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The Lessons of Reading Every Book About Trump

In “What Were We Thinking,” Carlos Lozada revisits all the Trump books that he’s read since 2015: about a hundred and fifty titles, each purporting to illuminate the man and his times.

Louise Glück, Whisperer of the Seasons

The 2020 Nobel laureate in literature is an impersonal artist, whose poems, assembling around you, feel blindingly personal, like the seasons themselves.

The Nobel Laureate Louise Glück in The New Yorker

For more than fifty years, Glück’s work has evolved in the pages of the magazine.

How Louise Glück, Nobel Laureate, Became Our Poet

For decades, she has taught us the contours of our own inner lives.

Three Scenarios for the Future of Climate Change

The events of the next several millennia hinge on actions that will be taken by the time today’s toddlers reach adulthood.

“Leave the World Behind,” a Novel About the Disaster That Won’t End

Rumaan Alam’s enthralling new book follows its privileged characters on a getaway to the Hamptons as the world crumbles around them.

The Burdened Insights of Claudia Rankine’s “Just Us”

In her new book, the poet tries to interrogate race in America through conversation.

The Private Trump Angst of a Republican Icon

James Baker thinks Trump is “nuts,” but he voted for him once—and may soon do so again.

The Perfect Prose of a Joan Didion Photo Caption

Brian Dillon writes about a photo caption written by Joan Didion in the August 1, 1965, issue of American Vogue, when she was a staffer at the magazine, and discrepancies between the printed caption and how Didion later remembered it.

Freedom Day, 1963: A Lost Interview with James Baldwin

Leslie J. Freeman introduces an interview conducted by her aunt Fern Marja Eckman with James Baldwin and his brother David, about their part in a Black voter-registration drive in Selma, Alabama, in October, 1963.

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