited to systems featuring a single magnetic origin. Now a strategy that combines topological frustration and electron–electron interactions has been developed to generate a butterfly-shaped nanographene that hosts...

Mon Feb 19, 2024 14:28
Tunable valence tautomerism in lanthanide–organic alloys

Nature Chemistry, Published online: 19 February 2024; doi:10.1038/s41557-023-01422-8Valence tautomerism in lanthanide-based materials is rare. Now a one-dimensional samarium–pyrazine polymer has been shown to exhibit a temperature-induced hysteretic Sm(III)-to-Sm(II) reversible switch. The transition temperature is modulated in a 150 K window by alloying...

Mon Feb 19, 2024 14:28

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