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NIH researchers reframe dog-to-human aging comparisons

Comparing epigenetic differences between humans and domestic dogs provides an emerging model of aging.

Individually tailored falls prevention plan found no better than usual care for reducing serious injury

Large PCORI-, NIH-funded trial examined multipronged intervention in real-world settings.

NfL outperforms other blood tests to predict and diagnose traumatic brain injury

Researchers studied four proteins from the brain that collect in the blood after TBI.

Blood-based biomarker can detect, predict severity of traumatic brain injury

Currently, there are no validated blood-based biomarkers to provide an objective diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury or to predict recovery.

Outdoor light linked with teens’ sleep and mental health

Large-scale study of U.S. teens shows associations between outdoor, artificial light at night and health outcomes.

NIH launches clinical trials network to test COVID-19 vaccines and other prevention tools

Network website features secure method for volunteering for studies.

Iodine exposure in the NICU may lead to decrease in thyroid function, NIH study suggests

Iodine solutions are commonly used as disinfectants to prepare the skin for surgical or other procedures.

Long-acting injectable form of HIV prevention outperforms daily pill in NIH study

Both methods highly effective at preventing HIV among men who have sex with men and transgender women.

NIH ACTIV vaccine working group weighs role of human challenge studies for SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development

The authors conclude that large, randomized, controlled trials of SARS-CoV-2 are the fastest and most effective path forward for establishing vaccine safety and efficacy.

NIH taps Dr. Shannon Zenk as director of the National Institute of Nursing Research

She is expected to begin her new role as the NINR director in September.

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