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Scientists discover genetic and immunologic underpinnings of some cases of severe COVID-19

NIH investigator co-led international research effort.

Fourth large-scale COVID-19 vaccine trial begins in the United States

Trial evaluating investigational Janssen COVID-19 vaccine.

NIH expands clinical trials to test convalescent plasma against COVID-19

Rigorous studies to build on earlier efforts to test the experimental treatment

Negative pressure wound therapy does not cut infection risk in obese women after cesarean delivery

Obese women are more likely to have cesarean delivery and more likely to develop an infection at the surgical site.

NIH study details self-reported experiences with post-exertional malaise in ME/CFS

First publication from NIH ME/CFS study takes deep dive into key feature of the disease.

NIH funds community engagement research efforts in areas hardest hit by COVID-19

Outreach will focus on COVID-19 awareness and education research, especially among African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, and American Indians.

NIH awards contracts to develop innovative digital health technologies for COVID-19

The projects represent a broad range of solutions for immediate public health needs related to the pandemic.

Vaping, marijuana use in 2019 rose in college-age adults

Increases are among the largest in history of national study.

NIH public-private partnership to advance early interventions for schizophrenia

Effort is part of the Accelerating Medicines Partnership to promote development of effective, targeted treatments.

Substance use disorders linked to COVID-19 susceptibility

NIH research finds higher risk and worse outcomes for those with addiction.

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