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New MRI method provides detailed view of the placenta during pregnancy

NIH-funded technique enables automatic detection of placental compartments, oxygen status and structural abnormalities.

Marburg vaccine shows promising results in first-in-human study

An experimental vaccine against Marburg virus (MARV) was safe and induced an immune response in a small, first-in-human clinical trial.

NIH launches intramural bioengineering center to foster technology collaboration across the agency

NIH-wide resource will champion diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

Risk of developing heart failure much higher in rural areas vs. urban

Large NIH-supported study showed that rural-dwelling Black men are at greatest risk.

Overdose deaths involving buprenorphine did not proportionally increase with new flexibilities in prescribing

Federal study findings help understand effects of expanding access to treatment for opioid use disorder.

Experimental HIV vaccine regimen safe but ineffective, study finds

The clinical trial began in 2019 and involved 3,900 volunteers.

National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity to meet

Meeting will take place on Jan. 27, 2023.

Probiotic markedly reduces S. aureus colonization in Phase 2 trial

NIH study provides new insights on role of gut in staph colonization.

Comparison of diuretics shows no difference in heart failure survival

NIH-funded clinical trial underscores need for better treatments for deadly condition.

Adopting pediatric readiness standards improves survival in hospital emergency departments

The six-year study of 983 emergency departments in 11 states followed nearly 800,000 children.

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